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Crystal Pomeroy

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October Libra New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

A look at the astrological and world events around this Libra New Moon reveals a ground ripe to establish our awareness of divine justice, both in how we treat others, and how we ourselves are treated or dealt with by life and circumstances.

This awareness calls for an elevation of our idea of justice, beyond that of punishment and retribution—to a fairness based on faith—in the omnipotent hand which delivers our good to us despite any human attempts to limit it—and unconditional love—from whose standpoint all deserve good, not just those we judge as worthy from our limited personal perspective.

From the standpoint of faith, when we persistently visualize the good we desire as though it already were, situations and circumstances will inevitably deliver that which we have built in our imagination. If appearances or negative programs arise which seem to leave us open to unjust treatment, we can right them by affirming our trust in the invisible balancing forces that are at work in each and every one of our affairs to deliver the good which is justly ours. (I have myself enjoyed more than one miraculous experience while affirming this awareness, and simultaneously focusing on forgiveness towards persons who seemed to be creating large, unfair problems for me. On two different occasions, unexpected shifts in events put such people in positions which obliged them to come through despite their intentions to the contrary.)

It’s wonderful to receive justice, but true justice certainly implies a two-way relationship. This is now the time to open to divine guidance to aright situations in which we may need to express greater fairness ourselves. If we remember that true fairness is based on love, than we might consider how we use the privileges that we enjoy to assist those who appear to be in greater need. This aspect of Divine Justice is further emphasized in the New Moon influences noted by Maya, including that of Black Hole Nemesis, “whose function is to give retribution to one whom the universe has blessed, and is unwilling to share their largesse.”

If we seek to understand this from a spiritual perspective, one which we can each include in our individual development, we would discern the call to use our spiritual knowledge, not only to benefit our own lives and affairs, but also those of others beyond our personal acquaintance, especially those who seem subject to unjust threats, such as the people of Iraq at this time. Transmuting our own awareness does of course automatically affect the whole. Yet service implies something more, putting aside one’s individual sphere of concerns to focus resources on assistance to others.

Such a release of the apparent pressure of concern for personal needs, to devote personal resources to helping others, is the higher meaning of "donation." For inhabitants of the developed world, donating time to apply mental and spiritual attention to collective concerns can seem more expensive than sharing money. And yet, if you are already spending some time daily in prayer or meditation, adding on a minute or two to heal the world is really not too great a sacrifice, is it?

Sharing the blessing of your own relative calm and prosperity (compared to humanity’s vast majority), and spiritual knowledge of prayer and visualization techniques, is one, powerful way to offset the risk of only being on the receiving end of blessing. And you may be quite amazed when you hear the news about improvements in those issues which seemed beyond your scope of influence, after holding them in your daily prayers. This New Moon cycle calls us to initiate habits which promote divine justice, to harvest as well as share those fruits of wellness which belong to each created being, by right of divine love.

Prayers and Visualizations for the October Libra New Moon Cycle

1. Create your visualization of restored good at the New Moon Portal.

a) Consider those areas of your life which appear to be less successful or fulfilling than you would wish, due to some external influence of the past or present. Place special focus on those apparent setbacks or disappointments stemming from unjust treatment or actions by others.

Some examples might include:

My self-esteem and love-consciousness would be better if my partner didn’t put me down.

My business and finances would be more successful if my partner were more organized and dedicated.

My house would be mold free if the insurance companies had been more honest.

I would have more work speaking if certain, envious people weren’t trying to block me.

I would have the car I want if someone paid their debt to me.

I would have more self-esteem if I hadn´t been put down as a child.

I would get the treatment I deserve in my family if my sibling weren’t so competitive.

b) Write your ideal scenario, describing what those areas of your life would be like now if there were no unjust limitations placed on them. Make sure to write in present tense, describing really happy conditions as though they were already so.

2. Daily prayers and visualizations for the October Libra Moon Cycle.

a) Each morning before rising, and/or each night just before sleeping, go over your ideal scenario, experiencing each point in it as though it were already so, including some sensory stimuli, as well as the accompanying emotional sense of relief, joy and satisfaction.

b) Repeat some prayers like the following to fortify your fairness awareness:

"No circumstance nor influence can keep Divine Justice from delivering to me that which is mine by right of consciousness as I visualize and believe that which I desire as though it were already so. Divine Justice is present and active in my life, insuring my complete wellness, as it also shows me how to share power and other blessings with others in appropriate, effective ways."

c) Donate prayers for planetary well-being and justice. You can click here to find some powerful suggestions from our last month’s Full Moon prayers.

Another option would be to include following your personal prayer and visualization sessions with an affirmation like the following:

"The love, joy, peace, faith and light I feel in my heart, join with the love, joy, peace, faith and light in all the hearts around the world, and we enfold the entire planet in victorious love, joy, peace, faith and light now."

Those who wish to assist Iraq will appreciate sharing in the following prayer donation:

"Divine good is present in the hearts and criterion of those who can influence or take part to stop any destructive action against Iraq, or against any other apparently defenseless area or nation of the world. Christ in such influential individuals is stirring them, mobilizing them and will not let them rest until they express the divine will to impede and neutralize any harm to Spirit’s beloved children in any part of the world."

Prayer donations for Mexico’s costal populations and any other apparent victims of mass events:

"Spirit is present is the climatic situation along Mexico’s coasts, generating perfect outcomes quickly and harmoniously. The Divine Helper is helping all those apparently affected by recent events there. Nothing can keep the Divine Helper from restoring calm and physical, mental and financial well-being to those and all other places in the world which seem to need it. By our faith we know that catastrophes do not exist, so we declare that the environment is the expression of the love, the peace, the harmony and the goodness expressing through the hearts of all planetary inhabitants."

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