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Crystal Pomeroy

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Get off the runway and fly your highest!

by Crystal Pomeroy

Maya points out that this New Moon cycle will "start us on our new round of making connections and establishing our lines of communication." Her article in the current issue of Mountain Astrologer sheds understanding on the eclipse influence that this New Moon includes:

"Goals and urges that are struggling for expression are allowed to emerge into manifestation."

From the perspective of inner work, this annular Eclipse New Moon invites us to heed our highest impulses in our way of connecting with the world around us, and ourselves. The annular eclipse represents a special opportunity. As the Moon blocks out the Sun, our intuitive, emotional nature is emphasized, while the ring remaining around the Sun can help exalt our emotions within the framework of reason. The Sabian symbol describes "AN AIRPLANE PERFORMING A NOSE DIVE," challenging gravity..., to pierce beyond the physical and reach higher realms of existence" by use of "superior abilities."

There is a risk element involved, accentuated by the nature of the eclipse itself, causing astrologer Stephanie Austin to call for "Mindfulness and self-control" at this time. Whereas such qualities are advisable always, and especially during eclipses, I appreciate her advice with a twist. This eclipse window presents an opportunity to take mindful risks, making the jump to go all the way in our highest ideals in heart-centered connecting and communicating.

All people have ideals, both about how we’d like to connect from within, and what we’d like to say to the world. They are held in that part of ourselves alluded to by the Sabian symbol for this eclipse, the part that seeks "immortality, to pierce beyond the physical." To really carry out our ideals, to follow the dreamer within, has a risk component. Both the personal and collective ego are threatened by such aspirations, so they make us feel that we ourselves are threatened, even our very existence.

This is partly why we tend to fence-walk with our greatest dreams. In relation to our consciousness, for instance, we believe in unconditional love and faith, but when it comes to completely releasing judgmentalism, or truly looking beyond apparent problems, to behold only the good in all people and situations, we negotiate with our ideals.

Spiritual gravity makes us wary of the supposed risks. "What if I forgive so-and-so, will it turn me into a doormat, or empower the forces for global destruction?" "What if I believe in a miracle and it doesn’t happen?" "What if I release my loved one and she abandons me?"

The same thing goes for our spiritual ideals of communication. In prayer and meditation we build the lofty and the good, only to "cover our lamp," half-obscuring our inner light with trivial, critical, or disempowering conversations. We dream of sharing our love and truth with the world: participating in or initiating proactive groups, writing letters, articles, books.... The fence-sitter within reminds us once again of the risks: "What if it doesn’t work?" "What if I get involved with this, and end up draining time and energy needed to support my family?" "What if I get rejected?" "What if I don’t really know how to do it?" "What if somebody gets mad?"

This eclipse window is the time to prove our superior inner capacity, to break the barrier of our spiritual gravity, of the Defender of Doubt that holds us back from making the leap required by real faith in our highest, most soulful vision for connecting with the world, the Universe and ourselves ... in the intimacy of purposeful prayer or meditation and the spontaneous prayer of daily interactions, as well as the way we share our message with the community or world at large.

I. Clarifying your desire and fear of flying.

If done in a group, you may enjoy sharing each person's reflections aloud after each step, as do we in our prayer ministry.

a) State in writing the step or steps you may long to take, which would alter how you connect to self and others from within—one or more things you secretly long to try, which would mean going all the way to spiritualize your connections.

Next to the aspiration, write your doubts about it. Examples from our prayer group included:

Desire: Forgive politicians.
Doubts: I might become complacent and not help keep the planet on course.

Desire: Start a daily zazen practice.
Doubts: I might just divide myself into even smaller bits, and not make real progress in that or in anything.

Desire: To become more independent of my partner. To make my own decisions, enjoy my own diversions and friends, follow my own instincts, and remain centered in my mental and emotional freedom.
Doubts: I don’t have time. He might misinterpret such initiatives and become shaming. Our intimacy might become threatened.

Desire: Renew my campaign for self-esteem, and do whatever it takes to finish overcoming childhood wounds.
Doubts: Some members of my family would consider this narcissistic. I don’t have time.

b) Now write out some concrete initiative you might dream of taking, which would alter how you connect to your community or circle—one or more things you secretly long to try, which would mean going all the way in this area. After clarifying your desire, describe your doubts.

Desire: Creating treasure maps for my love and social life.
Doubts: I just don’t know where to start. I have to buy several magazines, and I feel odd spending so much money on myself. What if I don’t do them right, and end up losing my current partner (even though our relationship leaves much to be desired). I don’t have the time. Most friendships tend to take too much time. I’m too demanding to accept many people as friends.

Desire: To have a more supportive and stimulating circle to relate to.
Doubts: Maybe I don’t deserve it. I don’t have time to put into that.

Desire: Remaining aware of the creative power of my words whenever I converse with others, and not squandering it on trivia or destructive remarks.
Doubts: I’ve tried this before, but then I forget, what’s the point? Also, I might feel isolated from others with less stringent standards.

c) Finally, write out something you have pending to say to or share with the world, a word you would somehow like to get out. Again, write your desire first, and then describe your doubts.

Desire: Expanding the prayer ministry.
Doubts: There aren’t enough people sincerely interested in serving this way, or they would have already come forth, or maybe it’s not God’s plan. I don’t have time.

Desire: To write more political correspondence.
Doubts: I don’t have time. My husband gets upset because we have so much work pending.

Desire: To write the proposal for a book project.
Doubts: I might waste a lot of time on such an ambitious project. It would probably take years to complete, the themes wouldn’t be in vogue when I finish it. I don’t know where the instructions for that are, I have to look for them, and that process itself is demoralizing. I already did it before and I’m afraid it might just be a waste of precious time I need to devote to my family.

Desire: To join a toastmaster club.
Doubts: I don’t how to locate the local chapter, might just waste a lot of time looking. I will neglect my children.

PART II: Eclipse New Moon prayers to challenge spiritual gravity and get off the runway!

1. Call on the "angels, guides and white-light beings to help release unreasonable doubts to Luna, and take advantage of her guidance to go ahead on the adventure of your mindful risks, with decision and a cool head."

2. Repeat the following decree at least 15 times:

The time has come to fly, to give a fighting chance to my highest aspirations.

Despite whatever doubts or apparent obstacles may hold me back, I consecrate this Eclipse portal to taking passionate and determined steps to heed the dreamer within and follow through on my highest, most authentic way of connecting on all levels of my being. I am a spiritual warrior, and each day during this Moon cycle is an adventure of expression for the immortal soul which longs to speak through the vehicle of my heart, words and life.

3. Reread the lists of desires and doubts, and see whether you are still willing to let the latter hold you back. Write any additional reflections that come to mind.

4. Write your plan of action: at least five steps you can take to get off the runway of doubt and into the air with your highest aspirations, from now until June 17th. The steps may be small, but they should also be concrete, such as, "I will look for the how-to book I have on this subject." "I will not squander my mind power in draining comments to Jane, Phil and Carmen." "I will seek out that contact I need to see until I locate him." "I will visit my friend who has the scientific study I need for my book." "I will include all politicians and other 'bad guys' in my daily prayers, and behold them with mercy." They can, of course, be bigger steps, but they must be concrete so you will definitely get them done.

5. Continue to read your reflections and prayers each morning, at least until June 17th, which Maya marks as one stage of completion of this eclipse cycle.

Luna blesses you in your happy flying!

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