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Gemini New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation is a great time to have dreams which reveal sublime answers to your deepest concerns. In her Daily Success Guide, Maya del Mar mentions the evening previous to this lunation as apt for clairvoyance. The Sabian symbol for the New Moon indicates that the more intuitive twin of Gemini’s perceptual faculties remains quite active throughout this portal:

“WORKMEN DRILLING FOR OIL… avidity for that knowledge… "The zodiacal sign Gemini has basically the meaning of insatiable curiosity and avidity for knowledge. It is logically a 'human' sign (the Twins). One of the Twins tends to seek power and knowledge from the ancient past, the other to discover a living source of strength and wisdom which is forever being replenished by the celestial downpour of Spiritual Consciousness and love.

This symbol deals with the emotional and socially prized reaction of most human beings to the attainment of new forms of knowledge, i.e., AMBITION.”

What situation would you like to know the truth about? Divine Intelligence in you knows the whole truth, and is revealing it through your deep mind. As we learn to focus our faith, and choose the divine solution, it will inevitably be made clear in our sleeping and waking hours, especially during the New Moon portal.

Before falling asleep, sit on the edge of your bed and call upon the angels of divine guidance before following the advice of millionaire metaphysician John Templeton, who suggests spending several minutes going over all possible solutions in your mind to the situation that concerns you. This will be even more effective if you try to figure out which solution seems most in tune with the Will of Spirit. Then combine this practical method with the power of prayer, affirming out loud, slowly, something like:

I am open to receive the happy, clear solution of Infinite Intelligence in me for this matter, to perceive it in dreams and remember when I awake.

Repeat the affirmation at least ten times before lying down for the night. Be sure to keep a notebook by your bed so you can write down your dreams upon waking. Work this way at least throughout the New Moon portal. If you do it daily until the next Full or New Moon, you will certainly have some interesting messages to consider.

Sweet Power Dreams!

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