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Crystal Pomeroy

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November Scorpio New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

Metaphysically speaking, this New Moon Cycle provides a power-window to move to new levels of self-control in whatever ways are necessary for healings we may have pending for self and others. Just as the Tuesday elections provide a chance to exercise free will in favor of world peace and healing, so does this early November vortex empower our elections of those parts of ourselves which contribute to our personal peace and wholeness.

After designing this New Moon prayerful reflections, I was fascinated to discover the Autumn Greetings of mythologist Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D. Among other timely remarks, she mentions the ancient Greek tradition associating "feeding the eagle" with "overcoming death." This Scorpio New Moon takes place during the dates when much of the world focuses on death and the realms beyond, in festivities such as Samhain and El Día de los Muertos. It offers a new chance us to open to whatever healing we may be wishing for, as it invites the fearful, aggressive arachnidian-like part of our instinctual nature through the Scorpionic levels of transformation: into snake, and ultimately, the eagle aspect of our divine, or highest instincts. Our prayerful exercises for this intense New Moon are designed precisely as food for the eagle within.

Part I. Prayers to Free the Healer Within at the New Moon in Scorpio

Answer, in writing the following question with whatever comes into your mind.

What do I have to let go of in order to catalyze my inner power of healing?

Sample answers from our prayer ministry include:

Release the element of driving for worldly success in certain works I am preparing, instead writing from the heart, out of love for myself and other readers.

Release any attachments—to my partner’s opinion or comfort, to my own doubts—that would keep me from doing my full prayers and refraining from critical attitudes.

Release impression management—being afraid of telling my in-laws that I really want to pay attention to my mother when she’s here visiting, and of telling people that have appointments with me that I only have time to work and not much additional socializing when we meet, and of any concerns for the opinions of others which distract me from being myself.

Release procrastination, of the most powerful activities I can undertake, such as writing, visualization and prayer.

Release acceptance of popular, misguided beliefs that there is any power except for God’s power to generate the conditions of my life, of the lives of those I care for and of the large affairs of the world. Resort to prayer as many times as necessary to achieve this.

Release the misconception that I am alone in my work, projects and healing needs, as I center in the truth that Spirit is helping me consolidate every element of the divine plan of my life.

Release my most deeply seated prejudices and hatred towards those I feel abuse power or are arbitrarily domineering.

Release the fear the recent news provokes me, which keeps me from expressing my views as well as getting into the Holiday Spirit.

Write your own!

Part II. Bless Your Space and Call on Guides

Light a candle. Timely colors include orange, purple, white, and coral, or a mixture of any of these. Imagine the glowing candlelight expanding to fill your space and then surrounding you with the protective forces of light and love.

Then invoke your favorite guides and protectors, and if you like, some of the following.

Angels and guides who are especially active at this time:

San Rafael Archangel, ruler of healing and of concentration
The Angel of Personal and Planetary Peace
The Angels of Endings and Beginnings
Archangel Zadquiel
(Guardian of the Flame of Atlantis and its present-day energy point on the invisible plane, ruler of transmutation, closely related to the Violet light wavelength and to the current age in general.)
Wise Grandmother Spirits (who, according to Samhain tradition, are active at this time, bringing the promise of coming rebirth at solstice time)
Hebe (Bearer of the Cup of Ambrosia to the Olympians, and War God Ares healer sister, who alone was able to heal his destructive tendencies. As Jenks, has written, "may the Hebe within each of us tame the stubborn, cruel Ares, which rages in each of us as well".)
Athena (Goddess of Wisdom, half-sister of Ares, who prevented him from brutally hurting Diomedes)
Abraham Lincoln

Speak to them aloud or mentally, requested assistance in releasing any impediments to the full expression of the healing power within you.

Part III. Seal Your Intention

Seal your intention with faith. Take a moment to breathe deeply, and know that your sincere intentions to elevate your instinctual nature are being now opening you to whatever help you may need to heal. The following affirmation can enforce this awareness:

My readiness to release any blocks to the expression of Spirit in me is now being used by the Healing Forces of the Universe to lift and transmute my instinctual nature. Nothing can limit the Divine Life Force which is complete life and wellness in me (and in Jane Brown, etc.) and in the entire world now.

You may write and/or verbally repeat words like such as these at least fifteen minutes a day, throughout the current moon cycle, or until you complete manifestation of the desired results.

Part IV. Additional Healing Measures

Keep this in view, to remember those areas you are no longer allowing to limit your healing activity. Take whatever additional measures you may need to heal now, either those you already have pending, or those Spirit puts before you in response to your prayerful intentions.

Note: Anyone who’s interested in mythology, self-improvement, world peace, or cutting-edge art will enjoy a gripping experience by reading and seeing Kathleen Jenks’ Autumn Greetings, 2002. Don’t miss it.

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