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Maya del Mar's January 2004 Daily Success Guide

by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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THURSDAY JANUARY 1. We start the year in practical, earthy mode. Football games will be hard-fought, and so may other activities be as well. Energy today is intense and willing to push against obstacles, obstacles which may be devitalizing. Weather may be difficult. Many may have to work. With Moon in Taurus we will want to stay home, kick back, and be well fed, but that may not be possible for everyone. For those of us who have that luxury, it would be constructive to spend some time alone, and include some time in meditation. This is a good day to clearly set our intentions for 2004. This time sets the tone for the year, so pay attention. With today’s Mars-Saturn square, energy itself will be the central issue of the year. This applies to personal, national, and international energy.

This is a very laid-back day. We want to relax and enjoy ourselves, and we will. Taurus Moon goes VOC at 2:20 p.m. EST.

Moon remains VOC this morning, and we may sleep late, and have a leisurely breakfast. (Somehow food keeps coming into these Taurus Moon descriptions…) At 12:58 p.m. EST, Moon enters lively Gemini, and our energy returns. In fact, it may overwhelm us, for almost immediately, Moon challenges electrifying Uranus, which has just entered Pisces. A surprise may stir us then. Afternoon will be busy and communicative. Sun squares Pallas today to light up purpose, and the strategy to achieve it. The U.S. makes a final push in its two-year campaign to dominate world energy resources.

Jupiter is strong today because it stations to turn retrograde. All Jupiterian things are highlighted, such as important people and their important activities. Specifically, Saddam Hussein, and the U.S., are Jupiterian. Groups and mergers are also Sagittarian. Expansion will be curtailed for the next four months, as we turn inward for our moral guidance.

SUNDAY JANUARY 4. Moon continues in Gemini, with great aspects. This can be a day of fun activities, and tonight we may focus on love and romance. Enjoy.

It will be hard to close the curtain on this day, and we may be awake until very late.

MONDAY JANUARY 5. Moon is still in spontaneous Gemini. This day is about communication in all its aspects. Some may be heavy, some may involve power struggles, or arguments. Some communication may be simply transformative or revealing. In general, this is a day of healing. Moon goes VOC at 6:14 p.m., and the evening is up for grabs, or perhaps for sleep.

TUESDAY JANUARY 6. Moon is in the family sign of Cancer, and we are extra-sensitive, and more introverted. During this inner-oriented time, Mercury turns direct in the promotional sign of Sagittarius. Something very very new is afoot today, although essentially this is a day of hard work. Emotional security is important. This night is perfect for preparing our intentions for tomorrow’s important Full Moon.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 7. Full Moon at 17 Cancer occurs at 10:40 a.m. EST. During the Capricorn moon cycle we establish our framework for the year. We think about our coming social role, and create our goals to get us there. The Cancer Full Moon brings in our everyday humanity. How do we find our secure nest, our comfortable home, within that broad Capricornian structure? Matters of finances and business, along with home and family, are highlighted now.

Sun and Moon are well supported in their Cancer-Capricorn opposition, and those signs dominate now. Oppositions always give us the opportunity to see the other side, although often those awarenesses come through our projections, and through our enemies. With Cancer-Capricorn, security is the big issue. It may be real or perceived threats to our security which give us this understanding.

Ceres in Cancer and Chiron in Capricorn also have an exact opposition at this time, adding a powerful catalyst to this full moon. Earth goddess Ceres has to do with keeping our supply lines open and productive, and Chiron tends to act disruptively. Possibilities are trade negotiations, labor and food problems, power blackouts, starvation, and the disruption of energy supplies, which could be devastating in midwinter. The threat of global warming may be highlighted. There may be events which "force" the government to call in the military.

We will fight against those threats, and use all the energy and strategy at our disposal to do so. Mars in Aries fires us up, and we will challenge all comers, real or suspected. In fact, we may initiate a few conflicts ourselves.

January is a great month to tackle difficult projects. Our energy may not be as high as we’d like, but determination is strong.

Pallas conjoins Mars in Aries today, to begin a new three-year cycle for that pair, a two-year cycle for Mars, and a four-year cycle for Pallas. Pallas helps Mars with battle tactics, and Mars energizes Pallas, who is very good at pulling together and directing situations. This conjunction exactly squares the Suns of both the United States and of GW Bush, and indicates two, three, and four years of feistiness for both. It may also indicate a yoking together of the Bush-U.S. energies for at least another two years.

We have not only Warrior Mars out front now, but Mercury turned direct yesterday, and is gung ho for action. Mercury in fire sign Sagittarius is ready to promote a new doctrine of security, a vision which has been in the making for some time. Mercury turned direct at the Galactic Center, where there is a Black Hole. The new path which Mercury envisions will be a huge change, and may be a huge drain of energy as well.

In Washington, Mercury is overhead, along with Juno and Pluto. This combination shows fear, terrorism, and violent actions and/or propaganda concerning terrorism. Setting Jupiter expands this complex. I can’t stress strongly enough that if there is an event, pay attention to the details. Don’t just absorb happenings. Ask questions, and think about motivations and payoffs.

There are many aspects today, which promise a lot of integration. There is stabilization as well as confrontation.

This is an important moon, both for each of us personally and for the planet. It’s choice time, particularly for the United States. Do we choose to maintain national security with military force, or do we find more constructive ways to create a secure world? Can we work on turning the channel from fear to love?

The Sabian Symbol for 17 Cancer is

"THE UNFOLDMENT OF MULTILEVEL POTENTIALITIES ISSUING FROM AN ORIGINAL GERM. The life urge to actualize one’s birth potential. Germination is the crucifixion of the seed. The expanding process of self-actualization—which may mean nothing more than ego expression through conquest—contrasts with the introspective study of the various energies and potentialities of one’s nature. GROWTH."

Moon goes VOC in Cancer at 3:00 p.m.

THURSDAY JANUARY 8. Moon continues VOC in Cancer this morning. Relax while you can. At 12:38 p.m. EST, Moon enters Leo to re-energize us. Leo is a passionate fire sign, and magnetic. She will bring those planets now traveling in fire signs Aries and Sagittarius into her orbit during the next three days, and we will be stirred to action. This afternoon we are just gearing up to present our new drama. The curtain rises tomorrow.

FRIDAY JANUARY 9. Images of possibilities fill our minds, and we play out our stories with enthusiasm and zest. Today and tomorrow, Sun—Leo’s planet—lights up Ceres and Chiron, and we can see the Ceres issues. There are trines in both earth and fire elements during these days. That combination of spirit and practicality is called "the steamroller." Much real accomplishment is possible now. Planets show that it could well include the building of a U.S. military state. Neptune is again dominant, and idealism can reign. So can ideology, and oil, and hazy thinking.

SATURDAY JANUARY 10. Moon is in Leo, and show time continues. This Moon makes life more personal and emotional for those with Leo rising, of whom GW is one. With Leo, we each enjoy being the performer. Moon goes VOC at 5:00 p.m. EST, and enters Virgo at 9:37 p.m. Sun joins Chiron to begin a new social healing cycle. Again, foggy Neptune is prominent.

SUNDAY JANUARY 11. Moon is in industrious Virgo, aspecting Saturn. This is a wonderful day to work, especially around the house.

MONDAY JANUARY 12. Virgo Moon keeps us busy, especially around the middle part of the day. This morning there may be a power struggle, but it will quickly blow over. We can accomplish a lot today.

TUESDAY JANUARY 13. We are always sociable while Moon is traveling through Libra. Today our relationships are purposeful, and contribute to our immediate goals.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 14. Last Quarter Moon at 25 Libra occurs at 11:46 p.m. EST. (Note: Those who have planets at a moon phase degree will be particularly affected by that moon phase. For instance, this is the Capricorn moon cycle. All planets at 25 degrees are sensitive to this phase, and especially planets at 25 Capricorn or 25 Libra. E.g., the U.S. Mercury at 25 Cancer, and GW’s chart nadir at 25 Libra will be strongly impacted now. Both of these placements relate to security.)

The Capricorn moon cycle is about structure. We are building a foundation. Capricorn tends to be a loner sign. But by the time we have reached the last quarter in Libra, we can see that everything we do depends to some degree on others. Thus cooperation is important, and this is Libra’s bailiwick.

Ceres sits directly overhead in Washington, and dominates the energy now. Certainly keeping the earth producing, the labor working, and the supply lines open requires a great deal of cooperation, from the first planting of seeds or mining of resources, to getting food on the table. This is basic to security.

At the bottom of the chart, the nadir, sits maverick Chiron, who is in the process of catalyzing changes in the establishment through disruptions in the status quo.

Mars in Aries is now listening to the advice of Pallas Athena, top strategist, and directly challenges Ceres. Mars imbues this whole situation with intense fighting spirit. Sun sits near Chiron, directing the show, while Moon is about to rise in the east, and add emotional and populous feelings to this already-volatile mix.

We have an unusual aggressive martial action arising from a need to create security and accompanied by feelings of a need to rebalance things. The Libran hype will concern justice and a need for the U.S. government to keep order.

Personally, we can work on centering and balancing ourselves, connecting with the light and with our grounding. We can remember that inner authority which we’ve been working on, and know that there is divine justice.

Our connection to the divine is very strong now, for Venus enters Pisces to join Uranus. This is a very idealistic, intuitive, and spiritual combination. Also, with Uranus, unpredictable, full of surprises, and potentially disruptive. Venus is highlighted now, for she rules the Libra moon and the Libra-rising chart.

Grounding is also easier today, for Mercury re-enters Capricorn to bring our thoughts around to practical goals.

The chart for Washington for this Moon features cardinal signs. Those are the signs which initiate action. The degrees involved in this chart are similar to many degrees of the Bush and U.S. charts. In addition, past eclipses and moon phases have sensitized these same degrees, giving them a lot of punch.

This is an extremely intense moon phase. Looking back over recent history with these degrees, we see the rise of the military-industrial-government complex tightening its grip through terrorism, intimidation, wars, weapons sales, huge contracts, and reduction of civil liberties.

The themes were sounded at the April 17, 1996 Solar Eclipse at 28 Aries, when huge quantities of arms were sold by the U.S., including to Pakistan, home of the Taliban. The World Bank, run by the U.S., was put in charge of rebuilding Bosnia. Huge contracts for the Balkan area subsequently went to Brown & Root, the Halliburton subsidiary who is now involved in Iraq. This was also the day the Senate passed Clinton’s Anti-terrorism Bill, precursor to the current Bush bill which trashes the Bill of Rights. Bush sent his bill to Congress on the New Moon of October 16, 2001 at 24 Libra.

Recently, at the full moon at 27 Libra, on April 16, 2003, the U.S. signed a huge, no-bid contract with Bechtel for work in Iraq, probably for work on oil delivery. The U.S. allowed the looting and burning of Baghdad’s Museum, Library, and Archives. At that time, the U.S. also stepped up the propaganda re Syria’s "sins," and talked about regime change in Syria.

Other United States actions at this degree included the trashing of the Kyoto Treaty to reduce carbon emissions, along with the trashing of a number of UN Treaties which limit weapons. The Mad Cow scare, the anthrax scare, and the start of the bombing of Afghanistan all took place on this degree.

The establishment of the Pentagon’s Northern Command is an ominous development which was announced at a First Quarter Moon at 25 Libra on July 17, 2002. This puts the armed services of Canada and Mexico under the command of the U.S., and allows the U.S. to use their territory for defense. For the first time, the secret services, with all their surveillance and databases, were directly integrated into the military. This command is known as Norcom.

It was a Lunar Eclipse at 25 Libra which preceded by four days the bombing of the Federal Building at Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. There remain many unanswered questions about that bombing, e.g., why was a memorandum sent to the FBI workers in the building to stay home that day?

The Sabian Symbol for 25 Libra is really beautiful:

"THE SIGHT OF AN AUTUMN LEAF BRINGS TO A PILGRIM THE SUDDEN REVELATION OF THE MYSTERY OF LIFE AND DEATH. The ability to discover in every experience a transcendent or cosmic meaning. The mind open to the multifarious wonders of natural processes, because it sees everything with fresh eyes, not only witnesses simple facts but also pierces through appearances and perceives the great rhythms of universal life. Without such a faculty the aspirant to spiritual realities is always looking for "elsewhere." Yet the spirit, life, God is ever present, here and now. And every death is an omen of rebirth. It is a state of CLAIR-SEEING, or "seeing through." This world is illusion only to the individual who cannot see through its phenomena and fails to apprehend the reality these phenomena reveal even as they conceal it."

Positive Neptune in action.

THURSDAY JANUARY 15 and FRIDAY JANUARY 16. Moon enters Scorpio at 9:33 a.m. EST. Thursday. Scorpio is a deep and introspective sign, with strong emotions, and we have a lot to think about. At last quarter we surrender something. What is it? Scorpio, the sign of birth and death, can help us to make that surrender. Aspects show an easy flow of energy. Things undertaken now will come to a satisfactory conclusion.

SATURDAY JANUARY 17. Moon goes VOC in Scorpio at 6:48 a.m. Take it easy this morning. However, after Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:18 p.m. EST, life becomes very lively and interesting. Sagittarius is optimistic and cheerful, and good things tend to happen when moon is in Sag. Our mood makes a turnaround from the last two days of seeing the grim side of things. This day should be fun and adventurous—once we get moving.

SUNDAY JANUARY 18. Moon continues in Sag, and stimulates martial and teaching aspects. This is a powerful day, with a lot of Mars energy, and we feel highly stimulated. Three of the four major asteroids are part of the Mars complex, and this means that daily living and the quality of ordinary life are undergoing shifts. We can see this in the United States. Homelessness and hunger are rising at an alarming rate, particularly among working people with children. Budget cuts have reduced support services drastically. Congress did not extend unemployment benefits just before Christmas, as expected. Housing funding has been cut 80%. Education cutbacks are expected to reduce the University of California enrollment by 20% in 2004. This is not even to speak of hunger and poverty around the world.

Vesta relates to money and security, Ceres to food and vital supplies, and Pallas to social life and institutions.

Courageous Mars in Aries is also squaring maverick Chiron in Capricorn. We have aggression connected with structural breakthrough, or an unusual use of energy to move into a new space. This can be a very creative or a very destructive aspect. Mars in association with Chiron represents the Sacred Warrior, and a high use of this archetype is to protect the weak and vulnerable. A low use is to put the warrior in service to ego drives.

Chiron in Capricorn, the Collective, is calling to personal energy, Mars in Aries, to be used in service to that collective. The collective is U.S. power, for transiting Sun now lights up U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, which is where the nation’s (plutocratic) power lies.

MONDAY JANUARY 19. This morning Moon is VOC in Sagittarius. Start the week by doing something that makes you feel good. At 1:24 p.m. EST, Moon enters cool Capricorn. However, Moon’s aspects are anything but cool, and the afternoon and evening are super creative. Ideas and inventions come to us, and they ask to be put into a structural, hierarchical form so that they can be easily grasped. Energies are perfect for drafting and architectural work. After a lazy morning, we may work until late tonight.

TUESDAY JANUARY 20. The asteroid-Mars challenges are highlighted today by responsible Capricorn moon, who wants to bring some authority to bear on the problems. At the same time, Mars trines Pluto, which gives Mars all the power it needs to accomplish its ends. The mission of the last few days will be successful, just as Sun finishes its Capricorn journey. Sun enters Aquarius at 12:43 p.m. EST to highlight a very different energy field for the next month, one which is ready to overturn the status quo. Evening is serious, practical, and good-feeling. Again, we may be up late.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 21. New Moon at 2 Aquarius occurs at 4:05 p.m. EST. In Capricorn we shore up the establishment, the status quo. In Aquarius we look at its faults, and we look at new options. We are ready to break through Capricorn’s carefully wrought walls and structures, and open ourselves to new possibilities. It was during Aquarius time a year ago that ten million people around the world marched for peace. There is often conflict during Aquarius time, as lines of battle are drawn.

When the new moon is at a low degree, as now, it can build up its power, and will be expressed powerfully for the next month. The Aquarius energy field, then, will be extra strong this year. This is the time when we begin to notice the days lengthen. New light fills the air, and new hope fills our hearts. We look to the promise of the future instead of the customs of the past for guidance.

Idealism is strong now, for in Aquarius we are concerned with society as a whole, and the ideals which guide social behavior, and by which we live.

We are dealing with the same issues with which we have been grappling since Saddam Hussein was captured on December 13. The slant will be different. We have moved through the energy fields of Sagittarius, the Gambler, Capricorn, the Boss, and now we are working with Aquarius, the Rebel.

The grand earth trine, which has helped us to be practical and grounded all through Capricorn time, remains in effect. It relates to security in general, and particularly to the security of the United States. Protection of our investments remains a primary motive, and that protection continues to move along nicely. Assertive Pallas Athena in Aries continues her defensive tactics, which bug Vesta, who has the major responsibility for tending to material investments. But Vesta has excellent backing, and will hold her ground.

Saturn-Mercury’s serious thinking continues. It is now leavened by Venus in Pisces, which is the planet of universal love. Feelings of sympathy and compassion can lighten Mercury’s load. Now, with Uranus freshly into Pisces, there is the opportunity for rebirth of the idea of and feeling of the unity of humankind. This is especially so with loving Venus bringing the first message to Uranus, to start him off on his 7-year Piscean journey. These feelings of the universality of life will be strongly supported with next month’s Piscean moon cycle. And they support the strong focus on Ceres which we’ve had for the last few months (and will have through spring). Ceres’ work is to see that the earth’s abundance is shared by all. She has a big job.

This enormous potential for compassion and creativity begins now, for this New Moon has a close aspect to Uranus. This is a tremendous jumpstart for both the arts and for new directions in politics.

On the other hand, this is the month that Pluto opposes the U.S. Mars for the first time in the history of the nation. This indicates ruthlessly fighting an implacable force. The involvement of the U.S. Neptune shows lack of clarity, confusion, and undermining of energy—as well as the involvement of oil. Pluto eventually reveals all, and "blowback" comes home to us. It appears that Iraq is our waterloo for the next two years.

This month we set in motion new and unpredictable world conditions.

The Sabian Symbol for 2 Aquarius is particularly interesting:

"AN UNEXPECTED THUNDERSTORM. The need to develop inner security which will enable us to meet unexpected crises. We are primarily concerned with social, collective processes and the function of the individual within them. Such a thunderstorm in a region of dry hills can cause a devastating flood. It refers to an event for which one is not prepared—a menace to the works of humankind. All human institutions and achievements can be washed away, even in their day of great glory. "Dust you were, dust you must become." This is NATURE’S CHALLENGE."

This New Moon is on the nadir through Baghdad, signifying new foundations.

THURSDAY JANUARY 22. Chinese New Year begins today, the first day of the New Moon in Aquarius. This is the Year of the Monkey, a fast-moving year. This will be a special year for the U.S., because 1776 was also a Monkey Year. Themes expressed in 1980 and 1992 may be picked up again this year. Moon conjoins Neptune for its first aspect of the new Aquarius month. This sets the tone of idealism and ideology, and the pursuit of new visions of the future. Concentration on mundane tasks may be difficult. Our interest is in ideas and in people.

FRIDAY JANUARY 23. Moon is VOC in Aquarius for most of the day, and we may feel spacey. At 4:29 p.m. EST, Moon enters Pisces, and we may continue to feel dreamy. However, Moon quickly encounters stimulating Uranus, and we will be looking for excitement—or it will be coming to us. Participating in far-out music tonight would be just the thing.

SATURDAY JANUARY 24. Moon is in Pisces, with pleasant, loving, communicative aspects. This can be a dream of a day, when your heart’s desires can come true. Revel in the blessings of the Great Spirit.

SUNDAY JANUARY 25. Moon is VOC in Pisces for the entire day. Let yourself wander into the byways and high ways of your imagination. Yes, it’s the time of the month to start new projects—but not today.

Yesterday we rested, and today we can plunge into our work and our projects with enthusiasm. Moon is in energetic Aries, and we feel like initiating new activities. This is a terrific work day, and we can run right over obstacles.

TUESDAY JANUARY 27. Moon continues in Aries, and again we can accomplish much. All four asteroids continue to be featured, and quality of life is a major issue. That this asteroid prominence occurs during winter time in the northern hemisphere is troubling, for a severe winter (which is likely) or a shortage of fuel can cause serious problems. I also worry about living conditions in Iraq, where the U.S. has responsibility for care of the people. And about the deteriorating living conditions in the United States.

This morning Mercury opposes Ceres to give us a clear look at Earth Mother Ceres’ current focus.

Juno has just moved into Capricorn, where she tries to cooperate with the powers that be. However, disruptive Uranus may make that difficult for her. Pallas in Aries is also in a creative dance with power.

This is the day of the first exact opposition of transiting Pluto to the U.S. Mars. This is a very forceful and brutal aspect, with no holds barred.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 28. Moon is in practical Taurus today, and the goal is to be productive. Change is not normally easy for stable Taurus, but today change moves harmoniously into place.

Vesta conjoins Chiron to begin a four-year journey which is about breakthroughs in established institutions, particularly in regard to their investments. Pluto is part of this picture, showing that Pluto’s ruthlessness is an intrinsic part of the investment picture. Neptune at the top of the chart now shows that oil is the goal.

The economic climate will be extremely unpredictable for the next four years.

We will be ambitious today, and we may be involved in our projects and stay up late. First Quarter Moon tonight will also stir us.

THURSDAY JANUARY 29. First Quarter Moon at 9 Taurus occurs at 1:03 a.m. EST. First quarter is when we break through into our new endeavors. Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed, i.e., stubborn, signs, and thus there is strong resistance, and heavy pushing to make that breakthrough.

With the indications of extreme actions this month, I think about the use of WMD’s by the U.S. Nine degrees Gemini is the placement of the U.S. Uranus, and these degrees have been involved in the development and use of nuclear weapons by the U.S. Sun now trines the U.S. Uranus, and Moon semi-sextiles it.

In human terms, this action is unimaginable. But that hasn’t stopped the neocons, in charge of the U.S. Administration, before. The charts and progressed charts of all of them have close connections to this "nuclear" degree. They have been developing "mini-nukes," and that too is unimaginable.

The new moon which set this cycle into motion was on May 1, 2003. That was when GW landed on the air carrier in his fly suit and declared an Iraq victory.

Today Mars squares the U.S. Mercury, filling the nation with thoughts of war. We combine that with Pluto, god of the underworld, opposing the U.S. Mars, and there is violence in the air.

Sun now conjoins visionary Neptune. With Neptune, the U.S. Administration refers to visions of world domination, which includes Iraqi oil as a major tool to that end.

On the other hand, Neptune can also inspire visions of a peaceful world, where war and domination will be unacceptable. For this Aquarius Moon cycle, we can put our imaginations, our hearts, our minds, and our bodies in service to a peaceful future, where everyone lives in comfort and dignity. That world is possible—in fact, with merely a flip of the switch, from the fear channel to the love channel, we can begin now to construct it.

We have great celestial help now to begin that new construction. Neptune in idealistic Aquarius is supported by Uranus in cosmic Pisces for the next seven years. And right now we have Venus in Pisces, encouraging the unity of human hearts.

The Sabian Symbol for 9 Taurus is

"A FULLY DECORATED CHRISTMAS TREE. The ability to create inner happiness in dark hours. Snow has come outside, but the prepared and closely united group has created abundance, beauty, and happiness within, overcoming the cold barrenness of the outside world. It evokes humankind’s undying FAITH IN CYCLIC RENEWAL."

FRIDAY JANUARY 30. Moon is VOC in Taurus for the entire day. Interesting that these VOC days follow very intense days. Are we in shock? Anyway, we can use this day to assimilate the current energies. Don’t push the river. At 8:18 p.m. EST, Moon enters Gemini, and tonight will be much more lively.

SATURDAY JANUARY 31. With Moon in Gemini, we are alert and communicative. Things come together for us very nicely. Tonight an experience with the arts would be very satisfying.

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