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Maya del Mar's December 2002 Daily Success Guide

by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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WEDNESDAY JANUARY 1. The major influences of January begin right now, today—in this dark-of-the-moon period when visioning the future is most potent. All of the energies mentioned in General Influences are active today. Most notably, Chiron joins Sun to get its direction for its momentous job this month. It will have to do with a new kind of self-discipline and inner authority. It also relates to U.S. power. Expect surprises. Saturn and Uranus put a spotlight on technology. Emphasized with them is the Pole Star, considered a guiding light, and the Galactic Center, heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The energy which is coming in with this New Year has wide significance. Moon is in far-seeing Sagittarius until 6:42 p.m., when it enters serious Capricorn to begin the countdown for tomorrow’s New Moon. Afternoon is VOC from 12:23 p.m. to 6:42 p.m. Relax your body—let your heart and your imagination flow and fly.

THURSDAY JANUARY 2. There is a changing of the guard today. Mercury turns retrograde, and a couple of hours later, at 3:23 p.m. EST, within that orb, we have New Moon at 12 Capricorn 01. This is an interesting combination. New Moon starts cycles, and Mercury retrograde goes back and reviews old issues. So we are looking at old traditions or structures with a view to correcting them, and beginning anew. Certainly GW going to attack Iraq to correct his father’s "mistakes" would be an example. Going back and correcting post-WWI border-creating in the Middle East is another. So is concern with the 2004 election.

Mercury now conjoins the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, representing the plutocracy centered in the U.S. Thus U.S. power is the instrument of the restructuring work of this retrograde Mercury. Chiron, who pushes us into a more holistic realignment, sits with Sun and Moon. For all of us, restructuring the past in a new mold is the mandate.

The New Moon chart set for Washington shows the Ascendant conjoined the U.S. Mars, emphasizing U.S. aggression. Saturn also sits there, showing the assertion of authority through the U.S. Mars. The U.S. military is in charge now, and Saturn’s building is through, by, and for it.

Midheaven, which shows relation to the world, conjoins the U.S. Moon, showing the focus of the world on the people (not the Administration) of the U.S. Can we rise to our ideals of freedom and justice in the eyes of the world?

Our technology and invention planet, Uranus, also holds the spotlight on the midheaven.

Midheaven also conjoins Black Hole Hecate, Goddess of the Crossroads. Alex Miller-Mignone tells us that with Hecate, there are choices, and there is also knowledge of the consequences of those alternatives. Ritual magick is Hecate’s domain, and electronic magic, such as virtual reality, is associated with her.

Hecate is reasonable. You can talk with her, reason things out, and come up with a compromise, says Alex. However, Hecate is firm in her demand for payment. Can we make reasonable compromises now? And be prepared to pay the price?

Essentially, Capricorn is about establishing our own inner authority. This is the journey on which we embark anew today. We have the opportunity now to correct programs from the past which no longer work for us.

Things begun now, with this New Moon, serve as the basis for the action of the unique Mercury-Chiron conjunction during the week of January 19-26, which will accompany the realigning of structures.

The Sabian Symbol for 13 Capricorn is

"A FIRE WORSHIPPER MEDITATES ON THE ULTIMATE REALITIES OF EXISTENCE. The subjective quest for ultimates. Beyond cultural enjoyment and the passion of accumulation of often-unusable data of sense knowledge stands the willful and determined 'adventure in consciousness' of the occultist, the yogi, the mystic. The mystery of fire has always captured humans’ imagination because it is the mystery of all transformations wrapped in the enigma of death. In times when collective, perhaps total, death could be in store for humankind, the process of subjective meditation is fascinating an ever greater number of people. Are we ready to take this step which the masters of yoga claim to have taken to experience death and return to the same body? Are we ready to demonstrate humankind’s WILL TO TRANSCENDENCE?"

FRIDAY JANUARY 3. Moon continues in serious Capricorn, where it works with our Scorpio trio to look at the bottom line. Both money and relationships are involved in this examination. As we move into new circumstances, we need to re-evaluate the meanings of justice and fairness, which are vital to any good working relationship. Old issues may come up for review. There may be surprises and disruptions in relationships, which set them on a whole new foundation.

Moon goes VOC at 7:56 p.m. EST.

SATURDAY JANUARY 4. Moon is in thoughtful Aquarius, conjoining mystical Neptune. This is a good day for meditating, spiritual work, reading, sleeping, and dreaming. Take time off from your usual daily concerns to let your mind wander in Neptune’s magical field of dreams. Night is good for loving communication.

SUNDAY JANUARY 5. Back to reality! This is a long and busy day. We have hard work to do, and it moves along nicely. This is an excellent day to meet with others, brainstorm, and strategize for the coming month, or year.

MONDAY JANUARY 6. Moon is in Pisces, and the mood is mellow, not your usual Monday morning rush. Imagination is stimulated, and it’s a fine time for all creative endeavors.

TUESDAY JANUARY 7. Moon continues in Pisces, and the morning flows easily. However, afternoon and evening could be fraught with struggle and frustration as we face obstacles to our need for freedom and exploration. Spirit can come to our aid.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 8. We may awaken early full of ideas which we want to remember and work with. Do it. Get up and take advantage of this creative spurt, for at 6:55 a.m. EST, Moon goes VOC. It remains off course until it enters Aries at 4:15 p.m. VOC time tends to feel rather aimless. My Capricorn Mars likes direction, and I’ve learned to carry direction into VOC time. Two things which help me are 1) VOC carries the last lunar aspect before the VOC period began, and 2) although it’s hard to start a project during VOC, if you begin a project before the VOC time, you can carry it through fairly easily. An ephemeris gives me the necessary information about the moon’s condition.

Today Moon’s last aspect is a connection with Mercury at 6:55 a.m. This favors talking, writing, working with your e-mail, and thinking. A focus on communication during this VOC day can serve to center us.

At 4:15 p.m. EST Moon enters Aries. Aries is a pioneering sign, and we can make our new starts during the next few days, while Moon moves through Aries. Tonight the theme is love, and the dynamics of relationships. Creativity, especially with language and with color, can blossom as the day wears on.

THURSDAY JANUARY 9. Aries is a sign of courage, fire, and color. Bold art has the spotlight today. Also bold moves.

FRIDAY JANUARY 10. First Quarter Moon at 20 Aries occurs at 8:15 a.m. EST. Capricorn wants to maintain and increase the powers that be, and in the process becomes rigid. Along comes brave Moon in Aries and says, hey, if you want to progress you’ve got to take some chances. Colin Powell, with Aries Sun and Capricorn Moon, has the perfect solution—finding his niche in the Arian military, and progressing up the Capricornian hierarchy.

There is built-in conflict between Capricorn and Aries, and the first quarter breakthrough sometimes requires a big push. Like now. Mars in Scorpio coming to a square with Uranus in Aquarius (exact tomorrow night) shows an unusual amount of energy being made suddenly available for a purpose. Stubborn willfulness and independence are both extreme. Saturn and Pluto, both involved, can add violence to the volatile mix.

This is also the First Quarter Moon for the moon family which began with the New Moon of April 12, 2002. This also means breakthroughs on the issues which came into consciousness then. Colin Powell tried to drum up support for the U.S. jihad against Iraq, but had no success. In fact, anti-U.S. demonstrations broke out all over the Arab world, and in Europe as well.

The EU voted an economic and arms embargo against Israel. Israel announced it would shoot at ambulances and journalists. And at the same time GW called Ariel Sharon "a man of peace."

There was a brief, U.S.-backed coup against Pres. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Venezuela is the biggest supplier of oil to the U.S., and Pres. Chavez is not in the pockets of the U.S. The other Latin nations support Chavez, who was democratically elected. It is unusual for them to buck the U.S. However, the U.S. is determined to get rid of Chavez. This is not over yet.

At the same time as the coup, GW created NORCOM, the North America Command, which combines the militaries of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

The International Criminal Court was established then, supported by all nations except the U.S.

And the papers were full of the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse problems.

As for me, I was part of a community-Native American group who created a Native American "Coming Home" ceremony in our park by the Bay. We hoped this could be the beginning of restoring our land, our consciousness, and our respect to the original inhabitants here, and allowing their spirits to rest in peace.

There is plenty of material for this very feisty First Quarter Moon to work with! Energy today is supportive, and we can expect success in our assertive endeavors.

This cycle has future highlights on next October 10, and on July 9, 2004. It finishes in April 2005.

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Aries is inspiring,


SATURDAY JANUARY 11. Moon travels through determined Taurus for the next three days. Today we set our new path, and it will be set in concrete and pushed through with energy and vigor. This is a very important day. Mercury conjoins Sun today, and receives its direction for the next three months. The field of operation is Capricorn, the establishment. Saturn is in charge of the action. This shows that the Gemini information hierarchy reigns for the next three months. At the same time, the feature—as it has been for many weeks now—is new technology. Today we have Mars square Uranus and Transpluto, and it shows sudden attack involving that technology.

Vibrations are set on a high frequency today, and we feel awake and alert. You won’t need that extra cup of coffee. At the same time we begin a security roll which lasts through the month. Money and resources are an issue.

SUNDAY JANUARY 12.We can slow down. Moon continues in pleasure-seeking Taurus, and it has pleasurable and productive aspects. Enjoy the day—and night as well.

MONDAY JANUARY 13. This will not be an easy Monday. This morning, moon in Taurus creates a stressful grand fixed cross which echoes Saturday’s challenges. It’s hard to make the "right" choice. We’re off the hook by 12:44 p.m., when Moon goes VOC. It enters Gemini at 5:08 p.m., and the evening will be lively. We might enjoy watching a stimulating video.

TUESDAY JANUARY 14 and WEDNESDAY JANUARY 15. Moon in quicksilver Gemini keeps us moving and communicating. "Never sit still" is Gemini’s motto. Tuesday inspires expansive idealism. Wednesday we’re more down to earth, and feel like working.

THURSDAY JANUARY 16. Homebody Cancer captures our hearts today, and we want to take care of things close to home and hearth. Tonight Mars squares Pallas to give us a push into the future—perhaps a stronger push than we’d like. Star Wars is on video and in the air. Security is very important, and we may feel it threatened.

FRIDAY JANUARY 17. This is a fine day to meditate, or to go to an art gallery. Share the day with someone you love and trust. Talk about feelings, as you prepare for tomorrow morning’s Full Moon in Cancer.

SATURDAY JANUARY 18. Full Moon at 28 Cancer occurs at 5:48 a.m. EST. Moon then goes VOC. At 9:29 a.m. it enters Leo to promote an exciting, energetic day.

Capricorn New Moon is the stern taskmaster, who lays a firm groundwork. Cancer Full Moon says, "Hey, take a look at the stiffness of the structure which you’re creating and the walls you’re building around yourself. Everybody needs to let go at times, to feel comfortable and relaxed, and to feel a heart connection with someone—even self-sufficient you. Humans cannot live by formula and ambition alone. Sometimes they need a hot cup of tea, a comfortable easy chair, and someone with whom they can let down their hair."

Together, Capricorn and Cancer are family. Capricorn is daddy, and Cancer is mommy. When Moon is in Cancer, emotions can flow. They can be mostly defensive, for with both Capricorn and Cancer, defenses are a primary issue. After all, they have to protect the family.

Cancer-Capricorn is a major polarity in the U.S. chart, and U.S. natal planets are very much in the flow of January’s energies. This Full Moon illuminates them.

For starters, the Sun itself now conjoins and vitalizes the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn. This Pluto is a money-power center, and shows that U.S. power is energized. Moon of course opposes it, and at the same time conjoins the U.S. Mercury, making the nation’s thinking about defenses particularly emotional at this time.

On July 4, 1776, Mercury was also traveling retrograde—in Cancer, opposite to where it’s traveling this month. Oppositions make for awareness. You must look at someone who is sitting opposite you. Persons born with a retrograde Mercury also do much better In handling a retrograde-Mercury period. The natal defensive posture of the U.S. is very much highlighted now, along with its emotional reasoning.

Mercury left behind a sensitive point at the spot where it turned retrograde—which was the place of Sun at this Full Moon. Thus the U.S. Pluto, at that same place, is extra-energized at least for the next year.

Now, with this Full Moon, Mercury begins its conjunction with Chiron, and its countdown to turning direct on January 22. This conjunction is occurring opposite the U.S. Sun, and directly beams its Chirotic surprises and adjustments right into the Cancer Sun, the nation’s identity.

We can see that the Capricorn-Cancer polarity of this Full Moon is super-emphasized through its contacts with the U.S. chart. Conversely, the U.S. is super-stimulated in regard to defense.

The U.S. is also super-stimulated in relation to business as well, for Cancer-Capricorn is the major business polarity. This means that, in fact, it is important for all of us to tend to business now, to see to the practical grounding of our lives.

We have special visionary energies now to give us the vision from which to plan. Mars finally left tough Scorpio, and just entered high-flying Sagittarius. Mars in Sag is fearless, ready for any challenge, and has wide perspective. It especially likes to spread "truth" around the world. Dick Cheney and Colin Powell were both born with Mars in Sagittarius.

Pallas Athena, the master of strategy, has just entered Pisces, which gives Pallas a sensing of the whole picture, and an urge for unification. Uranus will enter Pisces in March, and Pallas now is paving the way. I often call Pallas "General Pallas" because she really knows how to take charge of complicated situations and make them work in a practical way. (Colin Powell’s Pallas is in late Capricorn, conjoined the Plutonic seat of U.S. power, and conjoined today’s Sun. He is a literal General!) Pisces can be very complicated, indeed, and Pallas’ supreme organizational abilities will be challenged for the next three months.

Mars and Pallas can both operate in a much more fluid way than they were able to, even as recently as two days ago. They do work well together, and they are free now to follow a broad-based strategy. This is a release from stubborn stances which they have maintained for months.

It is also a release for George Bush. The chart set for Washington puts GW’s Aries Midheaven at the nadir, the bottom of the chart. George’s Aries midheaven shows that he meets the world in a challenging and aggressive manner, and tends to play a lone wolf role. (Or Lone Ranger?) Now at the bottom of the chart, the foundation, George’s feisty attitude expresses the heart of the nation.

It certainly looks like George gets his support for war. Perhaps the potential violence of last weekend shows an "incident" which makes this support likely.

This Moon family began on July 20, 2001. That was when the infamous G8 Summit meeting in Genoa, Italy began. The Italians, fearing attacks on Bush, put up missile defense, and overworked their police protection to the point where many non-violent protestors were badly beaten, and one killed.

(For me, that was when a few of us in Sausalito were galvanized to start mobilizing the community so that the City Council would listen.)

The Sabian Symbol for 28 Cancer is

"AN INDIAN GIRL INTRODUCES HER WHITE LOVER TO HER ASSEMBLED TRIBE. Inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in the human body and its natural functions. What is shown here is an emotional and warm commitment to the RETURN TO NATURE."

This is surely a Cancer-Capricorn synthesis.

SUNDAY JANUARY 19. Moon rolls along through Leo with spirit and power. The fire signs have free reign, and there’s no stopping them. Juno in Scorpio tries to throw cold water on the conflagration, but nobody’s listening. Spirits are high today, and optimism rules in many quarters. "The play’s the thing." At the same time, harsh vibrations are in the air. Pay attention to consequences.

Chiron and Mercury begin their one-week dance today.

MONDAY JANUARY 20. We may get a late start today, because early day energy stimulates our freedom urges. Sun enters Aquarius, the sign of independence, early this morning. A couple of hours later, at 8:46 a.m. EST. Moon goes abruptly VOC. Moon enters Virgo at 1:32 p.m., and finally we’re moved to buckle down to work, although we may be a bit scattered.

In the meantime, during VOC Moon, Mercury meets Chiron for an exact conjunction. It will do so again on January 26, and in the interim they are very close to one another. The first conjunction of Mercury and Chiron occurred when Mercury was traveling direct, on December 14.

As I look back at that time, I know exactly what the unique Chiron-Mercury conjunction is about. Vaccinations for Americans. Chiron tends to relate to health and medical issues.

Around December 14, Bush sent out live vaccine packages, and announced his plan to vaccinate ten million health workers and half a million soldiers with live smallpox vaccine. He didn’t tell us that smallpox has been completely eradicated in the U.S. for fifty years, and in the world for thirty. It was considered a huge triumph of public health departments around the world. There’s no way anyone can catch it, unless they actually touch the virus. Smallpox is not airborne, and only humans are carriers. But with a mass vaccine program, there will be live virus all over the place. The virus is only around now because the U.S. and Russia have been cultivating huge vats of it over all these years. I’ve been wondering why. I still wonder why.

This move chills me to the bone. It brings to mind Hitler sending the Jews to the ovens.

On December 14, Chiron-Mercury opposed the very Saturn in Gemini, which I discussed in January’s General Influences. This lends credence to the idea that the mass vaccination program is another means for the government to collect information on all Americans, as well as to build (remember? we build this month) and to maintain control over its people—through fear again, the preferred method. Homeland Security claims they can tell whether or not people have received their required vaccinations. How?

Remember that New Moon in Capricorn on January 2 showed the U.S, Moon at the top of the chart? And that I said that the eyes of the world would be on the U.S. people? Now we know at least one context. The Mercury Retrograde chart for that same day showed the U.S. Pluto at the top of the chart, putting U.S. power out in front for the world to see. These vaccinations will send chills up many spines worldwide, especially if they see the U.S. public accepting them like cattle. (The vaccine, in fact, is made from cowpox virus.)

At the time of this conjunction, Moon and Transpluto are joined in Leo, opposing the U.S. Moon. This means enormous change in the American people. I am remembering that Transpluto, the energy of transubstantiation, entered Leo at the start of WW11, which brought the U.S. and its huge arms manufacturers into world dominance. Transpluto will finish its trip through Leo in a few years, and it looks like it’s working hard to finish creating the U.S. corporate-government as the imperial world power.

Further note on the vaccination program: I just heard that doctors and nurses en masse feel the program is unnecessary, dangerous, and above all, unethical, and are refusing to participate. For instance, 100% of the pediatricians in Minnesota have signed a letter of refusal.

I see a role for Ceres in Aries here. Ceres is the nurturer, and she is fighting against this anti-nurturing program.

However, there is much more going on here. I see a picture of lining up for vaccinations for the war effort, just as our troops are poised to attack Iraq.

This is a very appropriate day to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. We have the opportunity to meet a major challenge to our dignity and humanity. Martin Luther King’s spirit of non-violent resistance can help to empower us.

This morning we are very busy, and things move along quickly and successfully. By noon resistance may set in, and there are apt to be interpersonal conflicts, perhaps through the night. Use your spiritual techniques to stay centered and keep worries at bay. Hard work is another way to use this energy. In 24 hours Mercury turns direct, and there is release.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 22. Moon is VOC in Virgo for much of the day, but the work ethic remains strong, and we can continue to push along. At 4:23 p.m. EST Moon enters Libra, and the vibrational field becomes lighter and more stimulating. Evening is very social. We will surely want companionship.

Tonight at 8:08 p.m. Mercury turns direct, still in close conjunction with Chiron, and still squaring Ceres, the Great Mother, caretaker of our line of supply.

This is a moment poised for aggressive action. Mars has its finger on the trigger, and Black Holes are rolling into prominence. Rising is Black Hole Tiamat, the Babylonian Goddess of Chaos. Black Holes depict areas of dramatic, intense, often violent, and usually unsuspected shifts in reality. Energy may be sucked into a Black Hole, and be lost, or it may emerge in unrecognizable form.

Pluto, the Great Regenerator, has just now moved into a new degree, the twentieth degree of Sagittarius. It will be hovering around this degree until November 2004. When the slow-moving outer planets move into new degrees, they bring new issues to the fore. The last time Pluto was in this degree was in 1757-59.

Pluto is also at the place of Black Hole Ereshkigal, keeper of the dark lower world where Inanna, Babylonian Queen of Light, descends. Inanna strips every vestige of her identity as she journeys below, and still is left on a meat hook to rot by Ereshkigal. Finally Ereshkigal relents and allows Inanna to return to the light. This Black Hole may be about reclaiming the powerful subconscious, out of which creativity springs, and uniting the two hemispheres of the brain. This may be a major work of our next year or two.

THURSDAY JANUARY 23. This is a stimulating and social day. With Mercury direct, we begin to take on those projects which we’ve been preparing, and we move into the world with confidence. Tonight will be good-feeling, loving, and intense.

FRIDAY JANUARY 24. Morning is very constructive, a good time for building. Moon goes VOC at 2:48 p.m., and enters Scorpio at 7:09 p.m. Scorpio is like the deep recesses where Ereshkigal hangs out. It is not always comfortable, but we always learn something about our bottom line.

SATURDAY JANUARY 25. Last Quarter Moon at 5 Scorpio occurs at 3:33 a.m. EST. Our "new" Pluto comes into expression this morning, and is joined by Venus, to quicken and intensify desire. Venus also gives a glow of success to Pluto’s transformative endeavors. Together they provide a focus for the idealism of Aquarius Sun and the compulsive depth of Scorpio Moon. Teetering between these conflicting urges may be confusing, but we can depend on Mercury in Capricorn to stick with practicality. Many configurations are about to move into orb, and there is a feeling now of anticipation.

Not only do we have an intense, crisis-oriented Scorpio Moon, but Martian energy is emphasized. Mars is almost conjoined South Node of the Moon, which means a great assertive push is coming any time. Rising now is Antares, the deep red martial star in the constellation of Scorpio. Antares gives a dare-devil quality. It makes people tough, belligerent, and pugnacious. It is important in the U.S. chart, and relates to the incredible gun violence in the United States. (See Michael Moore’s movie, Bowling For Columbine.)

On the midheaven at this Last Quarter is the fixed star, Benetnash. Benetnash means "hired mourners." A prominent Benetnash is associated with many deaths in various types of human catastrophes.

Emphasis now is in the house of resources, which includes the Sun-Neptune conjunction, now having much to do with oil.

The Sabian Symbol for 5 Scorpio is

"A MASSIVE ROCKY SHORE RESISTS THE POUNDING OF THE SEA. The inertia of all institutionalized procedures. Once a culture has expressed its basic symbols, and a particular way of thinking, feeling, and acting in concrete institutions, these change very slowly indeed. STABILITY."

SUNDAY JANUARY 26. This is another Destiny Day, of which lately there seem to be quite a few. Moon continues in hard-hitting Scorpio, where it is stressed by completely contradictory Uranus in Aquarius, willful and rebellious. We have water and air here, not mixing at all. Intimacy or independence? We face the fact that they are hard to coordinate. Moon goes VOC at 6:14 p.m. Relax.

Later tonight Mercury and Chiron join for the final time. They quincunx Jupiter in Leo, and there are adjustments to be made. Jupiter in Leo is King of all he surveys, but Capricorn must be practical and arrange things so that they are workable. It’s GW’s job, for his Jupiter conjoins the Ascendant of this chart, and people will listen to him, no matter what he says.

Moon is traveling in audacious Sagittarius, ready to take risks. It conjoins Mars in Sag, adding to its assertiveness. And to further support Mars in Sag’s urge for adventure, (1) Moon this morning eclipses Mars, emphasizing its activity, and (2) Mars conjoins the Sagittarius South Node, where it is expressed without reservations. Even this day is Monday, a moon day, and moon conjoins Mars exactly.

Mars rules the day. And Mars rules muscles; get some physical exercise. It is certain that there will be aggressive physical activity somewhere today.

On the midheaven is GW’s Pallas Athena, his strategic energy. GW is in charge of today’s show—which is a good one. We feel optimistic and successful today. Tonight especially is good-feeling. Read an adventure story, or watch a video about exploration.

TUESDAY JANUARY 28. Moon continues in Sag, and we move right along. Fire sign Sag is not one to sit still. And yet, for the entire afternoon we endure a fear and insecurity aspect. It’s connected with the ongoing dominance of the U.S. Empire. We may ask some questions, such as What are its values? What are my values? Are they congruent? Do my values have validity? We may have doubts about the New World Order which we feel we’re moving quickly into.

WEDNESDAY JANUARY 29. Moon is in serious, hard-working Capricorn today, with no aspects. Whatever the Chiron-Mercury conjunction represents at this time is on our minds, for Moon is set to meet it tonight.

THURSDAY JANUARY 30. Moon in Capricorn conjoins Chiron and then Mercury at 5:34 a.m. EST. This is the last major lunar aspect. Moon is VOC for the remainder of the day. There will be surprises in our routines.

Late today Sun and Neptune join forces to begin their new annual cycle at 11 Aquarius. Neptune is about vision, and visions which light up our imaginations now will have special significance during Pisces time, in March. The influences of the last 10 days are still very much with us, and will provide the raw material for our visioning. A major theme is U.S. security, and the emerging new world order. Neptune is associated with oil, but in Aquarius it refers to all forms of energy transformation, and we have many other visions now which can sustain us.

This is Dick Cheney’s birthday, which means that today’s energies set the tone for his next year. He will have Neptune exactly conjoining his Sun, and he will probably feel like he’s in a fog. The year will be both confusing and creative for him.

Moon is in Aquarius, and we begin to prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon. Visions of the future can be very clear now, and we can see the consequences of what we will set in motion tomorrow. Clear sight is much easier now than it will be once we’re in the throes of starting a new moon cycle.

We can also summarize and evaluate what we have learned and how we have grown through this important Capricorn cycle. What did we begin to build? Remember that each moon cycle sets the tone of its sign for one year. January has been the month when we take to the drawing boards and sketch out our year’s work, and begin to set its foundations. Are we pleased with our work? Next month, in Aquarius, we can make necessary corrections.

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