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Maya del Mar's April 2003 Daily Success Guide

by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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TUESDAY APRIL 1. Aries New Moon occurs at 2:19 p.m. EST at 12 degrees Aries. At Aries New Moon we initiate action which plants the seeds which will grow for the next eleven months. It's a time to begin our new projects, just as the U.S. has done in Iraq.

And we can begin them with spirit. This Moon features a wide grand trine in fire signs, which means passion, enthusiasm, and action rule this Moon month. All of the fire signs are born-again signs, and here they combine Aries, reborn into self, Leo, reborn into taking charge, and Sagittarius, reborn into spreading our beliefs.

Jupiter, a fire planet, is about to turn direct in Leo, thus adding to the impulse of rebirth and of fiery action. Literal fire will surely be prevalent this month.

The closest aspect, and thus the greatest influence, at this New Moon is to Neptune at 13 Aquarius. Neptune is the visionary but often delusional energy which I have written so much about in past issues of Daykeeper. It has been in ascendance one way or another in the United States ever since the Bush selection in 2000. Neptune rules oil, drugs, and all forms of addiction. TV is Neptunian.

With Neptune, we are easily glamorized. It is important to make reality checks in regard to what we see, hear, and perceive. This is ever more vital as the U.S. government careens down its imperial road of protection of corporate interests. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld all have Neptune closely connected to their natal moons. This means that their instinctive response to life is Neptunian—visionary but subject to illusions and to their own emotional needs (moon).

Neptune is a dreamer, and can lull us into a waking sleep, where fantasy rules our lives.

Neptune’s dreams can also be of the highest spiritual realms, where peace and love prevail. We can use this energy positively to begin a new program to connect our inner light to our outer actions, to keep our thoughts positive, and to work constructively for humanity’s good.

Sun and Moon have both just finished trining Jupiter in Leo. This makes them flush with victory, and optimistic for the future. Jupiter was King of the Gods, and Leo is the King of the signs, and together there is a great tendency for hubris and arrogance. Together with Neptune’s tendency to illusion, they encourage being misled and misleading. At the same time this is a very creative combination.

It may be hard with "imbedded" reporters, and all the major media owned by a few companies, and all the noise in our lives, but make an effort to pay attention to actions in the world, as well as your own. Search for truth, both within yourself and around you, and look at real circumstances of real people, including your own, as well as consequences of our behavior in the world. We want the seeds which we plant now to have integrity and relevance as they grow throughout the year.

We’re still under the influence of the difficult Pluto-Saturn opposition.

Harsh conditions accompany this pair, as they have for the last year and a half. Saturn and Pluto ARE realists, particularly in regard to their bottom line, which is power and survival. They are now infused with Pallas Athena in Pisces, who also carries wide visionary energy. I often call Pallas Athena "General," because she knows how to take charge of a situation and put the pieces together in a workable way. She is particularly good at defense, and rules the immune system. This Pallas conjoins Dick Cheney’s Moon in Pisces, and he will certainly take charge now.

Saturn-Pluto, as I’ve written many times in Daykeeper, is an energy of the transformation of structures through hard work and harsh conditions. Transformation of the media through the Internet becoming a prime media source is an example. The planets now are right in line to put Cheney’s company, Halliburton (from whom he still receives $1 million/year), on the job of rebuilding Iraq, for which it has a big contract.

Since the beginning of 2003, Pluto has conjoined Black Hole Ereshkigal. It will do so for the remainder of 2003. Inanna, the great goddess of Babylonian civilization, descended to the lowest depths to visit her sister, Ereshkigal. There she was stripped of everything. Innanna represents the light of consciousness, and Ereshkigal the hidden regions of the subconscious-—which have enormous power over us.

I think this says that we all have to strip away our ego accoutrements, and look deeply at what is in our subconsciouses, so that we can heal the split between reason and instinct. This Iraq conflict is an unprecedented opportunity to do that on a global scale. We outpicture what is within us, and that conflict is becoming crystal clear around us.

Mars and Chiron conjoin at 18 Capricorn to begin a new two-year cycle of purposeful action.

Capricorn is a sign of structures, again indicating that building is important for the next two years. Chiron, however, often brings in surprising, unpredictable and sometimes painful events. It is especially connected with technology and with health. Capricorn also represents business, government, and all hierarchies. Ambition, control, and being in charge are important to Capricorn.

Mars and Chiron conjoin Black Hole Hel, the Norse god of Death and the Underworld. This region is similar to Ereshkigal’s death-filled domain.

Odin, King of the Gods, consigned Hel to hell and gave her power over nine worlds. She became very wealthy, with great tracts of land surrounded by high fences.

According to Alex Miller-Mignone, in The Black Hole Book (reviewed in Daykeeper), Hel can be identified by the accoutrements she carries. Her knife is Hunger and her plate is Starvation. The threshold of her home has been translated as Pitfall. Her resting place is called Sickbed, and the curtain surrounding it is Awkward Disaster.

This is very reminiscent of the Vision 2020 Document outlining U.S. military strategy for the future, which talks about the growing discrepancy between incomes of the rich and the poor, and of how the "masses" will need tight surveillance and control.

Mars and Chiron are closely connected to Juno in Scorpio, the sign of the underworld, a theme repeated with this Moon. Juno indicates that partnerships made due to a desire to enhance power may result in abuse and disenfranchisement. Unfair and unequal relationships are likely to be in for trouble.

Juno also is associated with weather. Look for weather to be difficult for the next two years.

Mars is the planet associated with the sign of Aries. Thus the Warrior always is more active during Aries time.

According to Astro*Carto*Graphy, the geographical focus of Mars now is the city of San Francisco, which is an Aries city. It is a U.S. center of anti-war resistance. All ages and walks of life are involved in daily protests, and non-violent action shut down the city for a day after the bombing began. It’s interesting that San Francisco’s beloved columnist, Herb Caen, called San Francisco "Baghdad-by-the-Bay."

This is a very potent New Moon. It is on Iran’s Sun, and indicates a new consciousness for that country.

The Sabian Symbol for 12 Aries is:

"A TRIANGULARLY SHAPED FLIGHT OF WILD GEESE. An idealistic reliance upon a mental image of universal order. The wild goose is the mystical bird, hamsa, of Hindu tradition. This word, which has recurred in various cultures, has always had at least an undertone of expansionistic level, spiritual or economic. The Hindu hamsa was the symbol of humans’ transcendent souls. This flight is seasonal, thus attuned to planetary rhythms. It symbolizes cosmic order, in contrast to the social-political order within a nation, which is represented by its ruler. A basic dualism of consciousness is suggested. We see arising a potential conflict between cosmic and social principles of order. The principle of COSMIC ORDER polarizes the all too-human reliance on the social concept of law and order."

This is a very provocative symbol, another Sabian Symbol with much food for thought in these times.

High energy lasts throughout the night. We may be up until late.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 2. This is another high action day. All of the New Moon energy is stimulated last night and today by a lively Aries Moon. Consciousness can expand greatly during this time. At 5:05 p.m. Moon goes VOC, and perhaps we can relax tonight.

Moon travels through receptive earth sign Taurus today and tomorrow. We are practical and down-to-earth. These are wonderful days for planting your garden, and for shopping and cooking.

Expansive Jupiter turns direct tonight, and we spread the word. We will sally forth to manifest the beliefs we’ve developed during the last four months. We’ve all undergone some very deep experiences, which have changed or solidified old beliefs, or formed new ones. Jupiter is the teacher, and now we want to share those beliefs with others. We also want to form affinity groups, and organizing with others of like mind will proceed apace. Jupiter engages in optimistic moral action in the world. Judges and lawyers are Jupiterian. So are sports teams. And generals. Religion and moral codes will be renewed. The U.S. is a Jupiterian nation. Jupiter is lucky, like the U.S., and U.S. expansion and good fortune will increase.

Today Jupiter connects with moon, and we feel good, or at least optimistic. Moon and Jupiter also connect with Earth Mother Ceres, and nurturing, food, and labor are featured. These are feminine energies, and they will inform Jupiter for the remainder of the year.

Jupiter also connects with Bush’s Mars, and there is no stopping him. Jupiter moves direct for the remainder of the year.

Today we can make up for lost time. Moon is still in productive Taurus, and we can whiz through our work and begin to catch up with things neglected during these last upsetting weeks.

Mercury moves into Taurus, the sign of working with the abundance of the earth. Experts say that the earth does, in fact, produce more than enough food for all six billion of us. Do we have the political will and the compassion to assure that there is no want? This basic question will squarely face us this month. We will need to make many adjustments in regard to earth’s resources.

Moon is VOC until it enters sparkling Gemini at 4:24 p.m. EST. This will be a lively night. Again, we may find ourselves talking until late.

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. Moon continues in communicative Gemini, with good-feeling, loving aspects. This is a great day for anything, especially sharing and being out and around.

Moon continues in Gemini, but with more difficult aspects. We may want to spend much time alone today, thinking, writing, or involved in our own projects. Hard work is favored. We may be irritable with others. Moon goes VOC at 5:34 p.m. EDT. But despite VOC Moon, tonight may not be relaxing. Sun squares Chiron around midnight.

TUESDAY APRIL 8. Sun squares Chiron at 12:10 a.m., and a few hours later. Moon goes into Cancer. Security issues are highlighted for the next two days. The wheel of the chart set for Washington at the time of this square is identical to that of the U.S. chart, which means that this aspect has a strong effect on the nation. Pluto is rising in Washington, showing robust expression of U.S. power. Vesta overhead shows that security goals dominate the nation.

We have come one-quarter way through the Chiron-Sun cycle, which began January 1. At that time the U.S. bombed Pakistan territory, and hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis went into the streets protesting U.S. influence. It was then that the new President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio da Silva, or "Lula," was inaugurated. This is a revolutionary occurrence. Brazilians say it’s the most important one since the abolition of slavery. Brazil is a huge and influential country. Lula is a socialist who rose to power through the labor movement. His election is the top of the iceberg of an anti-IMF revolt now taking place in Latin America.

On January 1, the Bush Administration was involved in a huge troop buildup in the Middle East, along with daily promotion of environment-degrading policies. It may be that this Sun-Chiron cycle represents the struggle of humanity-earth against the dying gasps of the money machine.

Chiron is the Wounded Healer, and Capricorn represents the establishment. This first square is like first quarter moon, when we break through inertia to take action on the seeds planted at the conjunction. The next major turning point, the opposition, occurs about July 7, just as GW and the U.S. begin their new solar years. Let us take note of the action this week, and in July. We truly have grandstand seats at the great, and often tragic, spectacle of history.

We are busy today, and Cancer moon encourages us to tend to both home and business concerns.

First Quarter Moon at 20 Cancer occurs at 7:40 p.m. EDT. Aries is about taking initiative. Cancer gives it a jolt to say, hey, use that aggression to take care of security at home. Like so many moon phases in these days, this one captures a great deal of history.

For starters, Moon now is close to the midpoint of the U.S. Sun and Mercury, both in Cancer. Midpoints capture the energies of both planets involved. The purpose and thinking of the U.S. are featured now.

Aries Sun conjoins the natal U.S. Chiron. The U.S. Chiron in Aries is the quintessential quester, hero, maverick, cowboy, guns ready to meet all challengers. This Sun is close to GW’s midheaven in Aries, discussed elsewhere, and the Sun at Full Moon, a week from now, will be on his midheaven, where he meets the world. He is on a roll, and this First Quarter Moon is a turning point.

The New Moon in Aries and this First Quarter are the only two moons where Uranus in Pisces will square the Moon’s Nodes in this century. This is a historical aspect which has long-range consequences. In the Twentieth Century, Uranus in Pisces last squared the Moon’s Nodes in the summer of 1919. This was when the Treaty of Versailles was signed, excluding Germany from the League of Nations, and setting the stage for another world war. At that time British economist John Maynard Keynes warned that the huge reparations given to Germany would destroy the economic life of Germany, and that the Germans would never put up with it. This is similar to people saying now that the Islamic world will never put up with the present U.S. invasion of the Middle East.

Nodes are destiny points, corresponding with long-range history. They are completing their 18-month journey in Gemini and Sagittarius, a polarity which relates to philosophy, beliefs, communication, and propaganda, as well as religion. Uranus in Pisces arouses subconscious forces, which, unless clearly understood, tend to manifest irrationally. It’s no wonder that these are complex, confusing times.

First Quarter Moons always mean action. The chart for Washington DC has cardinal signs on the four angles, which also indicates action.

And more action is shown by the domination of this chart by Warrior Mars, which squares Sun and opposes Moon. Besides, in the chart set for Washington, Moon, Sun and Mars are close to three of the four chart angles, where manifestation is certain. However, they are set just a bit behind the scenes, so that we may not see what’s coming.

This Moon’s Ascendant in Washington is at 21 Libra, exactly conjunct the U.S. natal Juno. The ascendant shows what is being expressed, and we have seen that Juno in mundane (world affairs) charts always indicates victimhood. It is apparent that the action taken now will result in victims.

Moon now is at the degree of the Solar Eclipse in July 1945 which marked the first successful detonation of a nuclear bomb in New Mexico. It was followed in August by the U.S. dropping of atomic bombs on Japan.

Another Solar Eclipse at that degree in July 1991 was followed in August 1991 by the Russian coup replacing Gorbachev with Yeltsin, and the start of the disintegration of the Balkans.

The last new moon at that degree occurred on July 10, 2002. I have at least ten times more notes concerning world affairs for that day than I have for 20 years of brief note-taking. They include U.S. crackdowns on people, on the environment, and on the UN, but at the same time they include resistance to oppression all over the world. The government was openly talking then about invading Iraq.

The Full Moon close to this degree, which will bring this week’s action to fruition, occurs on January 7, 2004. At that time we will have just completed 2003’s extremely potent eclipses (see my article in the April-May Mountain Astrologer). January 2004 will be a Saturn in Cancer time, when the U.S. is solidifying its authority.

The closing nine months of this cycle which began on July 10, 2002 begins on October 6, 2004. Moon then will be directly on the U.S. Sun, marking an integration of the nation. Jupiter will be transiting the midheaven, the place of purpose, and Saturn, the Voice of Authority, will be straddling the powerful U.S. Mercury-Pluto opposition. Things will be under control—by the U.S.

At this First Quarter Moon, we are opening the door to the further development of U.S. imperialism, which will solidify the nation’s authority by the end of that 36-month cycle, on July 5, 2005.

Areas particularly stimulated by Mars now are China, India, Iceland, West Africa, and California.

The Sabian Symbol for Moon at 20 Cancer is:

"VENETIAN GONDOLIERS GIVING A SERENADE. Happiness as an overtone of social integration and conforming to custom. Venice can be considered the symbol of social consciousness risen directly from the unconscious urges of human nature—because the city emerged out of the sea. Basic human drives reach for acceptance by the consciousness. FESTIVITY."

I think also of skimming the surface, unconscious of what is below. What is the water in those canals like?

This night will be a long one.

Our thoughts today still concern taking the initiative, possibly in regard to food or feeding. Moon is VOC in Cancer until 2:54 p.m. EDT, when it enters Leo. Cancer feels vulnerable and is concerned about securing the ramparts. Leo simply takes charge, and becomes producer, director, and maybe stars in its own show. Our mood shifts dramatically, and we can afford to be magnanimous. Tonight we will especially appreciate entertainment. Shop for food this morning, and have friends over for dinner tonight.

This is an optimistic and powerful day, especially good for creative activities.

This is an active morning, and we will want to finish things which we’ve started during the last few days. At 10:18 a.m. Moon goes VOC, still in Leo. The call is to enjoy yourself during this spontaneous time. At 8:07 p.m. Moon enters Virgo, and we shift to our rational mind. Tonight we can look at Uranus in Pisces, and begin to get a handle on its meaning. It will take us out of our usual boxes. Expect another late night.

Moon is in problem-solving Virgo, and this is likely to be a work day. Venus (desire) squares Pluto (power) early this morning, and before the day is over, there is apt to be a powerful and surprising event which disturbs somebody’s security. This is a turning point in the Venus-Pluto conjunction which occurred last January 25. That was the weak beginning of a vaccination program in the U.S., while at the Davos, Switzerland economic conference, Colin Powell declared that the U.S. was prepared to "go it alone."

The next day at the UN was the weapons inspection team’s 60-day report (of the one year given them in November), and that day the U.S. announced that it would make a ten-day huge air attack on Iraq.

Excellent work energy continues throughout this Virgo Moon day. We have a fair amount of diffuse Pisces in the air now, and we can use Virgo’s analytical skills to help us define what is happening. Moon goes VOC at 2:38 p.m. EDT, but Virgo’s critical talents are still working. Use them.

At 9:42 p.m. Moon enters Libra, and we begin the countdown to Wednesday’s full moon.

TUESDAY APRIL 15. This is a day of working to further our ideals, whatever they may be. Moon in Libra promotes social harmony, and we can make successful connections with others. People tend to be especially accommodating now. This is a convivial night to gather to celebrate the Full Moon. Mars rules now, so do something active.

Full Moon at 27 Libra occurs at 2:36 p.m. EDT. Aries New Moon says to go it alone. Libra Full Moon reminds Aries that we do need to cooperate with others to be successful.

This isn’t a very cooperative Moon, however, unless the cooperation involves fighting. Libra is the sign of war and peace, and now it is embroiled in war-like energies. (I’m getting angry just writing about it!) In two hours Moon will square Mars, and tomorrow night Sun will square Mars. This is an enormous release of emotional aggressive energy in 24 hours.

The U.S. drive for power is the instrument, for Mars now conjoins the U.S. Pluto. Chiron, associated with technology, squares the U.S. progressed Mars, which is at 19 Libra. It looks like high tech weapons, perhaps nuclear, will be used now by the U.S.

At this time Vesta, guardian of investments, opposes strategist Pallas Athena. Oppositions are turning points, and it looks like a change in U.S. "war" and financial strategy.

Saddam Hussein’s (5-8-37, Tikrit, Iraq) power is also very stimulated now. This Moon exactly squares his Pluto-Jupiter opposition, and Mars exactly conjoins his Jupiter, ruler of his Moon and Mars. Jupiter often acts as psychopomp, escorting souls into the afterlife, and this energized Mars could knock him out of this world. Or Benefactor Jupiter could simply keep him out of the area of destruction.

The use of nuclear weapons is supported by the Moon’s Nodes having just shifted from the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity to the Taurus-Scorpio polarity, where they will remain for 18 months. Taurus-Scorpio is the earthy resource polarity, in which actual physical changes of earthly conditions tend to occur. Furthermore, in short order these nodes will move across current eclipse degrees, which activate big changes. Of course oil is the big resource here.

Bush’s Mars and progressed Sun are on the Virgo ascendant of the chart set for Washington DC, showing that he energizes the action now. Furthermore, Sun now is close to Bush’s midheaven, illuminating his place in the world. He shines.

Black Holes are energy vortexes which show dramatic shifts in the status quo reality. They are transformative, and tend to be energy-draining. This Moon shows prominent Black Holes. There are Black Holes on both the Ascendant and on the Midheaven of the chart set for Washington DC. major energy outlets.

Black Hole Tiamat is on the Ascendant. She was the Babylonian Goddess of Chaos who birthed the Gods. The Midheaven conjoins Black Holes Kore/Persephone. After Kore was captured by the underworld god, Hades (also part of this picture), she was renamed Persephone. She represents connection with the powers of the dark—and then rebirth, as she is allowed home for half the year.

Perhaps the U.S., naïve as was the young girl, Kore, will rise from this terrible experience older and wiser, like Persephone did. There is the opportunity now for changed thinking about values, for Mercury of this Moon chart conjoins the Lunar Eclipse of next November 8, and the Venus Eclipse of next May 29. Mercury is associated with perception, and Venus with values. Eclipses always catalyze change. Eclipse degrees remain sensitive for years.

This Full Moon itself conjoins the Lunar Eclipse of April 1995, which was followed by Timothy McVeigh’s bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. (I’ve heard Bush’s foreign policy characterized as "the McVeigh policy.")

This Moon family began in October 2001, when Congress passed the "Patriot" Act, and had its next turning point in July 2002, when Congress passed the "Homeland Security" Act.

All of these clues portend major change and hardship for the United States, and for Saddam Hussein—and with him the people of Iraq, and of the world.

The Saudi Arabian chart (1-15-1902, Riyadh, Arabia) is also very affected by this Full Moon.

The Sabian Symbol for 27 Libra is:

"AN AIRPLANE SAILS, HIGH IN THE CLEAR SKY. A consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life. This picture symbolizes the capacity, latent in every individual, to contemplate the stress of existence in our world of duality from a higher level. Through the use of her mind, backed by the efforts and struggles of past generations and the cooperation of others, the individual can gain new perspective on human problems and reach freedom and peace in a supernal realm of being. TRANSCENDENT REALIZATION."

This is a great symbol for the peace movement.

Moon’s final aspect today is an emotional square to Mars at 4:22 p.m. EDT. After that, Moon goes VOC, and we have time to assimilate our day’s labors. At 9:16 p.m., Moon enters intense, go-for-the-jugular Scorpio. Take care to direct this power constructively.

THURSDAY APRIL 17. Our ideals are strong today, and we have high expectations. With Moon in Scorpio we’re willing to do whatever is necessary to move them along. This is a difficult, pressure-filled day. Nodes are now in the "bottom line" Taurus-Scorpio polarity, and the planets are running a moving grand fixed cross for the remainder of the month. A fixed cross can feel like crucifixion.

The fixed signs are the four stable, power-gathering signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius. They do not move or change easily. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is said to refer to them, as do many many ancient symbols. A grand cross means that there are stressful squares between each of these signs.

Look at it as though there are four options from which to choose. (They are all stimulated, remember?) The difficulty is that one chooses one of the options, and one or more of the other three will present obstacles. There is no way out. In order to move ahead, one must give up something, and fixed signs resist surrender of what they consider their power. Saddam Hussein is Taurus, for example.

Tonight we feel the most pressure, centered on energizer Mars squaring the challenger, Aries Sun at 9:55 p.m. EDT. Rising then in Washington DC is Scorpio at the degree of the coming May 16 Lunar Eclipse. This means deep change will ultimately result from action taken now in Washington. Rising just over the horizon is Scorpio Moon side by side with Juno in Scorpio. This shows fear, and perhaps terrorism. On the nadir, surprising the East Coast, is unpredictable, shocking Uranus in Pisces, the signal planet of these times.

In Baghdad the sun is about to rise, Black Hole Nemesis is setting, and Mars and Chiron are overhead. This too is a very volatile set-up.

There’ll certainly not be much sleep tonight for some people.

All of this is occurring in the context of the beginning of Passover. At this time—of Sun square Mars—Defender Pallas Athena is rising in Jerusalem, along with Venus. General Pallas has just moved into Aries today, and has tightened her sword and shield, ready to go to battle to defend her people. Pallas will travel in courageous Aries for nearly a year. In addition, she begins a new four-year cycle. All planets get a new start when they enter the first sign, Aries. This will be a very martial cycle for Pallas, the grand strategist.

FRIDAY APRIL 18. Moon travels in deep, dynamic Scorpio for most of the day. Scorpio is the best sign for research—using intuition to know what to look for, and then going straight for the core of the matter.

At 5:52 p.m. Moon goes VOC, and at 8:51 p.m. it enters Sagittarius, ready for adventure. We focus on far-away places, where upsetting events are occurring.

Around midnight all four of the big asteroids are closely aspected, and I picture humanitarian efforts in the Middle East getting major attention. The asteroids relate to daily life, which is so terribly disrupted there.

Good Friday has great poignancy now.

Moon is traveling through action-oriented Sagittarius, and with harmonious aspects, activities move along effortlessly. This is a great day to appreciate the good things in your life. A walk in nature would be most satisfying.

SUNDAY APRIL 20. Most appropriately, we begin Easter Sunday with Sun moving into Taurus, the sign of earth’s abundance. Venus, the Lady of the Garden, rules Taurus. Plan to spend time in nature. The Moon is in Sag, and we will want to be out adventuring. The day is apt to be serious, however, for Moon aspects taskmasters Pluto and Saturn.

Vesta at 1 Libra drives the chart for the entrance of Sun into Taurus. That too is appropriate, for both Vesta and Taurus are about protecting our resources, financial as well as tangible. Vesta has been crossing the midheaven of the U.S. chart since she entered Libra on December 11. She will leave Libra for Scorpio at the end of August, entering a volcanic sign at a volcanic time.

Vesta on the midheaven shows the nation’s purpose, which is now security and the protection of investments. When she entered Libra, the dollar plummeted in relation to the Euro. This is one of the driving forces behind Bush’s invasion of Iraq—concern about the rising value of the Euro in relation to the dollar, and replacement of the dollar by the Euro in some nations’ trading, especially that of Iraq, with all its oil. "Old Europe" is not allowed to compete with the U.S. The U.S., with its profligate spending, speculating, cheating, and looting of the last several years, is financially very vulnerable, much more so than is Europe.

Slow-moving Neptune enters a new degree today, which means that it opens a new dimension of consciousness for the first time in 163 years. When this last occurred, in 1840, the U.S. instituted its national Treasury. Neptune will move along quickly this year into three new degrees, indicating a rapid change of events and of consciousness during the year. Neptune rules oil, addiction, vision, and unification. Spirit and the arts move through Neptune’s channels.

As Easter is meant to be, this is a day of new beginnings on many levels.

Again, tonight is a planetary all-night affair.

MONDAY APRIL 21. Moon is in serious Capricorn today, and we want purpose to our actions. Energy continues to center on Vesta, as well as the other three major asteroids. Daily life is changing.

Today Venus enters Aries, and Mars enters Aquarius. Again, these changes show new starts. Venus and Mars together is the combination which represents creativity, and they are moving into extroverted fire and air signs, where they can burn brightly.

TUESDAY APRIL 22. Moon is VOC in Capricorn for the entire day. Our actions continue to have purpose, but their outcome is unpredictable.

Vesta backs up into the last degree of Virgo for the next six weeks. In Virgo the Goddess of the Hearth is practical, and she can rely on the military for help. She now trines North Node in Taurus, and it appears that the U.S. can begin securing its new conquests. Vesta and North Node now make a close trine to the U.S. natal Pluto in Capricorn, to make a grand earth trine. Earth knows how to get things done, and the trine means an easy flow of creative energy. Harnessed together here we have Vesta, fierce guardian of resources (in Virgo, sign of the Services), North Node, in Taurus a long-range destiny point in regard to resources, and the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn (power in business), which represents the power of the U.S. plutocracy. U.S. success is assured.

It’s interesting that on this Earth Day, Vesta moves into an earth sign. Let us focus on protecting our Earth!

WEDNESDAY APRIL 23. Last Quarter Moon at 3 Aquarius occurs at 8:18 a.m. EDT. Here we have a fixed square, and the pressure for action will be noticeable. Taurus wants to hang onto what it knows and loves, and Aquarius want to reform the situation. Last Quarter, however, is letting-go time.

With Moon in Aquarius, discussions and friends both attract us. Today’s energies emphasize an optimistic attitude, and an idealistic frame of mind. Notice what you have learned of lasting value during this last month. What do you want to carry with you into the future?

Passover ends today.

Five of the planets, two of the asteroids, and the Moon’s Nodes are now hanging around the zero degree point. They are all driven by Vesta, now in Virgo. This means that all of these planets are working together to start something new, motivated by protection of resources. The geometry of the chart now is gorgeous—and very special, as the rays fan out from Vesta to the other planets. Vesta now is very close to the U.S. natal Neptune in Virgo, planet of oil.

With Neptune having moved into a new degree, we will see a new deal in oil. However, it won’t be without causalities, for Neptune in the heavens now squares Juno in Scorpio. This Neptune is overhead in Washington DC, dominating the Washington scene.

Rising in Washington at Quarter time is the fixed star Aldebaran, and setting is the fixed star Antares. They are both red stars, red like the planet Mars, and convey aggressive energies. Mars itself conjoins Moon in the ninth house of foreign places, and is an integral part of the unique great design now in the sky.

This is another Moon family which marks major events. It began with the New Moon in Aquarius just after Bush’s Inauguration in January 2001. At its First Quarter in October 2001, Congress passed the "Patriot" Act, which tore Constitutional rights to shreds. At the Full Moon in July 2002, Congress passed Fast Track, which eliminates debate on trade agreements.

These are undoubtedly three major points in the imperial corporate program. Now we have accomplished a fourth—control of Iraq. This cycle will wind up during the rest of 2003, and on January 21, 2004, we will start a new Aquarius family moon cycle, which will last for three years.

Evolution proceeds apace.

The Sabian Symbol for 3 Aquarius is:

"A DESERTER FROM THE NAVY. The individual’s self-realization through a crucial repudiation of a collective status which has become unbearable. He becomes an outcast, and through this decision he may definitely individualize his consciousness. Something in the collective social value is being potentially destroyed, but nature is not the destroyer. The individual steps out of his bondage to collective patterns and ideals. He may thus "find himself" by means of a sharp renunciation of his social birthright, i.e., by a crucial process of DESOCIALIZATION."

Here we have more food for contemplation. Through this symbol, I suddenly see the U.S. Aquarian Moon in a whole new light. Aquarius’ pathway is to become independent. We as a nation have taken another step on that road. Perhaps with the next Aquarian cycle, we can develop humanitarianism.

THURSDAY APRIL 24. Moon continues in Aquarius with productive and communicative aspects. A project begun yesterday can be completed by late tonight. This is another lively day.

Moon is VOC this morning until it enters Pisces at 11:02 a.m. EDT. This is a day of willfulness and independence coming from deep levels. Strange things may rise into consciousness. If there are fears and anxieties, they can be calmed by paying attention to the concrete details of daily life. Cook a special meal tonight, for instance. It’s fine day for any type of artistic creation.

Chiron turns retrograde today. The Wounded Healer pauses this month at 18-19 Capricorn, another important degree. Capricorn is a business-government sign. This is the degree of the historical Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 1993, which ushered in a 171-year cycle of renewed capitalism. Chiron this month will set in motion some shifts in the capitalist system, which has many weaknesses. That work will begin today.

SATURDAY APRIL 26. Moon continues in dreamy Pisces. This is a great day to spend in or around water, or at least in nature. And to do some contemplating and meditating. Being alone to commune with spirit might be welcome. Mercury turns retrograde today, and we begin to rethink a lot of things. Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus; thus values, priorities, and resources are up for review. This includes all money matters, and how we husband earth’s abundance. Mercury turns direct again on May 20.

Chiron and Mercury turning retrograde together mark a big turning point, and one which will give us much to think about.

This is apt to be an intense night. Emotional power surges could be a problem. Make an extra effort to take good care of yourself and of others.

SUNDAY APRIL 27. Moon continues traveling through Pisces. This is a perfect day to focus on spiritual work and on visualization. At 1:18 p.m. EDT Moon goes VOC. Let go and let yourself flow for the remainder of the day. Go to the beach, walk by the river, daydream under the clouds, surrender to nature’s flow.

Today, a fine day to worship, is Orthodox Easter.

MONDAY APRIL 28. The martial drumbeat of Aries helps us get moving this morning, despite our new retrograde planets. Retrogrades are about redoing things in a better way, or preparing for a new future. Today we are action-oriented, but we are still in the Aries moon cycle, where we aim for a specific goal. For the next two days, spend time re-visualizing your goals in the light of new knowledge and now, with the special opportunity to revise them.

Fire signs, like Aries, are signs of both vision and action. Today and tomorrow the emphasis is on vision. Love energy is featured today, and these visions might be about how to increase the expression of love in our lives and in the world. We can practice it now.

Yesterday’s energy continues and deepens. Open your heart.

Today the vibes are very expansive, perhaps off into fantasy land where the sky’s the limit. But Taurus will bring them down to earth. This is the last turn in a cycle that began with the bankruptcy of Worldcom, the largest in U.S. history. We are moving into the Taurus cycle with Thursday’s New Moon, and it is certain that we will be dealing with money and resources for the next month. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus, we will be looking at problems in that area and figuring out how to correct them.

WEDNESDAY APRIL 30. Moon enters Taurus at 10:26 a.m., and we prepare in our depths for tomorrow’s New Moon. This is a vulnerable time, when we are gathering our inner resources together for a new start. We need to not pressure ourselves now, to listen to our hearts, and sometimes just to be alone with ourselves. Let the past go, and open to the coming future.

Tonight we are super-sensitive, and open to slights. Emotions rise quickly. Guard against taking things personally.

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