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Maya del Mar's December 2002 Daily Success Guide

by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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SUNDAY DECEMBER 1. This is a very intense, determined day. Strong emotions rule us, and we are apt to be compulsive about following through on manifesting those feelings, even if we hurt someone. Try to avoid manipulation, and be conscious of being fair and civil with others. If we are able to be straightforward and cooperative, great teamwork is possible. Secrets may be an issue, either a desire for secrecy or the exposure of secrets, especially in regard to relationships.

One of the month’s steady aspects is exact today: Neptune in Aquarius trines the North Node in Gemini. This shows that visionary ideas are coming into fruition this month. Neptune also clouds and veils reality, so that perception is distorted. Know that we may not be seeing things clearly. Be aware of whose visions and what visions are guiding you. Neptune rules oil, and indicates that oil dominates the thoughts of many.

It is very important to work to be clear in our own visions now, rather than getting swept up into others’.

Saturn, Vesta, and Mercury begin a one-week dance today. Mercury is about communication and movement. Saturn relates to tradition, to authority, and to all structured forms. Vesta shows where we focus and dedicate ourselves. Communicating about the preservation of traditional forms is one possibility. For instance, we might be preparing for Christmas or for family get-togethers, and traveling or writing to connect with others.

Vesta is also associated with finances—in fact, with all investments. Thus the re-forming of our financial situation is indicated during this coming week.

Saturn with Vesta also indicates caution, and a strong focus on security.

A feeling of anticipation underlies this day. We are in the old moon phase, and can envision a new future unfolding with the Solar Eclipse in a few days.

MONDAY DECEMBER 2. This is not a day to strive. It is, rather, a day to feel deeply and to let our spirits soar into the future. We can rise to magnanimity, even nobility. With Moon in Scorpio, we can find hidden and precious things.

TUESDAY DECEMBER 3. Moon is traveling in generous Sagittarius. This is a day when we can release all our burdens, and just be a child of the universe. Let us open our imaginations and our creative impulses. Fly with the clouds, sing with the birds, dance with the wind. Let yourself be empty so that tomorrow’s New Moon energy can fill you.

People in the Pacific Time Zone will experience the New Moon at 11:34 p.m. PST (and the Eclipse center at 11:38 p.m. PST). Eclipses, especially solar eclipses, can often zap our vitality. Take it easy. Relax and open yourself to the new messages from the universe.

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 4. New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 12 Sagittarius occurs at 2:34 a.m. EST. This eclipse conjoins the South Node of the Moon, which means letting go of something from the past. It is a solar eclipse, so that past is an old consciousness.

This Eclipse is about releasing old beliefs and values.

In the case of Sagittarius, we are releasing a particular philosophy, a moral code, an understanding or belief which has been a guide to our expansion in the world. We may also be releasing a freedom of belief and expression, and a sense of unexplored horizons ahead of us. This may lead us to feel closed in by North Nodal Gemini details. Sagittarius is the Preacher and the Troubadour. His main thrust is to spread ideas, often wrapped in moral imperatives.

A major shift in how we relate to the expansive sign of Sagittarius is underscored by the concurrent change of direction of Sag’s planet, Jupiter, who turns retrograde today, right under this Eclipse influence. Jupiter is the ruling planet of the U.S. Sag-rising chart. Does Jupiter retrograding at this time mean the U.S. is turning back the clock? Both Washington and Jefferson warned against "entangling alliances." So did John Quincy Adams, although he was quite willing to tell Europe to stay away from Latin America.

This change in our Sagittarian outlook is further underscored by the degree at which Jupiter turns retrograde—19 Leo, the degree of that historic August 11, 1999 Eclipse.

Here we have two eclipses at once, encompassing our Jupiterian-Sagittarian expansion and adventuring. This means major major change in how we relate to the world.

This is true for all of us. Our understanding of the world and how we view our place in it will radically change, over time, for each of us. With this Solar Eclipse we begin a new cycle of our overview of broad issues, and it will be informed by a retrograde Jupiter, which helps us turn inward and re-evaluate our beliefs.

The four-month retrograde period of Jupiter will bring the past up for us to look at with a discerning eye, and will help us to judge prevailing stories, myths, and beliefs with skepticism. It is an opportunity for us to look within and see what we ourselves really believe, and discover the codes we really want to live by.

As people’s inner beliefs strengthen, opposition to others’ different beliefs can grow. Fanaticism and its subsequent conflict can increase while Jupiter is retrograde.

By shifting our viewpoints, the retrograde Jupiter, Sagittarius’ "ruler," can help us to see what to release from the past, as the South Node asks of us. By the time of the opposite Gemini Solar Eclipse on May 30, 2003, we will be much more clear about where we stand.

And the organization of the world will be very different by then.

This Eclipse conjoins the major planetary signature of the third millennium.

The signature of the third millennium is a Pluto-Chiron conjunction which occurred on the eve of our entrance into a new century and a new millennium, December 30, 1999.

This conjunction is at 12 Sagittarius, the degree of today’s Eclipse.

Pluto and Chiron both throw us into situations where we must transform. In so doing, we access more of who we are, and become more whole. After all, if we are using only 10% of our brains, as scientists say, that leaves 90% to put into action.

Big change, then, is the name of the game in which we’re involved now and in the foreseeable future. With Pluto, it’s for the purpose of regenerating our power as human beings. With Chiron, the purpose is healing and rebalancing. Pluto helps us to access our deepest sources of energy. Chiron helps us to realign our stances in the world, so that we can participate more wholly, and also be more deeply and widely involved.

This Eclipse will help us remove those old ideas and points of view which block the deep transformations signified by Pluto and Chiron together.

The destiny of the U.S. is intimately tied up with this Eclipse—and the destiny of the world is tied up with that of the U.S.

This Sagittarius Solar Eclipse occurs on the Ascendant of the U.S. Sibly chart. This is the most intimate place on the chart, the place where we are conscious of ourselves as personalities, the place where we naturally project our energies.

The character and the consciousness of that projection as a nation will change for the United States.

We are accustomed to seeing ourselves as the happy-go-lucky sailor, traveling around the world and bringing goodies and freedom to all. We may leave some broken hearts behind us, but still we are welcome in every port. This self-perception is changing, and will continue to change greatly.

True power cannot be realized until we recognize the shadow. For Sagittarius, the quest, the pursuit of the truth, is all-important. The shadow is a blindness to others as living, breathing, human beings who have needs and feelings that need to be respected and attended to.

Sagittarius is a larger-than-life sign. It is, after all, the sign associated with Jupiter, King of the Gods. All Sag action is on a grand scale, including its shadow expression.

Not until there is acknowledgment and understanding of the shadow, can Sag’s power be whole and healthy and truly strong. The U.S. is now in the throes of beginning that process. Much destruction can ensue, for besides doing things in a big way, Sag is at heart a gambler, willing to risk all.

This eclipse has many other important and close connections to the U.S. chart. They show the heavy involvement of the U.S. Administration, the high tech skill of the U.S., the need to meet a challenge, regardless of the consequences, the willfulness and independence of the nation, the activation of the military, the need to protect investments, the willingness to engage in unheard-of or unsanctioned actions, and the likelihood of delusions and denial.

Black Holes Nemesis and Hel are featured now.

The Eclipse chart set for Washington DC has Black Hole Nemesis rising (as in the 9-11 attack chart), and Black Hole Hel at its foundation, on the nadir.

Black Hole Nemesis is at 13 Libra. I have discussed her in relation to the 9-11 attack Ascendant, the position of messenger Mercury at that time, the U.S. Saturn (the Administration), and the September 6 New Moon (during which I had a vision of the earth sealed in black). It was Nemesis who gave retribution to those who had been favored by the gods, and did not generously share their blessings. They could be stripped of everything.

Black Hole Hel is at 19 Capricorn. She was the Norse Goddess of Death and the Underworld. She had power over nine worlds, and became immensely wealthy, with great tracts of land surrounded by high fences and a high, strong gate.

According to expert Alex Miller-Mignone, Hel can be identified by her accoutrements. Her knife is Hunger and her plate is Starvation. The threshold of her home is Pitfall. Her resting place is Sickbed, and the curtain surrounding it is Awkward Disaster.

Alex tells us that Hel is connected with such energy-sucking institutions as the United Nations, the CIA, and the New York Stock Exchange. She is allied with the first controlled nuclear reaction and the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima. Several repressive countries have connections with Hel.

In addition, Pluto is now entering the domains of Black Holes Inanna and Erishkegal (See Alex’s article in the November 2002 issue of Daykeeper), where it will be traveling for the next two years. Inanna had to strip herself of everything as she entered the dark and terrible realm of her sister, Erishkegal, from which she eventually emerged renewed. Again we see the importance of acknowledging the shadow. This can be a difficult process, especially for Sagittarius, who may not even believe in shadows.

So, are we going to war with Iraq?

We are certainly on a war track. Not only are the planets in accord right now, but the U.S. elite has been wanting control of Iraq’s oil for at least three-quarters of a century. The stifling of popular and political dissent is well under way through the creation of a climate of fear, and the U.S. Administration is more than ready to take what it wants, by any means.

The coming war will be—already has been—the major driver of our changing perceptions of ourselves as "Americans," the "good guys."

Pluto is in Sagittarius from 1995-2008. For at least the last thousand years, whenever Pluto is traveling through Sagittarius the world has been rearranged—both through wars and through exploration.

The last time, with Pluto in Sag from 1748-1762, the Seven Years War rearranged European boundaries, and the French and Indian War (begun by young George Washington) rearranged sovereignties in the New World. The Sahab Dynasty, which to this day governs Kuwait, was also put into place then.

The Sabian Symbol for 12 Sagittarius is

"A FLAG TURNS INTO AN EAGLE: THE EAGLE INTO A CHANTICLEER SALUTING THE DAWN. The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations. In the background of this strange allegory we can recognize the deep-seated belief that the American nation and its basic democratic institutions were constituted to be the cradle for a new step in human evolution. The "flag" is the abstract symbol of the nation; it becomes an "eagle’—another U.S. symbol—when the concept is made alive by bold and transcendent action. Flying at such an altitude, the eagle is the first living creature to perceive the rising sun. Having perceived it, he heralds it—and believes that he is responsible for the coming of a new day.

This symbol is completely future-oriented. It speaks of "peak experiences" instead of the wisdom found in the orgasmic depth of body-consciousness. It urges us to bring our noblest ideals to actual life through the power of the spiritual will. ANNUNCIATION."

This is a hopeful symbol. As we undergo the crucible of the death-dealing Plutonic process, we become strengthened and regenerated. We can emerge from that vortex of darkness into a bright new day.

New Moon energies envelop the world.

This New Moon rises throughout Europe, and sets in the Far East. It is on the nadir through the West Coast, and on the Midheaven through Central Asia. Rising indicates beginnings, and setting indicates endings. Nadir shows foundations, and midheaven shows how we meet the world. The world sees us there.

Warrior Mars runs through Alaska and Hawaii, the East Coast, and much of Latin America. It’s especially strong through all of Europe, all of Africa, and China, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The latitudes between 20N and 42N are particularly active, as well as the identical Southern latitudes, between 20S and 42S. These latitude belts go around the entire globe, and include the heart of the temperate climate areas.

The Solar Eclipse itself has a pathway of totality across southern Africa, very similar to the Total Solar Eclipse path of June 21, 2001. This repetition is most unusual. This eclipse ends in southern Australia, near Adelaide. Chaos abounds in the southern part of Africa, and is beginning to hit Australia. Astro*Carto*Graphy maps show that both areas will be very active this coming year.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 5. Yesterday was a long and busy day, filled with aspects. The last lunar aspect was at 2:55 a.m. EST today, and then Moon went VOC in Sagittarius, giving us a little time to assimilate the potent Eclipse.

Moon enters hard-driving Capricorn at 8:39 a.m. Some of us may want to push quickly ahead with our projects and plans, but others may be de-vitalized by the Eclipse. Sunday is really the first day when energy flows smoothly again.

This morning is great—assuming we’re not zapped out. Our intuition is working overtime, and we can come up with an abundance of new ideas, as well as realizing how we can make them practical. Keep your notebook handy.

Juno and Mars conjoin in Scorpio early this morning, during the VOC Moon. Here is a peak of intense, probably compulsive, action undertaken to achieve one’s ends. Abuse and victimization are possible consequences. It is important to strive for fairness and equality. Protection of territory and investments are motives.

Again, resolution of conflicts instigated now will occur next May.

With the Mars-Juno conjunction, we begin a new four-year cycle of intimate relationships. Our one-to-one relationships will be intense and very creative. The high side is the opportunity for great healing, productivity, and transformation. The low side is inequality, domination, manipulation, and resulting anger and revenge.

Juno is also connected with weather and earth changes. This conjunction, with Mars stirring the Scorpio pot, indicates much stormy weather ahead for the next few years.

Moon goes VOC at 3:20 p.m., and remains VOC in Capricorn until it enters Aquarius on Saturday afternoon. During this time, Capricorn can’t depend on its well-laid plans and preparations, as it likes to do. Moon is without direction, and spontaneity and diversion prevail. Go with the flow, do routine things, and work on projects begun while Moon was on course.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 6. Today Moon may be VOC, but nevertheless there is an important non-lunar aspect today. We continue the dance begun with Vesta last Sunday. Today Mercury moves into place to give us the consciousness to understand how to cope with those obstacles which prevent us from protecting our territory and ensuring our security. Capricorn Moon can be quite determined to go for safety measures, even if she is VOC. However, remember that during VOC, the outcome of action is unpredictable. Wait until Sunday or Monday to make your moves. In the meantime, figure out your strategy, and prepare your campaign. Finances could be a major issue now.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 7. Moon enters lively Aquarius at 12:54 p.m., and heads for that love duo, Venus and Mars. The agenda includes connecting with people for whom we care, and doing something we like. Conversation with loved ones, or artistic involvement, are especially appealing. This evening we feel like really getting into the holiday season.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 8. Our Mercury-Saturn-Vesta dance finishes early this morning, and then Mercury rushes to enter Capricorn, where he picks up messages of practicality. Capricorn is sign of business and government, and authority in general. It’s a bottom line sign. In the meantime extroverted Aquarius moon is energizing movement on all fronts. This is a great day for group gatherings, or for practical Christmas shopping. Go to a Christmas fair and buy unusual, inexpensive gifts for your friends and family. Start a business venture which is both practical and geared to the future. Imagination and practicality go hand in hand today.

Today we begin a 9-day period of magical manifestation. In California, Governor Davis has called a special session of the Legislature to continue cutting the State budget. His timing is perfect. First of all, there is depth and power behind today’s actions, for Sun makes its annual conjunction with Pluto, an expert at destroying dead wood. Secondly, Sun and Pluto both trine Jupiter during these next nine days. Jupiter gives these powerhouses the magic touch. Thirdly, Sun will oppose Saturn, adding solidity and practicality to the mix. And fourthly, all the asteroids are active, showing that the issues of daily life, which we all live, will get an airing.

Retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Saturn show that we are dealing with old issues defining our connection with society. During the next nine days, Sun energizes and vitalizes all three of these planets—heavyweights Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. In the process, Sun illuminates our old friend, last year’s Pluto-Saturn opposition, which pushed us all to work hard making some deep changes in our lives. Jupiter now added to the mix gives us all opportunities for growth and success in pursuing those changes.

There are many other planetary aspects during the coming nine days. A Full Moon, which illuminates our accomplishments, tops off these dynamic days. Do take advantage of this very special period to make major moves on your path of manifestation. Another fortunate piece of timing is that we begin now with a First Quarter Moon, which is when we break through obstacles.

Morning is the best time to set things in motion, for Moon goes VOC in Aquarius at 1:35 p.m. EST. Success is promised for things started before then. West Coasters, it pays to get an early start!.

Today’s powerful Sun-Pluto conjunction begins a new one-year cycle, and with Jupiter in trine, this next year will be fortunate for growing power. Let us use it to grow our own! People born between April 6-9 are very specially favored. However, all Aries people get a special dose of the year’s golden fallout. And Aries season, in April, offers all of us extra growth opportunities.

Moon enters mystical Pisces at 8:46 p.m.

TUESDAY DECEMBER 10. Sun trines Jupiter today, and all is well. The angels are with us. On December 18, Jupiter will trine Pluto to complete the magical trine begun yesterday. This is a super-creative day. Our minds and hearts can range far and wide.

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 11. First Quarter Moon at 20 Pisces occurs at 10:48 a.m. EST. Sagittarius spreads the word, and Pisces diffuses it so that it will reach all audiences. For both signs, faith is their major strength. Work now with faith to overcome the obstacles in your path.

Today and tonight we have a combination of Moon emphasizing Pluto, Sun, and Saturn through stressful squares, along with many asteroid aspects. How do we make a creative breakthrough, and still take people’s—and our—basic needs into account? Perhaps Pallas Athena can help us figure out a strategy. Pallas in Aquarius is the voice of the future, and technology is one of her domains. Planning to upgrade your technology? Do it now. Or begin a specific plan now for your technological needs.

Aspects continue until midnight, and this can be a long, challenging, and busy day.

This moon family began last March 13, when the "Son of Star Wars" test blasted a missile from Vandenberg AFB in California to the Marshall Islands in the far Pacific Ocean. Pisces indeed covers the world—as well as the universe.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 12. Moon in gung-ho Aries squares Mercury in cautious Capricorn. Stalemate. But wait a minute. Ceres in Aries says that we can sacrifice something, and Chiron in Capricorn is about to step in to make a surprising shift in the status quo to enhance its available resources. Inventiveness wins the day. There will be much juggling of possibilities during the next few days.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 13. We have a new combination of energies during these next three days. Neptune in Aquarius is squared by Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Creative vision meets bottom line of doing whatever is necessary to make it work. Helpers are Mercury and Chiron in Capricorn, providing new and perhaps startling information about the powers that be. These five planets feed into the North and South Nodes of the Moon, where we let go of the past and move into our new destiny. That new destiny is Geminian, where information, communication, and business are featured. At the same time there is a big and surprising release during these three days..

Moon in Aries gives us the courage to explore new territory. Evening can be high-flying and fun.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 14. This day begins early with a potentially loving Venus square, moves on into productive and independent activity, goes into a long VOC period, and finishes off with a sensual, communicative and loving evening.

Again, morning is the most effective time for action, and again, we can be successful in the morning’s undertakings. Again, westerners might want to rise early. Moon goes VOC at 12:18 p.m. EST. It enters earthy Taurus at 8:43 p.m., where it begins creating a pressure-filled fixed grand cross which lasts throughout the next two days.

These can be stressful days, and we feel keenly the excitement of the coming Full Moon. One might wonder: where is the magic? The magic is in creative solutions to problems which may have been thought insoluble. Stress pushes our creativity buttons, while Venus and Mars in Scorpio help us to be resourceful.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 15. Moon is moving through determined Taurus today, and perhaps we want to hold onto old familiar habits and comforts. But that’s not in the cards. Last month’s Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus shifted us into a new reality.

We might fight change through creating tension with our loved ones this afternoon, but by evening we can resolve differences through communication.

We have a potentially undermining transit today: Mars square Neptune. Neptune diffuses Mars’ goal-oriented action, and we may feel irritable, listless, or impotent. Misunderstandings may arise. Events associated with this cycle have been global warming, Fast Track (no discussion or debate) for the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, and the Israeli’s increasing their attacks on Palestine. Israel’s Mars-Sun is, in fact, stimulated today.

Mars and Neptune can work well together when the aim is Neptunian, e.g., spiritual, artistic, or psychic. Or connected with oil.

Moon continues in Taurus, putting some helpful brakes on risk-taking action. We awaken with optimism, and yes, we can be productive. This is the midpoint of a building period which lasts from August 2001 through June 2003. Our old friends, Saturn and Pluto, are now harnessed to Sun and Jupiter’s powerfully creative transformation.

TUESDAY DECEMBER 17 and WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 18. Moon is in fast-moving Gemini, and here we are, hanging onto the TV, the radio, the telephone, and the e-mail. Information is fascinating, as the games of the last 10 days reach their climax now with a successful conclusion. We have much to share and discuss.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 19. Full Moon at 28 Gemini occurs at 2:10 p.m. EST. The Sag New Moon is about developing understanding, and a world view. The Gemini Full Moon reminds us that we need information to back up that philosophy. This is a mental polarity, and minds are working overtime now.

They are working very hard to build an information edifice, for this Gemini Moon conjoins Builder Saturn. The information incorporates the great reform which is now occurring—the world’s takeover by the World Management Team. A major step is completed now.

This is also the Full Moon for the moon family which began with the June 21 Summer Solstice Eclipse of 2001, a historically unique event.

Much happened then, but there were two particularly relevant events. One was the U.S. bringing criminal charges against 14 suspected terrorists in regard to the Khobar Towers bombing (1996). 13 of those charged were Saudis, and this made the Arab world very angry, adding to their pent-up anger at the U.S. for the cruel Palestinian occupation, which is supported by and financed by the U.S. Also, it was then that the right-wing settler violence against the Palestinians began in the West Bank.

At the first quarter of this moon family, last March 20, there was a car bombing across the street from the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru.

Terrorism seems to be the theme. Moon and Saturn, the main players now, are, in fact, close to the U.S. Mars, and they challenge the U.S. Neptune, planet of oil.

The chart cast for Washington DC shows the realignment of U.S. power towards greater world dominance.

The Sabian Symbol for 28 Gemini is

"THROUGH BANKRUPTCY, SOCIETY GIVES TO AN OVERBURDENED INDIVIDUAL THE OPPORTUNITY TO BEGIN AGAIN. A release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks. A society which enthrones the principle of ruthless competition must also develop mechanisms to exteriorize the principle of compassion. The concept of atonement is directly related to that of release from unbearable economic pressures in bankruptcy. A LIBERATION FROM THE PAST."

In regard to location, western U.S., eastern Europe, central Asia, and Australia are featured, along with many specific cities.

With every moon phase this year, there have been power lines going through the Rocky Mts. Now this New Moon, with Saturn, sits on the nadir, or foundation, there. The Rocky Mts. provide the action centers for many U.S. military operations, e.g., Norcom, the joint North American Command, Strategic Air Command, secret electromagnetic projections, and experimental weapons work. Gemini Moon with Saturn means building information. The foundation is here in the Rockies.

For the last two months, the declination of Mercury has been "out-of-bounds." This means that it is orbiting outside of the normal ecliptic band, as defined by the Sun. It is said that a planet in this position operates in a wild way, unchecked by the usual norms. Mercury includes thinking and communication. It is the planet connected with Gemini. Let us see what this Full Moon brings in the way of "out-of-bounds" thinking.

Moon goes VOC with the Full Moon, at 2:10 p.m. During the afternoon, our mood will be serious, for Moon-Saturn is a sober combination. At 6:30 p.m. Moon enters home-loving Cancer. Somebody will feel like cooking, and we can enjoy a good meal and a good book. The tension of the last two weeks is released, as in the Sabian Symbol, and we can relax.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 20. Passion, love and appreciation of dear ones come together today. We focus on family and clan loyalties.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 21. This is Winter Solstice, and we experience another all-day VOC day. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the chart for the beginning of the New Year, when the Sun begins its rise from the depths of darkness, and the days begin to lengthen. VOC Moon today means that the coming year, as well as the day, is unpredictable.

Winter Solstice occurs at 8:14 p.m. EST. The Sun enters the organizational sign of Capricorn, and it will be time, at New Moon in Capricorn on January 2, to re-organize for a new year.

In Washington DC, Sun is in the fifth house, and bold, creative self-expression is the mode for the coming year. Leo rising, with ebullient Jupiter in Leo, supports this dramatic presentation.

Sun’s closest aspect is a square to Vesta in Libra. This shows a conflict between Capricorn’s loner approach, and Libra’s need for partnership. Vesta is where we find security, so the over-riding need for partnership is clear.

Sun also squares Ceres in Aries, which indicates conflicts with labor and workers, and conflicts surrounding the entire food chain, including hunger for many. Poison in regard to food is a possibility, with a quincunx between Ceres and Juno in Scorpio.

In Washington, Mars in Scorpio, in the fourth house of security needs, is super active. It is connected especially with partnerships, as well as all other relationships. Mars in Scorpio can mean conflict. We may fight with those we need and love the most. On the other hand, Mars is essentially intense action energy, and we can use it to build and to deepen partnerships.

Moon in Cancer is the most prominent feature of this chart.

The VOC Moon, at 27 Cancer, is in the twelfth house of hidden things, often called the closet. This means it is operating behind the scenes, but in its effects, it is perhaps the strongest planet in the chart.

This Moon’s placement—by degree, sign, house, and character of the moon itself—brings up immense vistas of the past, of history beyond history.

This Cancer Moon is on the degree of GW’s Saturn (authority), which is also in his twelfth house, the place of the collective unconscious. It is very close to the natal U.S. Mercury, which is retrograde, showing that the nation’s thinking hangs onto the past (e.g., the cowboy mentality). It is exactly conjunct the U.S. Part of Fortune in the eighth house of others’ resources.

This Moon opposes the U.S. Pluto, the nation’s power, which is also retrograde, showing that power from a long-distant past is being expressed through the U.S. (e.g., the Roman Empire, the British monarchy). The Moon conjoins the nadir of GW’s Inaugural chart, which shows that the security of his
Administration is based on deep ancestral roots.

"Past" in all of these circumstances means infinite past. There are no time limits.

In addition, this Moon is on the degree of the Solar Eclipse of July 20, 2001. Not only do we have an immediate past with a particular Eclipse degree, but one of the obvious cycles of any particular eclipse runs for several hundred years, perhaps up to 1500. (That July 20 Eclipse brought us the G-8 Summit in Genoa, Italy, which was protected by missiles, police helicopters, and in which many non-violent protesters were badly beaten by police and one killed.)

GW is a child of destiny, and this is the year in which that destiny culminates.

This moon conjoins the Full Moon in Cancer on next January 18, and we will see some of its dynamics illuminated then.

The Sabian Symbol for 27 Cancer is

"A VIOLENT STORM IN A CANYON FILLED WITH EXPENSIVE HOMES. A confrontation with a social upheaval demanding the reconsideration of static values. The challenge to meet a crisis situation produced by uncontrollable karmic forces which could lead to a successful CATHARSIS."

We get similar messages from both the very major Solar Eclipse of December 3-4, and this Solstice chart.

ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY shows clearly how the Sun in the heavens last connected with Pluto and with Saturn. Sun, the director of the show, is filled with their energy, and thus its mandate now is to complete the powerful Pluto-Saturn structural re-organization begun in May 2001. Subjects on the U.S. agenda then were huge tax cuts, increasing the use of fossil and nuclear power, Star Wars, and the undermining of the International Criminal Court.

In the Solstice map, Sun is close to Pluto and Saturn. Sun is conscious and purposeful, and energizes and directs the Pluto-Saturn mission. What is unique about this trio on the world map is that they run almost completely through oceans—the Pacific, the Indian, and the Atlantic. Does this mean precipitous major changes in the seas, which drive our global weather? Does it mean the destruction of whales and other sea life by the Navy’s sonar? There are many possibilities of major structural change within and beneath the seas.

Sun, Saturn, and Pluto do spread over the earth in one area—China, India, and Central Asia—the most heavily populated area on earth. They touch land in Alaska, northeastern Russia, and eastern Australia.

Mercury, which shows news locations, goes through Anchorage, western U.S., Mexico City, Santiago, London, Paris, western Africa, Beijing, and southeast Asia.

Uranus, where surprises happen, goes through Alaska, northeastern Canada, Brazil, Moscow, the Middle East, and eastern Africa. It also includes northeastern Russia, Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Mars, showing action, goes from northeastern U.S. (probably means lots of ice and snow there, with Mars in Scorpio) through all of Latin America. Mars also goes through Moscow, the Middle East, and most of Africa. Cairo is a hot spot (and it is a center of Islamic terrorism, as well as the biggest beneficiary of U.S. aid, next to Israel.). Mars moves through Russia, China, Hong Kong, southeast Asia, and Indonesia.

Some of the places highlighted in all three of this month’s Astro*Carto*Graphic maps are western Alaska, the Rocky Mts., northeastern United States, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, central Asia, India, Japan, and Australia. The oceans also figure strongly in the maps.

Keep this Solstice forecast in hand, and check it out during 2003.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 22. Moon enters bright Leo at 1:48 a.m. Let the good times roll! Moon opposes Neptune of the veils, and we may feel a bit dopey. It’s a good day for inspired activity, like music, art, or connecting with loved ones. With Neptune hanging around, we might be careful about holiday addictions. Or we might not be! Enjoy this day. Energy picks up as we go into evening, and we will probably want to stay up late—most likely partying. Remember that it’s worth feeling good tomorrow in order to take advantage of the great energy.

MONDAY DECEMBER 23. We feel so high today—we can do anything! We can, in fact, get a grip on big issues in our lives, and figure out what we really want and how to get it. Just in time for Christmas!

TUESDAY DECEMBER 24. Moon in Virgo today helps us finish up whatever we’re working on, perhaps Christmas preparations. There may continue to be disturbing news, but today and tomorrow our personal lives take precedence. Venus squares Jupiter, which can lead to extravagance and over-expectations. It can also make for a great party and jovial fellowship. It also is the last of three hits of this aspect. The others included anti-governmental demonstrations. This doesn’t seem the time for that, but on the other hand, Juno today quincunxes North Node, which could be an aspect of terrorism.

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 25. Moon continues in analytical Virgo, and Christmas will be thoughtful. Perhaps many gifts will consist of service to one another, or perhaps books. Food will be tasty, and love will be deep and strong. Spirit is with us. We are one with spirit and with one another.

THURSDAY DECEMBER 26. Last Quarter Moon at 6 Libra occurs at 7:31 p.m. EST. This is the last phase of the Sagittarius New Moon, which starts us on a month of adventurousness. Now Capricorn Sun and Libra Moon say that we need boundaries, conventions, and cooperation to keep us from getting too wild.

Vesta now exactly conjoins Moon in Libra, which makes her the featured player. Vesta protects the hearth and home. Safety is one of her major concerns. Vesta shows where we focus, and where we feel secure. (E.g., I have Vesta conjunct my Sun in Aquarius, the sign of astrology.)

GW Bush now makes his debut. The chart wheel now, set for Washington DC, is the same as that of Bush. Vesta-Moon is right on his Neptune, the Cosmic Channel. On the one hand he is very tuned in to this moment. On the other hand, Neptune often indicates sabotage, delusion, and denial. Of course for GW, oil is at the top of his Neptunian list. Right now he feels a very keen need for oil security.

GW probably is feeling very threatened, for Juno in Scorpio, the energy of terrorism (and intimate relationships) is challenging his Ascendant and his Pluto in Leo. This is a chart which could indicate a terrorist attack, especially for GW.

By 10:00 p.m. the Ascendant has moved around to conjoin and activate GW’s Virgo Mars and his progressed Sun.

Vesta has been eclipsed by the Moon six times this year. I have noticed that eclipses tend to weaken the status quo, and thus give a new paradigms a chance to emerge. With Vesta involved, our security basis is changing.

This is a stressful chart, showing the stresses and challenges involved in shifting into a "new world order."

Last quarters always show our changing consciousness as a result of the moon cycle, our rewards, our release of the non-essential, and our visions of the future.

The Sabian Symbol for 6 Libra is:

"A MAN WATCHES HIS IDEALS TAKING A CONCRETE FORM BEFORE HIS INNER VISION. The need to visualize clearly one’s dreams or ideals in order to make them truly effectual. INTERIOR FORMULATION."

GW is a good lesson for us all in this regard. So, in fact, is Osama bin Laden.

Can we promote alternative life-support visions of peace, harmony, sustainability, and community? Libra’s vibes the next two days will help us.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 27. Moon in harmony-loving Libra makes easy aspects. This is a great day for strategizing, and for making good connections with people. Tonight Mars squares Jupiter to activate us in a big way. Mars and Jupiter together represent the spiritual warrior. Jupiter just turned retrograde, and tomorrow night Moon in Scorpio eclipses Mars. Let us see how they manifest now, under these conditions. There are many lunar aspects tonight, and sleep may be difficult.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 28. We’ve had an exciting night, but at 7:15 a.m. EST Moon goes VOC in Libra. Perhaps we can relax until Moon enters Scorpio at 1:41 p.m. The parade of aspects begins again and goes on for the next two days. Scorpio Moon is not one to let us rest. Today and tomorrow Ceres, keeper of our labor and food chain, manifests a building conflict with Sun. It may be that we become keenly aware of world hunger and starvation. It may be that the extent of the damage to the food chain of the sinking of the oil tanker Prestige off the coast of Spain becomes apparent.

SUNDAY DECEMBER 29. Scorpio, keeper of the bottom line, is in charge today. Visions range far and wide, but they must be applied to survival. Moon eclipses Mars tonight.

MONDAY DECEMBER 30. Mind is active this morning. Our imaginations are busy. Moon goes VOC at 12:04 p.m., and we can let spontaneity rule. At 4:01 p.m. Moon enters Sagittarius, and we begin to visualize the future. And perhaps we can visualize a decent sleep, for aspects do not run through the night!

TUESDAY DECEMBER 31. Energy moves well today. Tonight go-for-broke Pluto can give us a hard time. Be especially careful with drinking, driving, and impulsive belligerence.

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