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Crystal Pomeroy

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February Leo Full Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

At the New Moon earlier this month, we shared tools to contribute to world peace and related, macro-blessings, by creating the headlines of your dreams. The New Moon was the seed-time for this month’s prayer cycle (although imagination has no time limits and if you haven’t yet done that exercise, please do so now!).

The seeds of a collective vision of personal and planetary peace and prosperity are obviously preparing to sprout, as millions around the world mobilize to unite for that purpose (personal and planetary welfare go together in one package, as the good of one is the good of all, and vice-versa). From February 13 on, by aligning with the potent, creative Full Moon in Leo, our prayerful intentions receive an impulse towards consolidation.

At this time, whether or not affirmative prayer forms a part of your customary routine, I truly hope you take some time—five minutes a day throughout the remainder of this moon cycle, anyway, to unite your own omnipotent faith with divine forces which are now working to deliver all Earth’s inhabitants to our higher good.

What is a prayer of consolidation? If you are reading this, you are almost surely among the many, many people who are already doing some kind of prayer for world peace and protection. As one older, wiser friend says, "All types of prayer are right. The important thing is to know that you are praying."

From this perspective, any prayerful intentions can be seen as a powerful step in awakening our spiritual potential, and moving towards a positive answer. This is a loving perspective, one that says that we are all good in prayer, despite any limitations in our methodology.

However, many of us wish to move from feeling we are OK to manifesting tangible results. At this time, vast numbers throughout the world would like to go beyond wishing and speaking out for peace to living to see the miracle of a postponement of the threat of war. To move from noble, prayerful intentions to consolidated results, let’s remember the message left by a legendary expert, who said, "Whatever ye pray for, believe you have already received it, and it shall be."

This eternal promise points the way to move beyond the prayer of petition, to move into a mental mode, of living, touching and being the response we have been hoping for. In one of many websites today featuring women and peace, I was excited to see an entire section of prayers, including a very long list of phrases being used today by people around the world. Some of them were quite touching, others moving, and in general it was encouraging to know that so many people are connected in this intent.

However, I was somewhat surprised to find very few affirmative prayers among those hundreds submitted. Here my older, wiser friend might be surprised that I would make a seeming criticism, but I know that you, like me, are really looking forward to a miracle around this Full Moon time. You may hope for a miracle in your own life, and you almost certainly wish to see the miracle of world peace manifest. So my own feisty spirit motivates me to call you to stop asking for your miracle!

That’s right, stop asking for your miracle, and start affirming it. Asking is not the quickest way to get us to believe we have already received the answer. Asking will not usually lift up our mental frequency to the level of faith required for miraculous manifestation. Asking will almost surely not generate inner peace, without which there can be no peace between countries, or any other consolidated miracles.

If you haven’t already done so, start visualizing that peace, and that other miracle you are personally praying for as a reality, and now, at the February Full Moon portal, move into the receiving mode, by affirming the Divine assistance that is already here for you, for me, for Iraq, for all of Creation, and by the most receptive prayer of all, which is the prayer of thanks, of praise, that we are receiving our miracle.

Concern means caring, wishing and hoping for greater good in a given situation. Faith is not concern. The faith that works miracles goes a quantum leap beyond concerns, beyond appearances all together, to center our attention in Reality from a super-natural perspective.

Thetis is the goddess featured in Daykeeper this month. She reminds us of the connection between the higher world within and our prayers for peace, for whatever miraculous calming of symbolic seas we seek at this time:

"As the personification of calm waters, Thetis is responsible for providing a peaceful sea. She is that center of peace and calm that is always available, even in the midst of changing forms."

Call on Thetis, at this Full Moon. She will certainly help you find that place of calm, that place of miracles within, that will precede the passing of outer storms, whether they be on the sea, the desert, or any other level of your personal or shared experience.

Maya has called this, the "party" moon," adding, "but this year the party will be of worldwide and long-term significance." Let’s party ourselves into the Spirit of answered prayer, by defying all apparent threats to the contrary and celebrating the peace, the deliverance, the freedom we already have!

Guides and Angels for the February Full Moon

Thetis (see description)
Uriel, Archangel of Peace "We call on you to help guide us to personal and planetary peace."
Rafael, Archangel of Healing and of Concentration "We call on you to help us open to personal and planetary healing, and to help us concentrate while we pray and visualize, and to concentrate on the good at all times."
The Spirit of Freedom
Zadquiel and Amethyst
(Archangels related to the Spiritual Mission of the North American continent) "We call on you to help us align with the eternal purpose of this continent, to exercise our own freedom and free all beings."
Black Elk
The Great Spirit
Your favorite Native American guides

Decrees for the February Full Moon

Write or declare aloud, for at least seven minutes daily throughout this Moon cycle, and especially at the Full Moon portal (for up to half an hour) whatever affirmations help you praise the peace, the freedom we are already receiving, such as:

I (we) praise the enormous force for peace which is surging all over the planet, and bringing us to a new era of unity, love, faith and peace.

I (we) know that there is a power greater than any worldly power whatever, and that power is now helping us in whatever way is necessary to express and receive our complete freedom, peace and wellness now.

My (our) faith leads me to give thanks that we are being divinely delivered to our complete freedom, peace and wellness now.

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