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December New Moon Eclipse

by Crystal Pomeroy

As we enter into the Solstice-Christmas season of 2002, the New Moon Solar Eclipse gives us a ride towards releasing limiting beliefs, especially beliefs that predominate in the collective outlook but have become obsolete for us personally. Eclipses are important metaphysical opportunities, as they offer a chance to change our perceptions by suspending the light which is normally cast on the world around us. Eclipses can remind us of the physical and symbolic invisible forces, capable of intervening in realities that routinely seem quite immovable to us (like the cycles of day and night), and thus they can lead us to question our habitual ways of understanding.

The metaphysical opportunity presented by this eclipse is intensified at least two other stellar situations. First, it is a total, rather than partial, eclipse, signifying a chance for a total review of how we buy into the limited beliefs around us. Also, Maya has underscored that this New Moon event marks "the beginning four-month retrograde period of Jupiter," which, "will bring the past up for us to look at with a discerning eye, and will help us to judge prevailing stories, myths, and beliefs with skepticism. It is an opportunity for us to look within and see what we ourselves really believe, and discover the codes we really want to live by." If eclipses always present a chance for a leap of faith, this December New Moon cycle opens a larger window of opportunity to transform those most limiting beliefs.

Though we can't physically see the eclipse all about the world, we can all imagine the strange beauty of morning suddenly becoming night in Africa, and how such an interruption of nature’s givens reminded shamanic cultures of the sacred. Looking to current events in that part of the world where the eclipse is visible may illustrate the particular kinds of energies or beliefs that the race needs to be eclipsed. I didn’t have to look far for signs from that continent. Yvonne Taylor’s last report from South Africa in Daykeeper described the enormous medicine wheel that was recently built there. Its constructor, Roy Little Sun, "has one burning mission now and that is to break down all the barriers of 'apartheid' – not in a political sense, but in all ways that create barriers between people of the world." Besides the inarguably urgent need for us to discover unity in a love that passes prejudice and any other divisional attitudes, Africa’s current situation can be taken as another important symbol for humankind. As a continent ridden with so many problems that its healing exemplifies the reversal of supposedly impossible conditions, it serves to remind us of the need to stretch our faith to encompass victory even in the face of the most challenging appearances.

Native American teachings are being promoted now both by incarnate and invisible teachers, whose tools can strengthen our modern-day prayer times. Inspired by them, I offer a medicine wheel to eclipse those so-called impossible situations in our minds, lives, world and hearts. Powerful at any time, it is particularly aligned to the eclipse energy window of early to mid-December, 2002.

Part I: Invocations.

Align with the native guides by invoking such names as:

The Great Spirit
Black Elk
Grandmother Deer
Grandmother Moon

Part II. Prepare your space.

Minimal materials:

11 stones
Vessel with water
Small dish or plate of salt
Incense, sage or a feather
A white candle
Writing implements for each participant


Four or more crystals
More stones
Fire in center of circle
Stool or equivalent for center of circle
White, black, red and white flags

Construct your medicine wheel by arranging two rows of rocks, one within the other. The African medicine wheel described by Yvonne has 108 rocks. A more manageable, personal-sized version is suggested by teacher Stonehawk: seven rocks around the inner circle, representing Father Sun, Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon, "and the four elemental clans." The cardinal directions are then reinforced by placing another four, outer rocks around them, "starting with the North, West, South and closing the circle with the East Placing the stones in this sequence will allow the Spirit "door" to remain open." Some also place crystals under these outer rocks.

Traditionally four flags, red, white, black and yellow, are used to represent the different races of humanity. Squares of cloth in these colors can be tied to a stick of any size. I did my first wheel with some friends, we were missing one color of cloth, so we just used the rocks (actually, ancient archeological treasures) and crystals. It was quite powerful. I’d like to use the flags next time, though.

Traditionally, a fire burns in the middle of the wheel. Stonehawk says that it is sometimes known as the "Creator’s Eye," which is a fascinating hint that the wheels’ work their medicine by consciously turning our own and unifying our creative perception. An urban adaptation of the sacred fire is a white candle on a small table, stool or on the floor in the middle of the circle. Our group used a rectangular end table, pointing North.

To purify your circle, set symbols of the other elements (water, incense, salt) near your candle or fire. With electric lights off, by yourself or with group members taking turns, first carrying the incense (or sage or feather) and walking around your circle clockwise saying, I purify this wheel with air. Then do the same with fire, then water, and salt for earth (sprinkling these last two as you invoke them). All present feel the element in turn sweeping and blowing around the circle, purifying it. Then a fifth person can walk the circle declaring, I purify this wheel with love, while all feel the love whirling around.

Part III. Powerful medicine prayers for the total Solar Eclipse.

1. Eclipsing the barriers of belief in Spirit’s unlimited good.

a. Each person can write those personal or planetary issues which appear to be impossible, in a decree which begins,

"I want to eclipse the belief and appearance……."

This can refer to an apparently "impossible" relationship, a healing for oneself or another, or whatever matter you may have given up on, or haven’t even consider praying for because it seems beyond reach of significant improvement. Seek affirmative wording, such as

"I want to eclipse the belief and appearance that Janey that would keep Janey from being healed."

"I want to eclipse any belief or appearance that would limit the peace and prosperity for the entire planet."

b. Besides whatever issue you choose to write down of this type, make a prayer donation by including that or those planetary issues which have seemed beyond correction, such as the prosperity and peace of Africa and other areas marked by conflict, the end to war, the spiritualization of collective awareness, a generalized, concerted program to end ecological destruction, and so on.

c. Write the following prayer, or its meaningful equivalent, aloud five times.

My own belief in Spirit’s unlimited love, reach and presence cannot be weakened by the opinions of others, however many they may be, who omit the Divine Factor from their equation of reality. No occurrence or circumstance of the past or present can keep the Divine Protector, Helper and Healer from manifesting and maintaining our (my, Janey’s, etc.) complete good and wellness now and always.

2. Deepening the medicine of unconditional love.

a. Eclipsing any lack of love for yourself. Think of some situation from your family of origin which put you in a role you found stifling, limiting in the amount and kind of love you were able to give and to receive, or your right to be happy. Again, word affirmatively, such as

"I choose to eclipse the belief and the appearance that I need to feel self-conscious about my talents and blessings so that others won’t feel insecure because of them."

Step into your circle, and repeat the following prayer aloud from 3 to 15 times as you walk around it. (If done in a group, so and say this together.)

I leave behind any role which limits my right to spontaneously enjoy all of the love, happiness, success and blessings I was created to receive and to share with the world.

b. Eclipsing moral judgmentalism, and any other limits to love. Bring to mind some person that seems especially irritating or condemnable to you, and mentally bring them into your medicine wheel, as you say aloud three times:

I leave behind any idea of limits on the love you should and can receive now. I freely give you the love you receive and you need.

c. Continue to say your love circle decree as you walk around the wheel, and bring whoever may be in need of it in, such as: world leaders (you can name them), whoever may have perpetrated small or large scale appearances of harm—Iraq, Africa, dolphins and whales and any other apparently endangered species.... After mentioning each, see them inside your wheel and continuing to send them the love thoughts.

A final note: Medicine wheels are not necessarily one-time affairs, but rather considered sacred as long as the wheel is left standing. You may choose to leave it up throughout the current Moon cycle or beyond, to return to daily as you continue with your eclipsing prayers throughout this Moon cycle, and/or the Jupiter retrograde for the next four months. Whether or not you leave your wheel up, or even use it, in the measure to which you persistently apply such prayers daily, they will open your mind and manifestation to significant breakthroughs for yourself and for the planet.

Special thanks to all who are working to keep native and true shamanic wisdom alive. For their medicine wheel dissemination, thanks to Yvonne Taylor, Roy Little Sun, Jan Harper Whale, D. Howse and K. Ogen; and notably to Stonehawk, for the practical medicine he generously shares, which you can see more of for yourself at

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