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Leo New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

We have arrived at a portal that’s both miraculous and urgent. This lunar portal is the time to recognize and develop what is perhaps our most magical treasure: free will. Metaphysical teachers speak of not forcing things to manifestation, a truth reflected in the immortal line, “Thy will be done.” There is another side of the coin, in that in order to enjoy the benefits of its free will, we need to exercise it.

What are those benefits? At least some of them come from a principle whose operation I have noticed in daily life, a principle I call alchemical will. Most of us have felt the effect, though the magic has not necessarily been identified. When you truly apply your will to an endeavor or decision, the creative power of intent is greatly multiplied. When one is really ready to do whatever is necessary to accomplish a definite purpose, previous impediments melt away, unexpected doors open suddenly.

It’s interesting that a teacher and author who has the sign of the Lion featured in her name, Leonora Leets, has pointed out that the first step in the master path of power is self-dominion. Only when we attain control of our attitudes and actions, can power over circumstances follow. This teaching is synchronous with the following quote from Maya Del Mar’s Daily Success Guide for the current New Moon portal: “Leo likes to tell others what to do, but the important thing with Leo is to develop one’s will so that one can tell oneself what to do.”

Another timely consideration is that of contemporary philosopher and physicist Dan Winter. Dan’s specialty is sacred geometry, which focuses on how to adapt our physical environment and daily habits to increase our charge-field, the force behind the aura, and with this process create a bridge to immortality. In an encounter I had some months ago, Dan clarified to me that no other element is as decisive in fortifying our radiance as the development of will. This faculty is tested daily: what we eat and drink, whether or not we exercise or follow through with our commitments to self and others and dozens of similar choices. Often times we think such choices are trivial, and some may be at face value. However, the energy and creative power we acquire each time we apply our will for a victory of ideals cannot be overestimated. Could it be one of the only victories we will take with us beyond the physical plane?

Habits, for better or for worse, gain inertia with each repetition. If you apply the exercises below to overcome habitual impediments, the new lunar cycle will multiply the fruits and force of your alchemical will even further, even if you choose to work it one day at a time from now until the next New Moon. As you will see a bit further on, the energy you gain can also be considered a cosmic offering for the Middle East.


Is there some improvement you would like to make in your prayer space or schedule, steps you just haven’t gotten around to because the river of worldly matters just drags you along day-by-day? Perhaps an inclination like one of the following strikes an intuitive chord: renew or re-arrange a sacred corner or altar, focus on keeping fresh flowers there, start prayers earlier, remember to invoke the angels, add or restore some element of spiritual practice.

Perhaps no exercise of will is as vital as in spiritual life, so you can take initiatives like these as part of your New Moon practice. Leo colors for your person or space include gold and warm yellow. Light a candle in like shades, sandalwood or lavender incense, and as you do so they are an offering for your angels, as well as Archangel Michael, representative of power and will; request their assistance in strengthening these qualities in you.

Prayers and reflections for the Leo New Moon

Write down from one to three things that would really make you feel better about yourself if you implemented them from now until the next New Moon. Choose things that are currently within your reach. If you are addicted to chocolate, don’t say you won’t eat even one, but rather establish a goal to reduce the frequency. If you have a project pending, of creative, business or any other nature, set a goal for one small step each day during this new lunar cycle, etc. Independently of whatever other goals you establish now, become aware of some slight excess or types of excess, and make your mind up to curb them on a daily basis. Some examples include: spending more than you really want or need to, eating when you’re full, talking to a certain person about a certain topic, etc. Make an energy offering to the Middle East by bearing its inhabitants in mind as you maintain sobriety in the face of such small impulses to excess. If the impulses are not so small, seek out a twelve-step group, and know that this is an offering, too.

The following affirmations are designed to be used alone, as well as accompanying your initiatives, magically multiplying your power of will. Use words like these during and/or after each move you make towards a will-goal.

I am a tower of will power. My strong will is helping me to align my being to my highest intentions and impulses. My will power is an alchemical force which dissolves barriers and angelically opens doors of opportunity. The strength of my alchemical will power is fortified, empowering my being and all creation.

Each evening, take an inventory of your will-strengthening steps of the day. Then once again repeat your affirmations, during at least six minutes before lying down to sleep. Give this program your best shot during this lunar cycle, shoot for the moon and give thanks for the starlight which will bless you on the way, the brilliance of your own enlivened soul.

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