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Daily Astrological Forecast for July 2001
by Maya del Mar

Dear Readers: The Calendar is available in two formats: (1) as many have requested, the complete Calendar may be downloaded as a print-ready pdf file, and (2) here on the website, Maya will continue to make the Calendar available free of charge, weekly.

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.

SUNDAY JULY 1. Well, yesterday Venus got a wake-up call, and Venus will continue waking up for the entire month. Venus is about our loves, our values, our pleasures, and those things dear to our hearts. Our affections, our friends, our finances, and things which matter to us go through changes this month. At the same time, everything in our lives is touched by love, and love within us is deepened. Moon goes VOC at 3:25 p.m. Tonight begin the month on its keynote, and enjoy loving deeply whatever you touch or touches you.

Today is Canada’s birthday, and the prominent Venus shows that relationships will dominate the Canadian year...everything from personal relationships to provincial relationships to hemispheric and global relationships. Juno is also involved, and she shows a potential for abuse by power.

The challenge will be parity–or equality–in all relationships.

MONDAY JULY 2 and TUESDAY JULY 3. These are exciting, adventurous days–perfect for a fair, preparing for the Fourth, or just simply taking a fun vacation. Monday is also transformative and hard-working. New, forward-looking concepts can be put into motion. On Tuesday all our involvements can move right ahead. High energy continues until midnight and beyond. Sleep may be difficult.

During these days we have the U.S. Vesta return, at 20 Taurus. This means a new start in a four-year cycle of money, finances, territory, and national values. We can now develop a new sense of how we focus our energy as a nation. Vesta was Goddess of the Hearth, and shows our center of dedication. The U.S. obsession with things, and accumulating goods and money is a Taurean tendency. However, Taurus also refers to Earth herself, and we have the opportunity now to develop a new understanding and appreciation of Earth as our sustenance. Venus is also in Taurus, and love of earth (or things or money) can color all of our values for the next four years.

Historically, Taurean concentrations in the heavens have correlated with concentrations of great wealth, along with great exploitation of workers and of Earth. The gap between haves and have-nots widens during such periods. This process is occurring now. It will likely continue through the means of
the projected FTAA, Free Trade Association of the Americas, which is like a larger, more comprehensive NAFTA.

The backbone of the FTAA is Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, and they all begin new cycles during this potent time. Canada and the U.S. have their birthdays, and in Mexico it is the anniversary of the Presidential election which brought in businessman Vicente Fox, whose birthday is this Monday, July 2.

WEDNESDAY JULY 4. Moon moves into serious Capricorn at 8:21 a.m. EDT, and we prepare for tomorrow’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. That Eclipse exactly opposes the U.S. Sun, and we may be asking some serious questions about the meaning of The Declaration of Independence and our goals as a freedom-loving nation.

Does freedom mean, asks Eric Foner, low taxes, limited government, and the ability to choose among a cornucopia of goods in an unregulated marketplace, as now? Or can we again link freedom, as it has been in the past, with ideals of participatory democracy, social justice, and the willingness to combat the depredations of the unregulated capitalist market?
Families are important today, wherever we are. At the same time, there may be family differences. Fireworks will be super energized by the immanent Full Moon, and we can see them as harbingers of coming developments.

THURSDAY JULY 5. The Full Moon Eclipse at 14 Capricorn occurs at 11:04 a.m. EDT. This time is between that of the Solar Return of the United States, which occurs at 2:52 a.m., and the Solar Return of George Bush, which occurs at 2:32 p.m. A Solar Return, or the return of the Sun to its birthplace, represents the central annual cycle of an entity. Thus the new cycles of both the United States and its main representative occur on the same day and on lunar eclipse energy. Big change for the nation is thus greatly facilitated.

A lunar eclipse blots out the subconscious, emotional needs, and nurturance. It allows the Sun–consciousness and will–full power, unimpeded by feelings and memories. The ruler is the Sun and the people are the Moon. The ruler now holds sway. Lunar eclipses often remove obstacles which stand in the way of pursuing our conscious pathway. Moon also relates directly to Earth, and oftentimes those obstacles which suddenly disappear are physical.

Focus now on conscious intention. It can be clear and powerful.

The subject matter is Cancerian, the energy field behind our current sol-lunar cycle. Home, family, and security are focal points. Capricorn Full Moon reminds us that we need to establish a place in society to create a secure nest for the family. Cancer feeds the family, and Capricorn develops a system to keep food on the table. Cancer-Capricorn is the central axis in the United States chart and it describes the natural abundance of the U.S. as well as the importance of business.

Both Cancer and Capricorn are protective and defensive. They are both strong on caution and security structures.
This South Node Lunar Eclipse will erase much of the Capricornian past, i.e., old structures and old hierarchies. Ways of doing business, handling resources, and of governing will change. For each of us, our social roles will change.
Other influences strong now are Great Mother Ceres, sitting next to Moon. Ceres in Capricorn takes care of business and the establishment. And at the same time business becomes the primary nurturer. Building structures which will provide security for the establishment is important for Ceres. Ceres rules food and labor, and those fields will find ready expression through business and government. They will also be major concerns of business.

Last night’s fireworks were a manifestation of Pluto and Mars, now conjoined in fiery Sagittarius on the U.S. Ascendant. Pluto, the power of deep deep transformation, is at the Eclipse degree (14 Sag) and central to the action. This combo means enthusiastic energy for pushing big ventures and big missions.
They face off against careful Saturn and harmony-loving Juno in Gemini. This opposition represents an overt struggle between the lawlessness of Pluto-Mars in wild Sagittarius, and the need for civilized discourse and containment of Saturn and Juno in Gemini.

This is a classical Sagittarius-Gemini conflict, exacerbated now by the particular planets concentrated in those signs. Changes in our personal security structures–home, family, work and finances–will help us reconcile these opposing urges for freedom and for commitment. The conflict between being the Lone Ranger and being a responsible part of the community will be with us for the entire year, but this eclipse will open new doors for reconciliation of those urges.

One obvious way they are being harmonized for the U.S. is in the expansion of NAFTA into the FTAA, which includes the entire western hemisphere, except for Cuba. We can see this clearly because this eclipse closely affects all nations of North America. Its greatest power, Pluto, is in expansive Sagittarian energy, driven by the U.S. Ascendant. And it is about changing old ways of business and commerce.

Furthermore, Pluto-Mars IC lines go through Washington DC and the entire western hemisphere. The IC is the Cancer house position of security foundations.

Along with Pluto-Mars lines, are Mercury-Jupiter lines. Mercury and Jupiter are in airy Gemini, and represent the expansion of trade and communication. Mercury and Jupiter also spread things around through the air. This can include anything, from microbes and pollen to smoke and fire. High winds are likely. This is supported by the great Pluto-Mars power of adventure.
This is Jupiter’s last hurrah in airy Gemini. In one week he enters Cancer, where he will help us grow our security.
Pluto-Mars–and Jupiter-Mercury– lines also go through Africa, the Middle East, and Russia, as well as China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Sabian Symbol for 14 Capricorn is

"AN ANCIENT BAS-RELIEF CARVED IN GRANITE REMAINS A WITNESS TO A LONG-FORGOTTEN CULTURE. The will to unearth, in our culture as well as in any culture, what has permanent value, and to let go of nonessentials. At a time when in nearly every land people are questioning and challenging the validity of traditional beliefs and customary attitudes, it becomes necessary to separate permanent values and great principles or symbols from the many individual habits and the socio-political developments which more often than not have perverted or even negated the original ideals of the culture. We must strive to free these ideals from the wild growth of personal and class selfishness, from the greed and ambition so prevalent in human nature, and learn to appreciate the excellence of what is the immortal seed-foundation, as well as the spiritual harvest, of any culture–and by extension of every sustained work produced by humans. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE."

For those of us who are U.S. citizens, remembering the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence is very pertinent now.

Moon goes VOC immediately after the Eclipse, and we are left free for the next two days to absorb the potent energy in our own way. At 12:44 a.m. Venus enters Gemini to bring desire, art, beauty, love and goodies to the big Gemini line-up. Communication will thrive for the rest of July. So will all movement through the air, such as air travel.

FRIDAY JULY 6. Moon is VOC until 7:33 p.m., when it enters Aquarius. Use the day to wind down from the Independence celebrations, and yesterday’s dynamic Lunar Eclipse. Today technology and science head the list of favored activities. Vibes tonight are lively, loving, and inventive. Re-invent your own future.
We’re still feeling keenly the Cancer-Capricorn re-balancing now occurring–satisfying our emotional comfort levels at the same time as we maintain security.

This is son George Bush’s birthday.

SATURDAY JULY 7 and SUNDAY JULY 8. The energy this weekend, although still complex, is simpler and lighter than we’ve experienced for weeks. There may be a feeling of relief. It’s a great period for listening to your own muse and creating your own music. It’s also a time for friendship. We would enjoy a gathering of friends coming together for a far-out purpose. Healing, invention, and new ideas can proliferate.

MONDAY JULY 9. Moon is in Pisces, with loving, optimistic vibes. Going with the flow may yield surprising benefits. Intuition is our forte today. Meditate on clarifying your intent to best utilize the wheels of change now turning so rapidly.

TUESDAY JULY 10. Moon continues in Pisces, but with much harsher, tougher aspects. Strategizing for the next week begins today, as we rearrange our pieces on the chessboard. There are apt to be some jolts as things switch around, but the day ends smoothly. Ideals can guide us.

WEDNESDAY JULY 11. This is an extremely far-sighted and visionary day. We can finish getting our chess pieces in place for the big move. Moon goes VOC at 8:09 p.m., and half an hour later it enters rambunctious Aries. In the meantime, Moon, at the very end of Pisces, squares Jupiter and Mercury at the tail end of Gemini. Last degrees are intense; the pressure to finish up the work of that sign is merciless. These degrees also re-activate the Solstice Eclipse. Strange doings are likely. Stay centered.

THURSDAY JULY 12. Love and bounty rain down on us. Moon in enthusiastic Aries gathers the forces of Venus, conditional love, and Neptune, unconditional love, and combines them with her passionate desire. We go for what we truly want. Saturn in the mix helps us to make our dreams a reality. The challenge is to make necessary releases.

At 6:29 p.m. Mercury and Jupiter conjoin in the final seconds of Gemini, minutes before they move into Cancer to set off the Solstice Eclipse energy. Jupiter and Mercury together are visionary, yet practical and commonsensical, excellent for business, and they begin a new one-year cycle now. This new cycle will have the character of Gemini, a sign of relatedness, connections, communication, and trade, which is also good for business.

Because of Mercury’s retrograde trip, this is the third Jupiter-Mercury conjunction within two months. The first one occurred on May 16, when GW released his energy plan, heavy on fossil fuel use. The second conjunction occurred on June 18, just after GW returned from Europe, where his approach to the world energy crisis met hostility. Whatever was in your life at those times—and now—will show you the theme of this new one-year cycle for you.

Mercury-Jupiter is also about traveling, and spreading the word. In Gemini the reference is to short trips, and neighborhood connections. This next year is Get Acquainted With Your Neighborhood Year.

Mercury moves through home-loving Cancer for the rest of the month, and Jupiter moves through business-security minded Cancer for the entire next year. Both planets will bring the communication skills of Gemini into their Cancerian endeavors.

Gemini and Cancer will both be major signs during the coming year. People with planets in those signs, especially Sun, are apt to find success in business and other endeavors during this next year.

At 10:17 p.m. Moon in Aries trines Pluto in Sagittarius to move the new eclipse changes right along in the fire element’s incontrovertible way. A few hours later Moon trines Mars. We may not want to sleep through these spirited fire trines.

FRIDAY JULY 13. Last Quarter Moon at 22 Aries occurs at 2:45 p.m. This is perfect timing. Cancer, by nature, wants to hang onto her security. But she has felt two eclipses since the beginning of her cycle, as well as two planets beginning new cycles in Cancer. Thus much change is mandated for Cancer. Finally, at Last Quarter, we reach release time, where old forms of security must be surrendered. This is difficult for Cancer. But Cancer is very sensitive to Moon, and now Aries Moon steps in and provides the push, vigor, and excitement to let old things go, and initiate new adventures which will thrust us all into new, and likely very different, security nets.

There are many and close aspects between the planets now, showing much action and a great opportunity for integration—or more likely, reintegration. Key energies are technological and scientific, including nuclear power and breakthroughs in a variety of disciplines. This is an inventive chart.

The focal point in this chart is Transpluto at 26 Leo, which is part of both a grand trine in fire, and a fixed grand cross. Transpluto is the energy of resurrection, of regeneration. Like Pluto, it transforms and reforms, in this case Leo command centers—who’s in charge here?—and Leo drama and heart energy. Transpluto works very deeply and over a long period of time.

Transpluto entered Leo as the world was preparing for—and beginning—WW II. The U.S. emerged from that War as the major world industrial power. It may now be beginning a new phase of trade and weapons dominance.

This Moon is on GW’s natal Aries midheaven and his solar return Aries descendant, showing that he will project it forcefully. It also opposes six of his progressed planets in Libra, further indicating enormous Aries projection on his part.

Moon now conjoins the U.S. Chiron in Aries and squares the U.S. Mercury in Cancer. This shows a great infusion of maverick Chirotic energy into the thought forms of the U.S. It enhances the wild nature of Sagittarius.

This is an exceedingly dynamic Moon. It shows outlines of adventuring into a new world, and leaving the old one behind. This final quarter is visionary and revolutionary.

The Sabian Symbol for 22 Aries is "THE GATE TO THE GARDEN OF ALL FULFILLED DESIRES. Abundance made possible by human togetherness and togetherness. COSMIC OPTIMISM."

SATURDAY JULY 14 and SUNDAY JULY 15. Moon is in peaceful Taurus, but many of the active Quarter Moon energies still prevail. All of the asteroids have a prominent role now. This means that our daily lives are being impacted by current happenings. With Taurus Moon we may be attracted to those things immediately around us—our homes, our kitchens, our gardens, nature. There is tension in the air; the fixed grand cross still dominates the heavens. We may feel our backs are against the wall, and that we are forced to give up something dear to us. Commander Pallas Athena in late Scorpio is in control, and in that position she is a master strategist and ruthless manipulator.

Venus conjoins Saturn now, at 11 Gemini. This begins a one-year business and building cycle in Geminian affairs—information, communication, connecting, trading, and business itself. Saturn is comfortable with the tangible, and this bodes well for home, land, and business buying.

Saturn likes organized plans, and this is a good weekend to firm up specific goals, and plans to achieve them.

With the Jupiter-Mercury conjunction in Gemini two days ago, and now the Saturn-Venus conjunction, we move into a year in which Gemini energy is well fortified and well grounded. Steady focus and personal attention will lead to success in Geminian endeavors. Communication is central to Gemini.

The U.S. has Uranus—reform and technology—and Mars—assertion—in Gemini.

MONDAY JULY 16. Moon makes a jolting aspect at 3:41 a.m., and then goes VOC until it enters lively Gemini at 2:26 p.m. Gemini overtakes us, and we become spontaneous, inquisitive, and talkative. Energy picks up, and becomes directed. We have all these people we want to talk with, and connections we want to make. Be prepared for a wakeful night

TUESDAY JULY 17. We are super-active today, as Moon jumps into our current powerful Gemini-Sagittarius fray. We may find ourselves of two minds about many things, able to see both sides.

Early today Venus makes another major aspect. It opposes Pluto. This is an aspect of obsession with getting what we want, and also of being opposed by powerful interests. Love and power must dance together now.

As the day wears on, restrictive Saturn, powerful Pluto, vacillating Venus, and aggressive Mars all come into play, one after another. This could be a confusing and difficult day. We do, however, get a good feel for our current Sagittarius-Gemini opposition, and the balancing act of wisdom and understanding which it asks of us.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar considers this the central opposition of our time, particularly expressed through the U.S.

In The Astrology of America’s Destiny, Dane in 1973 wrote,

"The fight is on, as perhaps never before, and the basic area of conflict is the mind of the American men and women, even if this conflict is so often masked and distorted by emotional whirlpools and devotional glamour. This conflict is inherent in the whole Western civilization, and has been since the days of ancient Greece. In a sense it is the conflict between individualism and holism, individual freedom and group participation, intellectual curiosity and soul-wisdom, Gemini and Sagittarius."

Moon does something very unusual for these next three days. It occults, i.e. covers, Saturn and Venus today, Jupiter tomorrow, and Mercury on Thursday. These are eclipses, in this case not of the sun, but of these four planets. These are the four Gemini planets which have just begun new cycles. Something of these new beginnings will be eclipsed, and something more ancient will emerge. The eclipse of Saturn occurs over South America, and the eclipse of Venus occurs over Canada and the U.S.

Saturn will continue to be occulted every month well into 2002, so this is a cumulative process of change. Saturn in Gemini refers to structures of communication and commerce. Let us watch for the meaning of this unusual series of occultations in our lives.

(I just experienced the June 19 occultation of Saturn. Saturn rules teeth, and I was at the dentist for a teeth cleaning. My teeth were SUPER tender, as they’ve never been.)

Jupiter is occulted three more times this year. The December 30, 2001 Lunar Eclipse (at 9 Cancer) sits right between an occultation of Saturn and then of Jupiter.

The locations, the timing, the signs, and the planets look like facilitation of the rapid development of the FTAA, the Free Trade Association of the Americas.

Jupiter and Saturn are those big planets which are associated with the work of the world. They are now operating on the energy of their conjunction in Taurus of May 2000.

This is very connected to the Bush Energy Plan, which says that the U.S. needs to have control over world oil, beginning with Latin America.

WEDNESDAY JULY 18. Moon is VOC in Gemini today, and we may need to just relax after yesterday’s super energy sprint. Reading, writing, chatting, or being on the Net would be satisfying ways to channel today’s residue.

Pallas Athena turns direct today at 28 Scorpio. She has been slow and intense since she backed into Scorpio at the June 21 Solstice Eclipse, repeating her powerful Inauguration placement. She will remain in Scorpio until Aug. 16, just before Pluto turns direct. Pallas is the strategist, the pattern-maker, and the defender, and in Scorpio she stops at nothing to do her job. All defensive systems, including the immune system, are under her purview. She is associated with AIDS, particularly in Scorpio and Sagittarius, where she travels during most of 2001.

Moon enters Cancer at 5:56 p.m. and restarts the eclipse action. At 8:08 p.m. Moon occults Jupiter, that energy of growth and expansion. That Jupiterian eclipse is visible over Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean. Hope and optimism may prevail tonight. This is the first time Moon has joined Jupiter since Jupiter’s entrance into Cancer, and tonight we can be newly sensitive to its meaning for us.

THURSDAY JULY 19. Moon is in sensitive Cancer, getting ready to bring us our second New Moon in Cancer tomorrow. But in the meantime, it has some work to complete. Today Moon occults Mercury, the messenger. This eclipse is visible all around the Arctic, including Alaska, northern Canada, and northern Europe. The many occultations this year may relate to a stepped-up pace of global warming. Notice your thoughts and feelings today, and how they are tied together. Is there something new? Or prophetic? Or an ancient wisdom coming through you?

This is dark-of-the-moon time, when it’s best to be in quiet meditation and visualize the future. But quiet may be difficult, for Mars speaks out loud and clear now, as it turns direct. It turns exactly opposite Venus, who is filled with the heavy Saturn-Pluto energy which she’s been picking up this week. Mars adds to her malefic load, and poor Venus will not be feeling loving at all.

All planets around the middle areas of all the mutable signs—Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo—are under harsh pressures now.

Mars and Venus together are about creativity, love, desire, and aggression. An opposition shows awareness and is a turning point in their cycle. This cycle began at 4 Cancer at Solstice 2000, a year ago. It conjoined the U.S. Venus, and relates to national desires for security and comfort. The Bush Administration has been aggressively pursuing satisfaction of those needs at any cost.

Now we have new light on those Venus-Mars issues, and it is blinding light, with Mars stationary-direct at this moment. Furthermore, Mars conjoins powerful Pluto and is on the U.S. Ascendant. There is the opportunity now to see the destruction we are wreaking with our lifestyle, and to broaden our definition of "home and comfort" to include the entire earth as our home—which it is.

NOW we are ready for our second new moon in Cancer, which gives us another chance to rework our Cancerian energy field.

FRIDAY JULY 20. New Moon at 29 Cancer occurs at 3:44 p.m. EDT. The first New Moon in Cancer, on June 21, was a total Solar Eclipse. Now we have Cancer uneclipsed, and with another full month to hold sway. Sun will be in Leo during most of this time. This is a trip. Sun is very strong in Leo, its natural sign. But who is guiding it? Cancer, the Moon Lady, Daughter of the Night. Leo the Lion might be unusually moody and reticent this month, as he finds himself feeling pulled off center as he responds to Moon’s phases, and her journey through the different signs. Watery Cancer is at home with these daily rhythms, but fiery Sun might get steamed, literally and figuratively.

The perfect person to express this strange juxtaposition is GW, who has a Cancer Sun and Leo Ascendant, and deals with it every day. Furthermore, his Solar Return midheaven is at this degree, meaning that this is the month for him to achieve his Cancerian goals.

And his goals are definitely Cancerian, i.e., protective, for Bush has Saturn at 27 Cancer, also conjoined by this New Moon.

This New Moon is also a launching pad for a new push of U.S. business power. It opposes the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, the energy of the plutocrat.

For each of us, this is a chance to redo our security arrangements. We’ve been through many changes in Cancerian matters since a month ago, and now we can incorporate those changes into our lives in a more durable way. Jupiter and Mercury are both in Cancer now to help us be conscious of what we’re doing, and to provide new opportunities for new foundations.

This Moon trines Pallas Athena, freshly direct and eager to get moving, in the effective sign of Scorpio. We know what we need to do, and we can figure out how to do it.

In the chart set for Washington, Pallas Athena is on the Scorpio Ascendant, primed for action. Pallas Athena in Scorpio can be ruthless, and has a talent for political manipulation. In the Inauguration chart she is a major player in the Bush Administration. She opposes Vesta in Taurus on the descendant, and thus the action concerns a rebalancing of money and resources. The fixed grand cross is still in orb, and with Uranus involved, surprises are possible.

Just-direct Mars, filled with potential, also sits in the aggressive first house, accompanied by Pluto and Chiron, no shrinking violets. Mars is now headed towards Chiron, and they will meet the day Pluto turns direct, Aug. 23, to create a very big splash. That action begins right now, with Mars’ direct turn.

Mars in Sagittarius is very much of an adventurer, ready to take risks and explore new horizons. During this summer he may, in fact, be out of control. All aggressive activity now carries a very big wallop. On the one hand, it is time now to forge ahead. On the other hand, look ahead and think about the consequences of your actions. Mars will enter new territory, Capricorn, to secure the ramparts on Sept. 8.

The Sabian Symbol for 29 Cancer is

"A GREEK MUSE WEIGHING NEWBORN TWINS IN GOLDEN SCALES. The intuitive weighing of alternatives. The pro and con operation of the mind when faced with a vital decision. The "Muse" shows that forces deeper or higher than intellect are doing the weighing, i.e., the intuitive mind. INNER PRESENTATION OF ALTERNATIVES."

This New Moon goes through western United States, Russia and the Middle East, Korea, Japan and the South Pacific, and Europe.

The difficult Mars-Pluto-Saturn combination is concentrated in Colombia, Europe, the western half of Africa (right through Cape Town), and southeast Asia and Indonesia. It also goes through western Alaska and Hawaii.

Mars and Mercury go through Russia and China. All in all, it is Europe that is most affected by these Moon energies. Paris is a world center of action.

Moon goes VOC after New Moon. It enters Leo at 6:43 p.m. to start the sunny Leo energy rolling. Leo and Cancer will play together for the 4 weeks of this Cancer sun-moon month, and tonight we begin the dance. Fire and water—could be a steamy month!

SATURDAY JULY 21. Moon is in expressive Leo, ready for fun. Leo is a fixed fire sign, tough enough to deal with the harsh Mars-Pluto-Saturn-Chiron combo of the last month, which may have been difficult for sensitive Cancer. Today we can accomplish, or begin, big things. Whether or not we choose a physical challenge as our central work, the energy mandates some kind of physical output. Tonight is romantic and loving, and Venus is very happy to be out of the clutches of those big guys who think they’re so cool.

SUNDAY JULY 22. Moon is VOC in Leo until 6:29 p.m., when it enters Virgo. This day is completely yours, to do with as you will. Leo Moon encourages pleasure, creativity, and expressiveness. It’s the heart sign; follow your heart.

At 2:26 p.m. Sun enters Leo to encourage dramatizing yourself. After Moon enters Virgo this evening we may look for intellectual challenge. Tonight can be very pleasant in every way, whether you spend it listening to your inner self or expanding your mind—or whatever. Energy now makes a good transition to a strong work week.

MONDAY JULY 23. Moon is in Virgo, willing to work with our tough Saturn-Pluto-Mars-Chiron combo, and use that intense energy for some major problem-solving. Balancing—or rebalancing—resources is the major theme. There may be some hassles today, but after 7 p.m. things are smoother. Take the time tonight to summarize what you learned, and where you are right now. Tie up loose ends, even if you have to stay up late to do it.

TUESDAY JULY 24. Moon is VOC in Virgo until it enters Libra at 7:08 p.m. Virgo likes to work, and likes things ordered, and we may find ourselves irritable as we attend to distractions and unexpected interruptions. Reach out to Virgo’s opposite, Pisces, and surrender to the flow. Yet be alert. You might find you achieve your goals in surprising ways. Loving partnership and family connections close the day nicely.

WEDNESDAY JULY 25. With Moon in Libra we can create a dance for two with the harsh energies of the times. This is harmonizing day. Make those challenging connections, express yourself, negotiate for what you want. We have from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. to smooth out difficult relationships. Two essentials are listening to others—walk in their shoes—and honesty with yourself.

THURSDAY JULY 26. This is another good connecting day. This morning we can be successful with important contacts—although there may be a bit of debate. Moon goes VOC at 11:10 a.m. for the rest of the day. The urge to relate and communicate remains strong, but the outcomes of our connections are unpredictable. Expect surprises. You may receive some news which realigns your affections, but it works out to your benefit. Moon enters intense Scorpio at 10:17 p.m.

FRIDAY JULY 27. No laying abed this morning. First Quarter Moon at 5 Scorpio occurs at 6:08 a.m. But dreams may be vivid. Neptune has it all the way now—with a good dose of Jupiter.

I’m writing this while traveling in the bus. I was just about to write that with this combination we can lose our grounding cord and get carried away by dreams and unrealistic expectations. Just at that moment there was a terrible squeal of tires, and I looked up to see an SUV roll over with a huge crash. It was making a left turn, and seemingly out of nowhere a speeding driver crashed into it.

This is an example of what can happen when we’re not alert to the world around us. Always with Neptune, and often with Jupiter, we need to make a concerted and conscious effort to stay grounded and keep our wits about us. Or we crash.

Neptune is the gateway to Dreamland, and all its mysterious dimensions. It’s the Cosmic Channel, Keeper of all the images of the universe. It’s the great void, where all dissolves. It is seductive. It leads us into heaven or hell, often both at the same time, as with addiction.

It rules life cycles, and fossil fuels.

And Hollywood. Fantasy is Neptune’s keynote. Fantasy can be delightful, and when we are immersed in it we can lost sight of reality. Everyone who has felt disillusioned or betrayed by a lover has known this experience.

Neptune is divinity. It is unconditional love. The trick is to stay open to the divine while applying it to daily life. Says the Zen master, "Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water."

Neptune runs the gamut from the highest inspiration to the greatest deception. Scrupulous honesty and devotion to everyday reality are essential to learn to work with this elusive energy. I believe it takes many lifetimes. Jesus Christ is an example of a master of Neptune.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is naturally part of ordinary life, and relatively easy to work with. It rules balloons, and here we can see its pitfalls—getting carried away with one’s own magical abilities, and losing sight of the ground. Jupiter was, after all, King of the Gods.

When it combines with Neptune, Never-Never Land may be irresistible.

As you may be gathering, Neptune is the most important thing about this time. But of course there’s more.

Sun is now at 5 Leo, and Moon is at 5 Scorpio, a fixed square. This in itself is notable, because the New Moon was in cardinal sign Cancer, and now, just as we’re striving hard to break through barriers and to make progress at First Quarter, we are working in a completely different mode from the seeds which we planted at New Moon. We shift from reaching for security to reaching for power, a fixed sign goal.

And this is a powerful chart for having and holding a new vision.

The wheel is almost identical to GW’s chart wheel, with Leo rising and Aries on the midheaven.

Sun now is exactly on the expressive Ascendant, doubling the spontaneous fire power of the chart. Moon sits in its natural place, the fourth house. In Scorpio it can be ruthless about seeing to its security. Pallas Athena, still in Scorpio, joins Moon to offer her astute guidance.

In the seventh house, opposing Sun and squaring Moon, sending its vibes straight to them, is Neptune in Aquarius, right out front where it meets the public. This same Neptune is now transiting that same place in GW’s chart. He is an instrument for Neptune’s work during the whole of 2001, in fact.

Neptune’s work is unification. Neptune knows that we are all one. This Neptune is in Aquarius. Unity comes, then, through reform, and through science and technology.

These are all fixed signs, and there will be resistance. Navigation instructions are to go for your vision, but carefully check its reality quotient and adjust accordingly. With double Leo, you’ve got the staying power, but ego or arrogance can get in your way. Make an effort to listen to and actually work with others. Trust Scorpio Moon for the bottom line, but watch out for an obsession with control and manipulation.

This is a fascinating and relevant chart, and it shows that we are truly beginning something new. It also says, "Be aware." And have patience.

SATURDAY JULY 28. This is a deep, intense, and leave-me-alone day, not a good day to plan fairs or get-togethers. Tonight, however, we do have an urge to communicate with someone with whom we have an emotional rapport—or perhaps see a good movie.

SUNDAY JULY 29. Moon in Sagittarius pulls in creative Leo, and it’s time for fun after yesterday’s seriousness. Yes, a gathering, a fair, anything fun, exciting and adventurous calls today. The sun is shining, and highways and beaches will be crowded.

MONDAY JULY 30. Early this morning Mercury enters Leo to support sun, and just afterwards Sun makes its big opposition to Neptune. This is the halfway mark of a Neptunian cycle which began January 25. At that time 3000 rich white U.S. and European men met at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to "plan the future," as they put it. At the same time thousands of activists from all over the world met at Porto Alegre, Brazil in the World Social Forum to talk about the needs of the people of the world. Neptune is visions, and we see here two competing visions for humanity. Look back at the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon on July 20.

Beginning In early morning, the Sag Moon stirs quite a few pots today. Mind is moving quickly, and action is called for. Take time to think about what you choose to do, and pay attention to your actions. Outdoor exercise suits. Tonight we might be part of a fascinating discussion.

TUESDAY JULY 31. Moon connects with Chiron and Venus this morning to bring us some surprises, perhaps in relationships. At 12:24 p.m. Moon goes VOC in Sagittarius until it enters Capricorn at 2:16 p.m.—just enough time to go out for a special lunch. Sag always likes adventures.

The day’s main event is a conjunction of Jupiter and Juno, King and Queen of the Gods. Pres. Clinton had this conjunction in Libra in his first house, and he followed Jupiter’s pattern of chasing after other women, thus angering his wife. Queen Elizabeth also has that combination in her first house, and her husband, Prince Philip, is known to be a womanizer.

Today the royal couple sit in the family sign of Cancer, conjoined the U.S. Venus, where they start a new four-year cycle. In general, we can say that emotional closeness, familiarity, and family, will be important in relationships for the next four years. Cancer people, especially, will find expansion through intimate partnership. It will be especially important for each person to speak up for themselves, and not endure abuse.

Tonight Moon in Capricorn opposes this couple, just after renewal of their vows, to give us an emotional take on the meaning of this conjunction for us. Moon at that time is at the same place as the Solar Eclipse of last Christmas. This indicates that the Jupiter-Juno cycle just set in motion will have major impact on all and each of us.

What a significant month!

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