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Crystal Pomeroy

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Leo Full Moon Prayer

by Crystal Pomeroy

The Leo Full Moon fills out the meaning of the Aquarius New Moon cycle, giving the Water Bearer’s gifts—freedom, independence, brilliance and idealism—their equilibrium in the chakra of the heart, ruled by the feline sign. Maya is an Aquarius, and an experience she shared some months ago reminds me of this lunation’s meaning.

Outspoken in her views, she received a somewhat irate email from a gentleman expressing strong opposition to her political opinions. Maya told me: "My first reaction was to defend my position, sending him all this information.... Instead, I stopped myself and centered in my heart, looking for the right way to respond. I did decide to write him, but in a very different tone, thanking him for sharing his views and mentioning how great it is that we live in a country where each person can express their own, whatever they may be."

The present Full Moon portal is an opportunity to remember that keeping your brain connected doesn’t mean unplugging your heart. On the contrary, the brain is a wonderful, vital means, but the heart, like the Sun that rules it, represents our purpose. Aquarius helps us take the space and whatever other types of freedom we need to stay on course with our highest ideas. This requires strength, which can sometimes go overboard, appearing dogmatic, fundamentalist, and creating the illusion of division from others.

As we continue to reaffirm independent adherence to our visions and ideals during this Aquarius New Moon cycle, let us take a moment to anchor our awareness in the purpose behind those visions: love, the emotion capable of healing the illusion of separation, and, as it does so, grounding the Aquarian promise of freedom in its most joyful potential. This ecstatic combination has been long part of numerous traditional celebrations around this Full Moon, which could be called Valentine’s Full Moon, as Leo’s love warms what may otherwise seem Aquarius’ January chill.

To quote Dan Furst on his website, the beginning of February is celebrated in "calendars throughout the world," in "the great mid-winter festivals.... the days of Imbolc or Brigantia, the fire festivals that mark the midpoint between Yuletide and the spring equinox, and bear the promise of returning light and resurgent vitality.... In the Wiccan calendar, this Full Moon in mid-winter begins the Month of Quickening, when the latest potential of all things begins to stir toward birth in the Spring. This is the time to set the new ideas into motion, the new things to work, and prepare for birth."

The pagan idea of motion associated with this lunation (known as the "Quickening Moon") is furthered underscored by the Sabian symbol for its particular degree of Leo this year, as quoted by Maya:

"A VOLUNTEER CHURCH CHOIR SINGING RELIGIOUS HYMNS." Luna now guides us to heed our loving hunches, not only experiencing heartfelt goodwill, but acting on it while implementing our altruistic aspirations.

Leo Full Moon Pre-Prayerations

Light yellow or gold candles now, remembering as you do so the ancestral fire festivities associated with this Full Moon portal, in honour of the vital love energies quickening within. Yellow clothes, flowers and crystals are also apropos.

Full Moon Prayers
Part I – Fill out the Aquarius New Moon cycle

1) Consider those initiatives you need to take or are taking to stay on the course of your independent vision and highest ideals. As we are mid-way into the Aquarius New Moon cycle, it is a great time to commit your goals in this respect to writing. Note: if you applied our Aquarius New Moon suggestions, review your notes now, analyzing your progress and setting new goals.

2) Write those ways in which you may be generating hostile energy in relation to your goals for freedom.

3) Write those organizations or people you may be antagonizing from within, or may feel antagonized by at this time.

Part II. Invoke the Christ Heart

Centering your attention on your chest, repeat the following invitation aloud during at least 15 minutes.

I invite the Christ Heart to love through me.

Divide those 15 minutes in three parts: five minutes sending love to yourself as you repeat the invitation, five to those you wish to help, including countries, endangered species and the planet, and at least five to those who irritate you or worse (as written down in Part I).

Part III. Love + Motion = Quicken the Christ Within

Make or renew a commitment to a volunteer activity which can be blended into your current lifestyle, but requires extra initiative. Establish clear, manageable goals, such as, "I'll dedicate 2 hours a week to helping ____________."

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