Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
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A P R I L   2 0 0 3
M O N T H L Y   A S T R O L O G I C A L   I N F L U E N C E S

by Maya del Mar

April is Aries month. Two "A’s"—the first letter of the alphabet is appropriate for this season when we begin new things. Aries, the first sign, moves right through challenges and obstacles as it forges ahead with its mission. It is as though it has blinders on, and nothing stops it. Sound familiar? This is the sign on George W. Bush’s midheaven, which shows how he meets the world. Bush has a lot of support from the planets this month, as several of them move through Aries.

GW’s own Vesta is in Aries, which shows why he finds security in the Lone Ranger, shoot-from-the-hip, stance.

However, contrary to Bush’s appearance, true Aries tends to have a code of honor. Its mode is not to attack people when they’re down, but rather to take on another strong challenger, like a prizefighter or a soldier does. Aries is a sign of courage, and it likes an opponent which can challenge it. (Someone has said that this attack is like a contest between a Sumo wrestler and an 8-year-old.)

Aries is the sign on the nadir of the U.S. Sibly chart, which shows that this nation also feels best in cowboy mode. Thus the support for and approval of Bush is quite real. So what if he’s acting contrary to the Constitution and to international law? Laws are not very important in the Wild West. They’re just for "old Europeans." Aries does tend to go its own way, unhindered by restraints.

GW likes to be seen by the public as a brave Arian, but with his Sun in Cancer in the twelfth house, his inner self is sensitive and timid. There is a dichotomy here. Someone described him as "behaving like a warlord and trying to sound like an altar boy." Indeed, these are two parts of him which are incongruent.

Along with its nadir in Aries, the U.S. also shares Sun in Cancer, with Bush. This is a psychologically difficult combination. But it helps to explain the nation’s identification with Bush.

So we have a strong Aries month, with personal planets moving from Pisces to Aries, and Pallas Athena also moving into Aries. As the month wears on, we shift from personal involvement in the wider world to personal involvement with our own challenges—which for many of us involves finding our personal niche in protesting what we see as the barbarism of the U.S. government. We each want to be involved not only in a movement, but as a person, and we’re willing to meet the challenges of resistance.

Aries is, in fact, one of the main signs of social protest. Timothy McVeigh had many planets in Aries, and he illustrates this need for personal involvement in protest. Furthermore, the Libra-Aries Full Moon on April 16 is at the same degree as the Libra-Aries Lunar Eclipse which catalyzed the Oklahoma City bombing in April 1995.

Social protest will be strong this month, with people willing to put their bodies on the line.

The month’s major features support this protest. Most importantly, Uranus, just into Pisces, squares the Moon’s Nodes. Uranus represents reform and revolution, and the Nodes are destiny points. Squares are like pushing buttons to get things moving. This is the Nodes’ last month in the free-wheeling, freedom-loving Gemini-Sagittarius polarity. March and April are the only months when the Nodes and Uranus coincide, and we can consider this the kickoff time for the seven-year journey of Uranus in Pisces.

Uranus, which moved into Pisces on March 10, is already beginning to drastically change the world. Over the next seven years, life will change in many arenas, including all Piscean matters such as oil, water, drugs, boundaries, compassion, all life cycles, and many others.

Mars in Capricorn is very busy this month. Mars is the warrior, and it is always especially important during Aries season. In Capricorn now, Mars is busy promoting law and order. But Mars is not just a simple Mars this month. Rather, it joins Chiron on April 1, and carries that strange chirotic energy through most of the month.

In fact, on April 1 a two-year Mars-Chiron cycle begins. This is an energy of the warrior, involved in the Sacred Quest. In Capricorn, this is a tough, driving Mars with a great will to survive, along with a blindness and bullheadedness—which can help survival prospects. Chiron is unpredictable, and has the power to transform. Capricorn refers to all structures—physical, governmental, social, and economic. Chiron also relates to technology, so now Mars uses technology to promote the establishment.

Here we see the warrior bringing on change in traditional structures. This Chiron-infused Mars stresses all personal planets this month, especially during the first two-thirds of the month.

Neptune, the energy of inspiration, delusion, oil, and dissolution, is in the process of making a 164-year aspect. This aspect began at the end of February, and will continue through the end of this year. It is at peak now, and is emphasizing Neptunian affairs—just as Uranus enters Neptune’s sign. The last time it happened, in 1839-40, the nation was immersed in the conflict of slavery. On the one hand, slavery was spreading rapidly, and on the other hand the abolition of slavery was picking up steam. The nation was torn, and 20 years later engaged in civil war over the slavery issue.

Neptune in Aquarius is an energy of freedom, and it appears that we are in the process of dissolving an old condition which will open some to freedom, as in 1840 and the years following.

Saturn and Mars are in parallel declination for most of the month. This means that those planets work together now, and the combination is a harsh one, and can be brutal. Mars fights for the goals of the establishment, and there is no sympathy for the disenfranchised. This is apt to further arouse protest.

Also, Mars with Saturn is very hard-working. We’ll all put out a lot of energy towards our goals. Taking time out from that drive to relax, and to nurture ourselves, is especially important during April.

The asteroids are heavily aspected all month. This means that daily life will be undergoing daily changes all over the world.

The most important degrees occupied by planets and asteroids hover around 29-2 degrees. This is a zone of change, of endings and beginnings, which will characterize the month of April.

Furthermore, with Uranus at 0-2 degrees, all of these planets are aspected by Uranus, that great energy of reform. Notably, Vesta, guardian of the purse-strings, will quincunx Uranus through mid-June. Financial adjustments will mark that time.

April will be a month packed with change and conflict. Seeds will be planted now which will take years to grow. None of our labors for positive change will be in vain, although in the short term it may appear so.

Positive visualization, and action to back it up, is the mode for the month.