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Crystal Pomeroy

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Pisces New Moon Prayer

by Crystal Pomeroy

Maya’s description of this lunation points to the fascinating, forceful combination of Uranus and Pisces energies now at play, "highly mentally receptive... and spiritually receptive, the sky’s the limit as to creative possibilities," presaging the co-creation "of a golden age during the next seven years." Any type of committed visualization, prayer or meditation now can be especially fertile. How can we most effective align that inner work at this New Moon, which happens to be nothing less than a portal to the most subtle and exciting dimensions of our personal and collective souls?

One way to mine the potential of the new lunar month, preparing ourselves to discover the gold of the New Age we have been invited to co-create, is by establishing a new habit, taking a stand to make each of its 28 days an Act of Power.

What does it mean to live a day as an Act of Power? Part of the answer is that it necessarily differs for each person. The first step to contacting and demonstrating the power within is to identify and apply your independent will, identifying whether the life you’re creating really reflects your own highest dream, and then designing each day to empower your heart’s desire, with a consciousness of independent will.

As you implement each day’s design, you will be calling on inner powers that are universal to all humans, such as that same independent will, extra effort, creative perception, visualization, affirmative prayer, and love, to name a few. Putting these qualities into full action is part of what alchemizes what would be a routine day, transforming it into a full, magical, experience, fit for a co-creator of the golden age.

New Moon in Pisces: Seeding 28 Acts of Power

1) Write what comes to mind when you ask yourself if you’re applying your powers of visualization and will to create the life you really want, one that reflects your own golden age while contributing to that of the planet. (If you used our last New Moon reflections, take a look at the ideals you clarified then to complete your dreams' authenticity check.)

2) Light a silver or other softly colored candle, and call on your favorite guides and angels, as well as the Angel of Conscious Empowerment.

3) Bless the current Moon cycle with the following decree, which you can write or state aloud at least 13 times:

This is Spirit’s cycle, it is a good cycle for me and for the entire world. The Power that resurrects the dreamer within, and makes my dreams come true, is fully active throughout this cycle, nothing can keep It from moving us into our golden era of good.

4) Realize that everything you do, or allow to filter into your sphere of attention, ties you to some kind of pattern within the living lattice of the Universe. Determine that "only for today," throughout this lunation, you’ll exercise that commitment with awareness. Each day is a clean slate for yourself and the world which you co-create. By establishing your intentions at night for the following day, and blessing the new daily cycle every morning, you can bring forth its golden potential. Start now, at this New Moon portal, by writing down how you will make the following day an act of power.

Questions to get your lunar fires going: What steps to foment or consolidate my highest dreams will I take today? What will I engage my attention in? What will I visualize for? How can my plans better express my highest self? What lines of thinking or activities can I drop entirely? What intentions require extra will to pull them off during the coming day? What kind of guidance do I wish to remember from my dreams? What inner work do I need to sustain my ideal mentality? Write this list in the full awareness that you are a magical being. Establish not only what you want to pull off each day, but how you want it to happen, such as, "I want to accomplish that long-pending business call in a way that’s nice to myself." "I want to finish this assignment and have fun as I do so." "I allow myself to remember dreams that hold clear, pleasant guidance."

5) Follow up.

Begin each morning throughout this lunation repeating the following affirmation for 6 to 7 minutes, just before or upon rising.

This is Spirit’s day; it is a good day. (Pause after each repetition of this first line, to bathe your mind in its meaning, knowing it for yourself, for anyone you want to bless in particular, and for the world.) The power that makes my dreams come true, is fully active throughout this day. Only for today, I will hold to the awareness that life is not something that happens to me, as I assume and apply my power to choose, to will and to create.

End each day during the current New Moon cycle with several minutes of thanks for each and every one of its blessings, before writing the following day’s list for your next Act of Power.

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