Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Crystal Pomeroy

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August New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy


In her Daily Success Guide, Maya has supplied several suggestions to focus our inner and outer work, centering on the strong Leo influence of this New Moon cycle, which "refers to the heart ... it is time now to come from our hearts, to do what we love and what feels right."

This sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Most of us would like to be doing just that most of the time, but on a daily basis, we tend to allow a series of mysterious elements to get it the way, elements that can now be creatively overcome as we take advantage of the other current astro-forces which Maya has outlined for us.

These also include Pluto, assisting in the deep transformation required both to center in your own heart, as well as to begin a new cycle of acting on its imperatives. It is wise to consciously ally with Pluto energies at this time, voluntarily focusing those areas of transformation that we need, rather than getting caught off guard by the inevitable change which Pluto is known to exact.

Our meditations for this Moon Cycle are, therefore, designed to reconnect us with Leo’s themes of love and creativity, while catalyzing or reinforcing the Plutonian power of release and termination which, required to make living from the heart a real option.

This is actually a powerful combination at any time, but even further accentuated by the light of the August, 2002 New Moon Cycle.


To be done with pen and page, either alone or shared with your New Moon group.

1. Answer the following question in writing:
What would a more heart-centered life mean to you at this time?

Sample answers (adapted from our prayer group) might include:

Coming from a place of love for all people and myself.

Making daily progress towards spiritual growth and completion of my thesis.

Living in peace and harmony with my family.

Beginning each day centered in the consciousness of love for myself and all others, as I make headway with my writing projects.

Giving myself the opportunity to really learn to love myself and be closely surrounded only by those who love me.

2. Write those areas or tendencies which need to be released, and or terminated in order to facilitate real movement towards your heartfelt goals.

Samples include:

In order to come from a place of love for all people and myself, I need to terminate my deep-seated judgmental tendencies .

In order to live in peace and harmony with my family, I need to process and release my grief about my mother’s passage.

In order to begin each day centered in the consciousness of love for myself and all others, and make headway with my writing projects, I need to release one of my two weekly workshops and all other personal consultations in order to rest enough to be able to concentrate in my prayers and writing.

To really learn to love myself and be closely surrounded only by others who love me, I need to release my childhood shame issues.

In order to make progress towards my academic goals, I need to release my sense of unworthiness.

To be centered in love towards all, I need to release my prideful tendencies by continuing share my shortcomings and hidden feelings with my group.

3. Establish any additional actions or inner postures you feel you need to take, or eliminate, to make your heart’s concerns a new reality in your daily life:

Samples might include:

I need to release my resistance to asking my husband and others for the help and understanding I need to have more time for rest and writing, and for us to be in bed earlier.

I need to rise earlier to be able to pray, visualize and work on my thesis before going to work.

I need to do some spiritual exercises related to my mother who is no longer on this plane, such as invocations to receive a message from her in dreams, and prayers to release her to the next phase of her existence.

I need to release having a large dinner with my family, in order to have time to exercise and work on my investigation.

I need to continue to study, create and implement tools to overcome my addiction to the approval of others.

4. Repeat the following affirmation to facilitate the transformation into a more heart-centered life for at least seven minutes daily, as you continue to refer to, implement and expand your Heart-Centered Life Program throughout this Moon Cycle:

I am the radiant, loving heart that was created to determine my unique and constant expression which I joyfully share with the Universe surrounding me. I invoke the omnipresent power of self-renewal, as I take whatever measures are necessary to tend the fire of my truest inspiration and make my highest vision part of my daily reality.

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