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Crystal Pomeroy

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Aquarius Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

Our prayers now can receive Luna’s full light for protection of our inner and outer freedom. The New Moon in Leo which started this cycle opened a wonderful portal to fortify will power. This Full Moon rewards our efforts towards self-control and direction with a chance to protect the most sacred aspect of personal volition: freedom.
The choice is ours: will we receive the help of ready angels and exercise the power of prayer to enjoy this blessing?

Why is protection so important? We who inhabit the so-called "First World" tend to take our many freedoms for granted. However, society is currently being challenged by multiple interests, intent on limiting that latitude. Those of us who have incarnated at this time have on some level chosen a period in history which requires special attention to protect our inner and outer freedoms.

In a phone conversation about this lunation with Maya Del Mar, she made an important point about the most important freedom of all: the capacity to choose our emotions. This blessing in particular may appear to be a given. The truth is that planetary changes are accelerating, and at the risk of sounding apocalyptic, many of our accustomed freedoms seem to be eroding. The most treasured right of all—to choose our level of consciousness, on which all other rights ultimately depend—needs to be protected.

One very good way to achieve this is maintaining a daily inner practice. When we regularly center in the frequencies of love and faith, we and our affairs are surrounded by a shield of grace. There are also specific protection techniques that are quite powerful, some of which we share below, and they will produce even greater benefits for those who apply them during the August Full Moon portal.

Synchronize and protect your prayer space

Light blue and white candles are especially good for physical and spiritual protection; silver for psychic protection. White flowers will absorb negative vibrations, sunflower and geraniums radiate protecting energy. Incenses for protection include sandalwood, myrrh, coconut and blueberry. Most important at this time: as you light your candles and/or incense, know in your heart that this is an offering for Archangel Michael. Visualize him in your space, his sword pointed outward towards the peripheries to reject any undesirable thought form or appearance.

Meditation for the August Full Moon

Visualize a ball of light, like a small sun, floating above your head. Once you can perceive it clearly, bring it into the center of your head. Feel the brightness there, perceive the rays shining out through your face, the top of your head, the sides and back. Hold this light during at least 3 to 4 minutes. Next, move the sun down into the center of your chest, feel all the brightness there during another few minutes. Once your heart has glowed this way, expand the ball of light in your mind’s eye: double it in size, and continue to increase it until it surrounds your body entirely. You will feel yourself enclosed in a bright sun which emanates from within. Finally, place your attention in the middle of your forehead, and let the following words come forth from your mind, your mouth and your third eye:

The electrical rays of the Spirit shine within, annulling any energy or thought that doesn’t vibrate with absolute good. I’m divinely protected from any harm or limitation.

Repeat the above thought during about six minutes, then close by imagining the planet in your minds eye, surround it in the light and repeat:

The electrical rays of the Spirit shine throughout the planet, annulling any influence or appearance that doesn’t vibrate with absolute good. We are divinely protected from any harm or limitation.

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