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M O N T H L Y   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

December Astrological Influences

by Maya del Mar

December is good-natured Sagittarius time. We’re generous, pleasure-seeking, and tuned into tradition in a casual way. Thanksgiving announces the entrance of Sun into Sagittarius, and it is a true Sagittarian holiday—appreciating and enjoying nature’s abundance without restrictions. The ritual of football-game-watching is also Sagittarian, as is going out into nature and enjoying the beauty of the late autumn, with its deep colors and its long shadows.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, and it revels in action. It is free-wheeling, expansive, and far-seeing. It likes big projects, with big returns. It expects things to work out, and they generally do. Sag is the quintessential gambler.

The U.S. Sibly chart (7-4-1776) was cast for Sagittarius rising. Sagittarius, the Traveler, the Preacher, is the persona of the U.S. Thus now, while the Sun is traveling through Sagittarius, the U.S. is energized and revitalized. Its Sagittarian nature is emphasized.

As we have discussed in many past issues, Pluto, Lord of Evolution, is now traveling through Sagittarius. For the past two years it has been moving over the U.S. Ascendant for the first time in the nation’s history. Pluto digs up what is hidden, both the shadows and the talents. Eventually it exposes the true power of that which it touches.

Pluto changes and transforms. Its power to create deep change is particularly strong this month, for it is supported by vital Sun and expansive Jupiter. We can be magicians in accomplishing lasting and well-grounded change.

A total Solar Eclipse on December 3-4 adds to the great manifesting power of Sagittarius this month. Go for it!

We have stable, long-lasting planetary aspects this month, which means we can move right ahead on a course of action, one which we have started and which will continue. A specific time frame is August 2002 through June 2003. August was when the U.S. Administration began its great barrage of propaganda for the Iraq War.

Along with these long-term fire and air aspects, are short-term planets moving through Scorpio—Venus, freshly direct and intense in her Scorpio desires, Warrior Mars, eager to go after what Venus wants, and Juno, the partner, who shows a tendency to be involved in abuse, especially in Scorpio.

These Scorpio planets all pass over the U.S. progressed retrograde Saturn, which shows the current state of the Administration.

The combination of the intensity of Scorpio and the go-for-broke Sagittarius energy can be like a steamroller this month. Clarify your vision, hold it steadily, and move confidently forward.

We still have our well-tenanted Aquarius energy, moving ahead with carrying out reforms which fit into a larger vision. In fact, the steady core of the year’s astrological wheel is the emerging Aquarian "New World Order," an order which appears to be paranoid, secretive, and isolating.

Our challenge is to disentangle ourselves from the official version, to hold our inner flame high, to believe that a better world is possible, and to work towards establishing communities which support and enhance life. Sagittarius is a sign of community.

The month’s big event is a Total Solar Eclipse on December 4. Eclipses bring change into our lives.

The asteroids all play prominent roles this month. This means that all aspects of daily life are affected by the month’s activity. Saturn is strong; expect a cold winter. And degrees especially activated include 8-9 degrees, 18-19 degrees, and 24-27 degrees.

Mid-month will be particularly active.

In summary, December is a month of power, growth, and building. We can each use this potent energy for our own highest purposes.