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Full Moon in Virgo, February 2005

by Crystal Pomeroy

These times are marked by the sharp contrast between the government’s talk about security and the threats that those same powers make against the security of life on this planet and of those who choose to serve collective interests specifically.

Submerged in a global atmosphere and standing before a planetary future that seem anything less than secure from an earthly angle, what can we as individuals do to guarantee the well-being of future generations and especially of those who are working for the common good, in spite of an imperialist agenda to the contrary? The recent court decision against reporters’ right to protect their sources brings the issues related to this Full Moon to the fore. Whether or not one agrees with the reporting style of the journalists involved, this news underscores the neo-McCarthy climate prevailing in their milieu.

The Sabian symbol relating to this Full Moon reminds us of the importance of the emotional commitment of the "people at large" to those individuals whose lives are committed to the good of all concerned. As we direct our emotional support, catalyzing its alchemical capacity in prayers of power, we build a bridge which permits multiple crossings: sending activist leaders and other public servers the support and protection they deserve, and opening to receive the grace that is available to each of us as we strive to be responsible, proactive members of global community during these powerful times of change.

Call on the angel of protection

If you enjoy lighting candles to honor Luna, white and pale blue are excellent to enforce protection. Bless the world and whomever you wish to protect, especially those who work in service, by placing their images, names, or even references within reach of the candlelight.

These may include anyone in any walk of life who is making an extra effort to keep the flame of goodness burning during these crucial times. Some examples: "all honest reporters", "lawyers and judges working to protect the planet", "true spiritual leaders and seekers", "children who have come to heal", "Red Cross workers", "librarians", or other such groups or individuals that may seem to need special support at this time. Call on the Angel of Protection to guard them, to guard all of us, keeping us centered in true, spiritually based security multiplying the force of our prayers at this lunation.

Meditation to bless and protect global light workers

Repeat the following affirmations and any compatible thoughts that surface as you do so, aloud with calm and complete attention:

Those people who are working to serve the greater good are not alone or without effective assistance and protection. The Divine Helper is with them, supporting them in every way that’s necessary to insure their success and complete well being. The Divine Helper fortifies them, inspires them, facilitating connections, public knowledge and support. The Divine Helper never leaves their side. No circumstance or influence of the past or present can keep the Divine Helper from implementing the divine design for good on this planet and in the lives of those working on its behalf.

(Say the next words slowly, with your attention on the heart, as you think of those brave and generous individuals who are making important contributions to protect and increase Earth and her species at this time. You may start by directing it towards someone in particular who comes to mind, then extend it to all such light workers:)

My love and gratitude for the efforts of all planetary servers joins the love of many others around the world, the living lattice of our affection for you is a protective, supportive web that encourages and supports you to continue in your work successfully now.

If you do this prayer or make any conscious efforts on behalf of the collective good, you are also a light worker, and it would be great for you to repeat the entire meditation in the first person (for "us", instead of "you").

Go through the above exercise at least five times, slowly and aloud, before, during and after this Full Moon is exact on February 23. Those who continue repeating it at least three times daily until the next New Moon (on March 10) can be assured they are doing the planet a great service, and expect to see encouraging outcomes in the news and/or in other signs, as effective prayer always brings forth results, all the more so when its done by the light of the Moon.

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