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Celestine Vision Maya also wrote for James and Salle Redfields' online journal.

The Mountain AstrologerDaykeeper's favorite astrology magazine. For many years, Maya wrote a bi-monthly article for TMA, and remains an occasional (though posthumous!) contributor. — read Maya's interpretation of Jerry Garcia's chart.

Satya Center — Alternative Health, Relationships and Global News... always something interesting here! Satya reprints many Daykeeper articles as well.

Body Mind Spirit Directory International directory of holistic health, metaphysics, natural healing, spirituality and conscious living resources—whatever you're looking for, you can find it here!

Publishers and Presses

Hay House - The inspirational writings of Louse Hay, and many others. Search Hay House products by topic.

Inner Traditions - Fascinating, high-quality books for body, mind and spirit.

Llewellyn - A premier U.S. publisher of astrological and occult works.

A Few of Our Favorite Astrologers

Astrologer-artist Frederick Woodruff - astrology blog and "Alchemy for What Ails You."

Jean Greer - astrologer Jean Greer has been an astrological matchmaker since 1988!

Mooncircles - Dana Gerhardt's wonderful moon-centered site features insights, meditations, forums, resources and more.

Jessica Murray - writer and astrologer whose book Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer's View of America is available now from Amazon.

Stars Over America - Edith Thayer's web site and book focus on astro-political analysis of current events and public figures.

World Astrology - Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown's books are packed with insights drawn from Chinese and other astrological traditions.

Karmic Tools - Daykeeper subscriber Kelly Beard runs a site filled with information and original interpretation: a weekly forecast, retrograde info, monthly exercises and much more.

Friends Writer Amy Martin's spirited celebration of the moon, the Goddess, and seasonal cycles. Information, rituals and links.

Center for Spirited Medicine — read Connie Grauds' book Jungle Medicine (reviewed August 2001) about her transformational encounters with shamanism and the healing powers of the Amazon rainforest. Sign up for workshops and shamanic journeys to the Peruvian Amazon and Hawaii.

Gudrun Bergmann — originator of the Viking divination cards; companion and guide on Maya's 2000/2001 Iceland tours.

Shared Wisdom - Shaman, anthropologist and author Dr. Hank Wesselman (SpiritWalker, MedicineMaker, Visionseeker), and his wife, healing professional Jill Kuykendall, share their vision, their wisdom, and their amazing and wonderful shamanic workshop schedule.

Thom Hartmann - Author, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight (reviewed in April 2001).

Astrology Resource Sites

Astronumerics — This is the site for information, resources and tools for Astro*Carto*Graphy.

Astrology3d — the cutting edge of video astrology—see your chart change through time.

Vedic Astrology — India's ancient astrological tradition. Astrology Pages — fantastic resource for all things astrological.

Other Resources

The Intuitive Connections Network — an online magazine & community inspired by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies.

University of Metaphysical Sciences — advanced degrees in metaphysics; distance learning, teacher training, higher education for spiritual unfoldment

Hairfish Graphics — astrological clip art.

SpiritSearch — a search directory specializing in spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal topics.

Hindu Arts — Hindu gods and goddesses, arts and jewelry.