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Crystal Pomeroy

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September Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy


At the first Full Moon one year after that fated date—in the sign of Pisces, which fills out the spiritual dimension of a Moon Cycle focusing on service—the time has definitely come to synchronize our prayers for world peace.

Perhaps you are doing so already. Perhaps like me, until now you have been occasionally, sporadically visualizing, decreeing and commenting on planetary peace and healing. This Virgo New Moon and the year it marked pulled me beyond an interest and concern for such prayers, bringing me face to face with the pressing, urgent need to do something committed and powerful. Affirmative prayer is always powerful—that is whenever we do it regularly and persistently.

I invited some friends to share this activity around the beginning of the current Moon Cycle. The following synchronicity was one of the signs that intensified my certainty that this really is a timely call, one we are receiving from beyond the earthly realm. The day after I decided to hold a group for planetary prayers, my husband and I ran into his friend Jorge, a strolling musician, whose energy is nice but I'd never really talked much with him below the surface.

That day Jorge was more forthcoming, and bubbled over about some of his favorite authors, including Barbara Marciniak. He mentioned how her predictions haven't come true, and I mentioned how very specific predictions can't always account for alternative outcomes. This seemingly wasted, heavy smoker, whom I've often seen sitting around on the sidewalk, hanging out rather sadly, and wouldn't have imagined he would read a whole book, surprised me even more by replying, "Yeah, like the effects of prayer for world peace." Once again, multiplied calls to look beyond appearances and loveless judgments.

Do you believe in the power of affirmative prayer? Would you like to be doing something, within the range of your current knowledge and capability, in the comfort of your own space, to help the planet significantly? If your answer to either one of the above questions is yes, then please, please, hear the angels calling for those brilliant rays of your consciousness to beam up, not once in a blue moon, but now, at this Virgo New Moon Cycle's fullness in Pisces, and continually, even for just a minute or so each day, until we've moved the planet into the hopeful vibration it's longing to express.

Use whatever prayers you feel are powerful for this purpose. The following are simple and quite effective to synchronize with that victorious unity, within the undeniable diversity of practices, cultures, methods and other expressions around the planet of which the Sabian symbol for this Full Moon reminds us.


For individual or group contemplation.

You may wish to have a picture of Planet Earth nearby to visualize while you consider peace, love and light enfolding the planet.

Have a paper and pen on hand, and on it write down those situations and personalities that most seem to perturb you, either past or current.

For several minutes, repeat a loving thought in relation to whatever you wrote down. I particularly like this adaptation of a decree that from Rev. Tom Johnson's newsletter, "I am so grateful for being in tune with divine love." You will be feeling differently about the matter or matters you wrote down.

Then enjoy the following decree, while you visualize the planet.

"The love, joy, peace, faith and light I feel in my heart, join with the love, joy, peace, faith and light in all the hearts around the world, and we enfold the entire planet in victorious love, joy, peace, faith and light now."

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