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Crystal Pomeroy

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Oak Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

By the time you read this, you may have already experienced, as have I, the wisdom of Maya Del Mar’s insights for this portal, “something dies in order to make way for new birth. RENEWAL is the key word,” as well as “truth.”

The New Moon which began the current cycle was a portal to discover one’s purpose. Now, the Full Moon adds power to overcome tests apparently put to us by circumstances. How can we best receive that power to overcome? By aligning with Luna and the angels in ways like those suggested below, we will open to their help and strengthen our will. We can thus turn the holidays into a private spiritual initiation, entering the New Year with a greatly empowered purpose.

Traditionally, the December Full Moon is related to the Oak King, a strong, most sacred tree, archetypal survivor of winter’s tests, and original species for Christmas trees (until the Church burned most European oak forests down). Sychronistically, the Sabian symbol for this lunation reinforces the transcendent seasonal theme: “CHILDREN SKATING OVER A FROZEN VILLAGE POND… The developing mind can learn to use restrictions and the disciplining power of “cold” external responses….. to grow in strength and skill.”

As we apply the metaphysical tools shared below, let us also remember that spiritual initiation is not confined to quiet, solitary processes. As my friend and teacher, Rev. Tom Johnson, says in his book, Action Does It:

We do not need to go up on a mountaintop to meditate…, to draw from within…. God being action, how can we make contact if we are just sitting there?.... I am something only as I am expressing.”

This approach ties closely with Maya’s insight for this portal, stressing, “action in regard to social challenge,” as well as the closing message of the Sabian symbol: “TRIUMPH OVER ENTROPY.” The opposite of entropy is extropy, which requires effort in generous, progressive activity. The planet’s physical and spiritual environment is certainly demanding our extropic capacity, as are ominous pieces of legislation which, by the way, may be pressed through on the sly over the holidays if we don’t stand up and take action right away. (If you haven’t already, please check the Patriot Act renewal and compulsory vaccine bills!)

Let us, then, share sacred tools to begin and empower your holistic spiritual initiation by the light of the Oak Full Moon.

Oak Moon Altar-ations

If weather and logistics permit, do your prayers outside, near living foliage, especially oak. Otherwise, bring the green in: a tree, bush, wreath, sprigs and/or oak leaves will connect your space with the renewing energy of winter plants. As you approach them outside, or arrange them inside, say, “I bless this foliage and I bless this space called Earth.”

Colors for garments, candles and decorations now include white, gold and bright yellow, to welcome the reborn sun. Light your candles or fireplace, saying something like, “I bless the fire of unquenchable spirit now reborn.”

Set out cider or apple juice and say, “I bless this distillation of the sweet flavor of water spirits which join all living beings at this season.”

Burn incense, frankincense if available, and as you light it, say, from the heart “I bless the air which carries my message of spiritual initiation out to the universe, and I offer this incense to the Angel of Discipline and of the Angel of Inner and Outer Victory, who I invoke to Strengthen my will power at this time.”

Affirmations and Power Reflections
for the Oak Moon, 2006

Decree some lines like those following during at least fifteen minutes, slowly and with attention:

Spirit in me is my unlimited source of will, intuition and intelligence to accomplish my purpose, one day at a time. Only for today, I am true to my highest self in thought, word and deed. My true thoughts, words and actions fortify my will power. I feel this power within me, and my awareness of it connects me with all awareness of will power on the planet, which is moving humanity to powerful, timely action and spiritual expression.

Add whatever comes to mind which may keep you focused, such as:

Only for today I will remain poised and harmonious.

Only for today I will do the best I can even though it doesn’t seem to be enough.

Only for today I will be honest.

Only for today I will release all that is beyond my immediate control, in a spirit of love for myself and others.

If shared with others, each participant can let the Holly Spirit speak through them.

Once you have done your affirmations, take a minute to write down (and share aloud, if done with a group) practical measures you can or must take to make this season a time of initiation, for example:

Avoid chatting with co-workers after lunch or about other things than the tasks on hand.

Set limits to care for my rest (and/or sobriety) over the holidays.

Pay attention when talking with _______ not to complain or discuss my plans.

Rise as soon as I awaken (or an hour earlier than usual, etc.) to meditate, organize my day, investigate and contact people about my political concerns.

Exercise regularly.

Set aside a time daily to consciously center in unconditional love.

Follow Up

The entire last half of December will become a powerful portal as you persist in centering yourself each morning in order to make the day part of your spiritual initiation. Cheer is always important now, but sobriety and self-observation will keep us closer to the nature of the energies highlighted by this year’s Oak Moon portal. Enrich with your own inspiration.

Spirit blesses and illuminates your path.

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