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Crystal Pomeroy

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Solstice/New Year's Blessing

by Crystal Pomeroy

The Cancer Full Moon is especially welcome at this time, helping us remember our inmost, emotional needs, as we are renewed by the Goddess within during the Capricorn New Moon cycle. This cycle is gearing us up for our goals in the world. January, 2004, is studded with additional assertive, worldly, strategic influences, as described by Maya in her Daily Success Guide.

The current full-moonlight guides us to strategize for the Goddess, provoking a moment of silence in the midst of the Capricorn push upwards, a chance to turn within and get in touch with our true feelings and needs, and to stir the coals of Spirit, renewing their glow on the secret hearth which lies beneath the ceiling of our worldly goals.

Those goals may seem so ominous that pursuing them distracts us from the simple magic of emotions, transmuted through sensitive reflection and positive prayer. Our meditation now is directed to recovering that magic, and indeed constructing a niche for it within the context of our New Year's goals. The Mother will respond, not only with comfort for our soul, but also truly manifesting the provision and security we need to follow our personal and planetary visions.

Envelope the earth in protective light, silver and white

Like moonlight on the snow, these colors in your clothing, candles and other decorations will shine with cool, reflective magic, synchronized to the Cancer Full Moon’s purity and power to protect on both the physical and psychic planes.

The following arrangement with candles provides a powerful way to connect with the energies accentuated by the current lunar phase:

  • Light two candles, preferably one silver and the other white (or both one of these two colors).
  • Place the following objects between them: an image of Earth and a picture of yourself and any other being you especially wish to bless.
  • Write your New Year’s goals on a piece of paper, roll it up and place this little scroll between the candles. If you already have your goals on paper—according to the suggestions at the last New Moon or otherwise—use that page.

Have this arrangement before you as you do the following.


1. Answer the following questions in writing:

a) What is the inmost motivation behind your New Year’s goals?

b) Can you detect any way you are being emotionally rigid or hard on yourself in the process of achieving them? (Such as clutching, worrying, stressing yourself out because you try to do too many things around the house or for other people at the same time, to mention a few of diverse possible answers.)

c) What measures can you incorporate into your life which nurture your emotional, intuitive self, as well as your altruistic and other spiritual impulses, as you remain on your path to worldly or creative success?

If sharing with a group, take turns commenting on answers aloud.

2. Repeat the following affirmation aloud during at least 7 minutes, as you gaze upon your candle arrangement:

I do not need to worry about my goals or their outworking. The long arms of my Divine Mother touch all people and situations connected to them, protecting my interests. The long arms of the Divine Mother surround the earth, touching all people and situations, protecting the life and wellness of all beings.

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