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Full Moon in Cancer, Awaken Your Inner Gift of Joy, July 2007

Also: planetary blessing for the Pluto-Galactic Center conjunction of July 17th.

by Crystal Pomeroy

New Moon in Cancer invites renewal of personal emotions. There are powerful transits marking this lunation as well as the cycle it begins, transits that help us discover our innate potential for happiness and joy, a capacity that doesn’t depend on outer circumstances. To recover the capacity to be happy now is a spiritually sobering step which will also awaken our power to heal the planet during this exceptional portal whose miraculous dimensions, as well as tools to synchronize with it, are explored below.

In her Daily Success Guide, Nina stresses the importance of Neptune in this lunation. In combination with Cancer, the planet of dreams can intensify sensitivity, spiritual vision and healing love or, on its shadow side: emotional attachments, dependency and delusion. This Cancer New Moon invites us to release our fixation with fulfillment attached to people or circumstances, as it helps us reawaken our nascent gift of joy in the now.

This evolution will be reinforced by the Venus retrograde on July 27, lighting our consciousness of inner abundance; and helping us free up the outer symbols to which we so easily become attached. Can we muster the will necessary to align with this celestial invitation? Those of us who are ready for this initiative and for the daily effort it implies will have our batteries charged to receive another planetary prayer occasion: Pluto’s exact conjunction with the Galactic Center on July 17, a aspect of great empowerment for which you will also find special prayers a bit further on.

Prayerful altar-ations

Synchronize your sacred space with shades of white and silver, lunar tones whose rays help protect the planet during the portal of Pluto’s conjunction with the Galactic Center. Dress your person and/or prayer space in these two colors, or choose beige, cream or any pale, natural shade. Other accessories and decorations may be of silver, opal, coral, moonstone or shell. Light white and/or silver candles and sandalwood or lotus incense.

As you do so, know that these are offerings for your angels, such as Archangel Gabriel, the Angel of Joy and the Angel of Emotional Sobriety.

Ask for their assistance in empowering your will to awaken your nascent gift of joy, and to recover your ability to celebrate the good and the riches in your present moment, while releasing circumstances and persons.

Prayers for the New Moon in Cancer

Emma Curtis Hopkins, known as the “forgotten founder of New Thought”, wrote a beautiful treatment to awaken divine emotions over a century ago. In her book of Hopkins teachings, Ruth L. Miller shares a skillful adaptation of Hopkin’s treatment in more contemporary vernacular. What follows is an adapted extract from Miller’s book, Unveiling Your Hidden Power:

I give thanks and glad praise that the Creation has given the Spirit all the joy and love of the universe, and so Spirit, which I am, need never seek joy or love. The Spirit that I AM is joyous because Spirit is joy, and loving because Spirit is love. I am glad that the Holy Spirit of me is joy and harmony—here, now, always and everywhere.

With your attention on the center of your chest, repeat words like those above during at least 15 minutes, as you consciously sense the joy and love in your heart and allow these feelings to grow with each repetition.

Consecrate each day from now to the next Full Moon by calling on your angels and clarifying your intent each morning, and then repeating these or similar affirmations for seven minutes or more.

Not only will this practice bring about unsuspected experiences within, it will also attract greater joy to you as it fortifies your soul and sows the seeds for abundance consciousness as presaged by Venus’ retrograde in Virgo later in this cycle. Furthermore, this inner discipline charges your mind to effectively bless the planet as suggested below.

Special prayers for the Pluto-Galactic Center
conjunction of July 17

Light white and silver candles, knowing that they are an offering for the angels of Protection and Love, ask these celestial friends to receive and magnify your intention that the aforementioned conjunction manifest on the highest level possible for the good of all concerned, and only on that level.

Repeat your New Moon prayers again for several minutes, then bless the planet and your heart with the following prayer:

The joy and love that I feel in my heart connect me with the joy and the love in the hearts of all others and we surround the planet with victorious joy and love now.

Repeat this blessing slowly, with attention, during at least five minutes. If you choose to this with others or another, hold hands as you affirm. Finally, imagine the earth surrounded by angels and people, an enormous circle holding hands around the globe, protecting the earth with love and white and silver light just like the light shining from your candles.

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