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Access Inner Authority

by Maya del Mar

January, with its energy field in Capricorn, is Saturn’s month. Saturn is associated with business and government, with contraction, with discipline and responsibility of all kinds. We make resolutions, we think about income tax, new fiscal years begin, new sessions of legislatures meet, new semesters commence.

Saturn pushes us into shape. Saturn is traveling retrograde in Cancer now, and it is very busy this month putting the pressure on. Saturn is about establishing our own authority, and when it is retrograde we turn inward to do this.

Mercury in Capricorn is also traveling retrograde as we start the New Year. We are really turned in upon ourselves, and it is time to access our inner authority.

Saturn is traveling in the cardinal sign of Cancer, working for emotional security. Cardinal signs are the activators, the beginners. They are the signs which start each season. The three cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries are all prominent this month, and this means.... Read more—become a Daykeeper subscriber! Maya's Complete Monthly Astrological Influences now available exclusively via subscription.