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New Moon in Cancer, Solar Eclipse, July  2009

by Crystal Pomeroy  

Is there a nagging habit or condition you secretly long to shake? This portal offers help cut to through critical obstacles within and without. The stars show a surgeon’s configuration: Pluto —the terminator—squares Uranus, ruler of sudden changes, and opposes Mars—lord of focus, cutting and action. The Sabian symbol for Luna’s degree of Pisces describes:

AN ANCIENT SWORD…a symbol of courage for all. Will power is the ultimate spiritual weapon… the imperative need for the use of the will in inner life as well as with outer adversaries.

This ominous tool is an archetype of celestial warriors, closely related to Archangel Michael, as well as his pagan ancestors, including Anubis, Mitras and St. George. Such legendary weapons help vanquish lower vibrations within and without, indicating a host of heavenly help for those who align our intent to this lunation.

Along with an angelic invocation and affirmations for this portal, we offer suggestions for making a contract with the higher self. I have been sharing this concept with groups for several years, and was intrigued to learn recently that among other virtues ascribed to the Middle Eastern Mitra/Mitras was that of ruler of contracts between mortals and the Higher Power. Mitras’ legacy is related to Archangel Michael, who wields the sword of divine power, cutting away injustice and other obstacles to the Higher will. His hosts will back our Full Moon prayers and make good on our faith.

Prayerful altar-ations for the September Full Moon Portal

A candle or candles, preferably gold or bright blue.
Minerals such as Amber, blood agate, sapphire or diamond, gold
A stick of incense, especially myrrh or carnation scents
Tea or infusion of mint, cumin, thyme or basil
An image of Archangel Michael, and or a sword

Angelic invocation and ceremony

(Have on hand a page and pen.)

1. Light your candle or candles, as you do so saying something like:

The flame of the Sacred Omnipresence burns brightly in my mind and fills this space with clarity and goodness.

2. Light your incense, saying something like:

This is an offering to Archangel Michael, his divine compliment Faith, and their hosts of spiritual warriors.

(Take a moment to visualize and perceive the rushing of wings and/or the marching of heavenly hosts filling your space, as you continue to repeat slowly and with attention:)

I call on you, see you and hear you. I request that you strengthen my will for good and help overcome any inner or outer resistance to complete good in my consciousness or experience.

3. Make a contract with your Higher Self:

  • Choose a difficult condition or circumstance that you would really like to solve a breakthrough you long to receive, focusing on that area that seems most persistently challenging in your consciousness and/or life.
  • Under the title, “Victory”, describe that situation in writing as though an ideal solution had already been achieved.
  • On the same page, write the title, “Commitment”, and under it write a way in which you choose to apply your will to be more congruent with your spiritual ideal. (To take real advantage of the energy for breakthroughs of this lunation, it’s advisable to insure you don’t bite off more than you can chew by centering on only one new habit at a time.) Some examples of this step from my prayer group include:

“I will take care to refrain from criticizing others in casual conversation.”

“I will increase my daily prayers by 15 minutes.”

“Pray daily for the healing of my family.”

“Spend time each day working on my self-esteem.”

“Return to my daily meditation practice.”

4. At the bottom of this page, write the following affirmation:

I am divine will expressed in the discipline to uphold the commitment to my higher self. Each time I reconnect with my intention and exercise divine will power, angelic hosts appear and cut through resistance within or without. In the Name of Archangel Michael and by the power of his sword, a path has been cleared for victory in my mind and existence.

5. Repeat this affirmation during about 5 minutes.

Those who have applied positive prayer for any length of time are familiar with the wonderful fruits it can and does produce. With dedication, miracles are possible. By combining your highest intentions with the help of angels, the angelic message in the Sabian symbol for this portal promises true breakthroughs. Make them lasting as you continue to work your contract with your higher self over the next two weeks or more. Best results can be expected by going over it daily, especially in the morning upon rising and in the evening before sleep. In each such session: mentally climb into your victory and experience it, reconnect with your spiritual pledge, and repeat the affirmations for several minutes. Let this portal be a door to savor the fruits of spiritual victory, as you strengthen the shield of higher will—in your own mind and in the constantly changing collective awareness to which you contribute with every noble thought and deed.

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