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Crystal Pomeroy

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Oak Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

Aquarius is a time of idealism. In her Daily Success Guide for this lunation, Maya Del Mar has pointed to strong ideas and their tendency to clash. The Sabian symbol gives us a very interesting key to see how such conflicts tend to arise, and alludes to the path we can develop find a new degree of integrity as we get some perspective on our ideals.

“A MAN WHO HAD FOR A TIME BECOME THE EMBODIMENT OF A POPULAR IDEAL IS MADE TO REALIZE THAT AS A PERSON HE IS NOT THIS IDEAL… We have a statement on the relation between mental-spiritual vision and living reality, between persons and the ideal they appear to incarnate, between the Great Lover image and one’s need for love… a critical need for SELF-RE-EVALUATION.”

The lower ego has a way of twisting anything good into something less. This particular lunation reminds us to free up from ego-attachment to our ideals, which may be making us disown parts of ourselves and others that in fact need loving.

In what areas do we feel so righteous that we end up cutting off our love natures on the subtle, yet potent, level of subconscious attitudes? One of the most persistent messages in A Course in Miracles is to denounce the ego’s attempt to make us feel special, morally superior, and therefore separate from those less special or more lowly than ourselves. This can be a particularly insidious tendency for those of us who are spiritually active or idealistic, one which blocks the flow of grace in our personal energy. Luna now invites us to recover the baby of love consciousness that we may have been throwing out with the bathwater of whatever doesn’t suit our ideals.


Welcome this New Moon by emphasizing (in dress, altar and candles) shiny, electric and/or bright shades of blue and purple. Light incense, especially jasmine or sandalwood, as you do so hold in mind your intention that this is an offering to Spirit, especially to Archangel Gabriel, and request that you be strengthened to follow your ideals while remaining free of judgmentalism towards others those parts of yourself that do not conform to them.

Metaphysical Treatment for the Aquarius New Moon

The Sabian symbol for this lunation has given us the key to processing the current pressures as self-transmutation, rather than as conflict with others, through “SELF-RE-EVALUATION.” Each of us knows which ideals we hold most dear, and detecting our over-identification with them is an individual process. Some questions to get that process going might include:

Does our anti-materialism lead to criticism of those who enjoy money, and rejection of that part of ourselves which would give us permission to prosper?

Are we so stuck on forgiveness that we reject people with tempers, who perhaps incarnate the part of ourselves that gets angry?

Are we so sure of our answers that we mentally place ourselves above those that are less humane, less spiritual, less idealistic, in the process denying and rejecting our own shadow?

Take a minimum of several minutes to examine your true, emotional relationship with and attachment to your ideals, and identify how you may be generating contradictions similar to those described above.

Affirmations for the Aquarius New Moon

Spirit in me is the unlimited power to follow my highest ideals. Spirit in me does not condemn others or myself when I fail to meet those standards. Spirit in me enfolds us all in humility and unconditional love.

Repeat words like these during at least seven minutes daily throughout the moon cycle which begins now. As you do so, truly embrace your own shadow and the shadow you perceive in others in unconditional love.

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