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Crystal Pomeroy

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LIbra Full Moon Prayers

by Crystal Pomeroy

The Aries New Moon and Spring Equinox, which together seeded the cycle behind the current Full Moon, also opened Lent, inviting us to prepare for the resurrection of our divine selves at Easter (our metaphysical suggestions for the New Moon remain useful throughout the cycle). Besides finding its fullness now, the theme of resurrection is once again underscored by this lunation’s Sabian symbol as shared by Maya, which emphasizes, "reconstruction" and "repair," after a "psychic storm." This geological metaphor evokes the crucifixion of the lower nature, played out in the collective mind during Holy Week.

How does the sign of Libra fulfil the resurrection potential of this Aries New Moon cycle? Libra complements Aries, reminding him of the melody behind his strength and power: the melody of love. Lent is a powerful time to demonstrate the Christ power within to transmute our lower natures. Like the image of Christ’s walk to the cross, overcoming our lower selves can seem a lonely road. Let us remember that in truth there is no challenge we can go through entirely by or for ourselves.

Every personal overcoming is significant for all beings, those in our immediate sphere as well as those strangers that may unconsciously respond to the shift in collective probabilities represented by our individual progress. The Cosmos has a vested interest in our rebirth in Spirit, and will send helpers from both the visible and the mysterious planes. Furthermore, the Energy which connects us with all other beings, and all of creation, is the purpose behind all our victories. Without Love there could be no nirvana, no heaven, no paradise, no mystical union—which is our original state, and the true craving behind all other desire.

The prayers we share for this Full Moon Portal are alive with the Spirit of Christ Love, to remind us that we can never be alone, that what appears to be a burdensome cross is shared and made light by the Divine Companion, thanks to whose infinite love and power the resurrection of our good has already taken place. There’s so much to celebrate this Easter! In the joy of that wisdom, may we fulfil the cosmic plan and bless the entire Earth.

Full Moon/Easter Week altar elements include wildflowers, eggs, and pastel candles, especially Venusian shades such as pinks, oranges and lilacs. Any other festive signs of the times, on your altar or in your space: bright green foliage, bunnies, colored and chocolate eggs, baskets, and so on, also serve to evoke the Mother in all her fertile, joyful generosity. With each timely addition to your sacred space, every time you light a candle during the Easter Full Moon portal, remember that the Mother and Her many helpers are with you and with all created beings, invite your invisible assistants to join in your Full Moon fest.

Prayers for Easter Week, by the Light of the April Full Moon

During the Full Moon portal, and if possible throughout Holy Week, repeat the following words and visualizations at least seven times in a row, slowly, with attention:

I am not alone in any apparent challenges or victories, the Divine Helpmate and Lover is with me. My faithful recollection of Her Everpresent love and assistance opens me to witness the reconstruction of whatever inner or outer connections are necessary to receive the help, the companionship, the joy, the consciousness of Unity that is here for me now. I enfold myself in love (pause to visualize this), I enfold all others in love (pause to mentally embrace those who seem to test our tolerance), I enfold the planet (pause), and the entire cosmos in love. As I remember the Divine Helpmate, my burden becomes light, and I bless all other beings (bringing to mind those in apparent need of help) with the awareness that their apparent burdens are being lifted from them now. Thanks to the infinite love, power and assistance of the Divine Companion, our good has already been resurrected. WE ARE THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE.

Maintain your Full Moon awareness throughout each day with this simple prayer-in-action. During any and all moments of sharing, vacationing, or enjoying Easter treats this week, remind yourself mentally, "I am connected," and "We are connected."

Combine such formal and active prayers daily and watch the gardens of your both your inner life and your social life flower.

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