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Crystal Pomeroy

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Imbolc Full Moon in Leo, February 2007

by Crystal Pomeroy

This portal marks both Imbolc and the Storm Moon, with their respective themes of illumination and introspection. Imbolc is an ancient celebration of the Light whose return began at Winter Solstice. As for the Storm Moon, it is a time of quiet: to go within for answers and to rest in preparation for spring’s activity. These two converging cycles are set off by the chart for this particular lunation, sporting a stellium in Aquarius to bring forth intuitive genius, as well as North Node and Uranus in the twelfth house, facilitating positive illumination of that which has been hidden.

As we provoke a space for silence during this highly charged portal, we can access information and find solutions that have previously eluded discovery. The prayers we will share a bit further on are synchronized with this opening, bringing personal and collective mysteries to light.

Altar-ations for the Storm Moon, 2007

You may enjoy the Imbolc tradition of lighting a candle in each room, or perhaps just one or two in your prayer space: white for Imbolc and light blue for the Storm Moon. Optimize this lunation’s promise by repeating words like these slowly and with feeling as you light each candle:

I bless this space as I behold the light in it and in all my mental and physical spaces, light that brings forth hidden solutions and information.

Opal and quartz crystals, sandalwood incense, basil, as well as light blue flowers and garments will also magnify this lunar portal’s energy.

Prayers to bring forth the truth at the Imbolc Full Moon

After lighting your candles: sit or lay down for a moment as you hold to the image of light. Feel the light in your mind and all around you, as you repeat words like these with full attention:

I am not alone or without sufficient information. There is a Great Light with me and in me that is revealing the best attitude and course of action in this situation.

Repeat this affirmation during seven minutes or more, starting at Imbolc and continuing until the next New Moon. Each time you charge your consciousness in this manner, you are ready to bless the planet, by continuing for a few more moments with the following adapted version.

Humanity is not alone or without sufficient information. There is a Great Light with us and in us that is revealing the best attitude and course of action in every phase of our existence.

The results will surprise you. A splendid way of obtaining guidance in dreams is to sit on the edge of your bed and repeat the first of the two above prayers ten more times before sleeping. Be sure to keep pen and paper nearby so you can write down the messages you remember on waking.

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