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Crystal Pomeroy

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April Eclipse New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

Why would we want another Aries New Moon now at this eclipse, if we just had one?

Maya sums it up: we thus have "another opportunity to make new starts, and to repair those things we may have begun" under the impetus of the first Aries New Moon last month. The Sabian symbol eloquently reminds us of the need behind this second opportunity: "every effective activity has to be focused."

Aries is about self-direction, leadership and self-esteem. This wonderful New Moon Eclipse portal, coupled with the strong Mercury and Taurus influences described by Maya, represents a powerful opportunity to reaffirm our decision to do whatever we need to, ask for whatever help we need, and move beyond obsolete communication patterns with ourselves and others, in order to allow the sprout of our I AM energy to break through the turf of any apparent barriers, as it moves upward toward the light of higher manifestation.

Investing time in self-affirming spiritual activities, such as the following suggestions, during this New Moon portal is one way of telling yourself and the cosmos you deserve to follow through on your highest needs and visions, which in itself will open you to receive grace-full assistance.

Empower the lunar magician within

Light bronze, orange or red candles. As you do so, feel the active, assertive energy their tones evoke, and say aloud, I AM all the permission I need to stay focused on my inner and outer goals.

Use refreshing, enlivening incense or fragrance. As you inhale the scent, say: I receive all the supernatural and natural help that is available to facilitate focus on my inner and outer goals.

Moonlight reflections (for use with pen and paper)

To assure the alchemical potential of lists like those that follow, be as specific as possible.

1) List in writing any interests or projects you may be keeping on standby, waiting for someone else, or maybe just fate, to push through or help you with them?

Some examples may include:

  • Finishing a creative project
  • Creating treasure maps or related visualization tools.
  • Prayers
  • Thinking and speaking only constructive thoughts
  • Dieting
  • Taking care of your body
  • Approaching a potentially valuable contact
  • Focusing on valuing and loving myself, instead of fixating on the approval of others

(If done with a group, take turns sharing after writing.)

2) Make a "request list", of help or consideration you could use from others in order to focus on those projects, which you haven’t considered or dared to request or assert verbally, and you will now commit to doing so.

For instance:

  • I’m going to ask for my husband to take our daughter out so I have more time to work.
  • I’m going to state my desire not to join in all meals (in order to adhere to my diet).
  • I’m going to focus on my prayers first and centrally, even when I’m sharing a space and schedule with others.
  • I’m going to make my need to live in an affirmative, emotionally supportive environment fully clear to my partner.
  • I’m going to redesign a class I’m giving so that it doesn’t take so much time away from the project I’m trying to finish.
  • I’m going to insist on optimal terms for upcoming contracts, so I don’t end up feeling like those jobs set me back in my most important spiritual, family and other long-term goals.

3) Repeat the following affirmation at least thirteen times, slowly and with full attention:

I AM the power, the wisdom and the attention to release any belief, my own or another’s, that might hold me back from expressing my highest desire. I do what I need to do, clarify the limits I need to set, and ask for whatever help I need. I receive all of help that’s here to focus on and manifest my highest, happiest dreams now!

4) Look over, modify and follow through on the above lists throughout this New Moon cycle.

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