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Crystal Pomeroy

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Eclipse Full Moon in Virgo, March 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

Now, by the light of the Hare Moon, we can see the incipient fruits of intentions seeded at the last New Moon in Aries, which began this cycle with many blessings for everything new. In Libra, the present lunation gives us a chance to perceive how our ways of relating may be refined so as to unblock the energy needed for consolidation of our goals. The Full Moon ceremony, egg divination and affirmations we now share are designed to optimize this potential.

Pre-prayerations for the Hare Moon in Libra

Note: Besides the elements mentioned in the following ceremony, have on hand, for each participant, two hard boiled eggs (and an extra one or two for back up), a felt tip pen, as well as paper and a normal writing implement for each participant.

At this fertility portal, you can honor water, fire, earth and air elements with the following: fresh flowers and candles in pastel shades, rose quartz and floral incense. Before beginning your magic egg divination as described below, light the candle and incense while holding to the intent that they are an offering for the Angels of Divine Clarity and Right Relationship. Finally, ask these angels and/or your preferred guides to help clarify and consolidate your relationship patterns in ways that facilitate the fulfillment of your divine intents and purpose.

After invoking the angels and/or guides, make a list of eight options to renovate your way of interacting with others. Since objectivity in this area tends to be on short supply, open your mind to higher guidance by aiming for variety.

Some examples include:

Release concern for the approval of others
Release attachment toward others
Avoid criticism
Develop metta (unconditional love)
Ask for what I want
Communicate clearly
Believe I deserve happy relationships
Listen with attention
Be honest
Serve with love
Take care of myself
Share what I have
Be considerate
Visualize new relationships
Help another
Ask for help
Pay a debt
Give more
Heal my inner child
End a relationship
Be true to yourself
Pray for others

Egg divination

1. On your list, draw a different symbol next to each one of the eight options for improved relating (a cross, heart, star, moon, pentacle, diamond, or whatever).

2. Take a hard-boiled egg and with a felt tip pen, divide it in four sections, drawing four lines lengthwise from one end to the other (if you accidentally ruin one, use of the back up ones). Between the two eggs, you’ll end up with eight sections.

3. In each one, draw a different symbol, corresponding to one of the eight factors on your list.

4. Gently roll the egg across the floor (this is easier on a rug). When it comes to a stop, the symbol on top will point to what you most need to work on. If two symbols face up, choose the highest, or if they are even, roll again, taking a moment to quietly ask for guidance before hand.

5. Write three clear things you can do to work on each of the two chosen relationship areas (for a total of six).

6. Repeat the following affirmation during ten to fifteen minutes, slowly and with feeling:

The entire Universe responds to my intent, information and circumstances are now being coordinated to favor right relationships and manifestation of my higher purpose; for this I give thanks.

Follow up

The above affirmation will synchronize you with guidance and opportunities to achieve healing. Begin each day, at least from now until the Easter New Moon, by repeating words like these during five minutes. Follow with a review of your six points, and then 20 minutes on those goals (which you may choose to modify as the days go by).
This is one way to connect with the energy of Lent. In the measure of your efforts it will prepare you not just for Easter, but for the springtime of your existence, whose moment has arrived!

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