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Crystal Pomeroy

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Libra New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

Kindness is a universal force, a natural impulse we tend to especially associate with children, as exemplified by the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon: A CHILD GIVING BIRDS A DRINK AT A FOUNTAIN. Little ones instinctively recognize and respond to kind treatment, and the small offspring of all species tend awaken our naturally kindest feelings.
Though we may have learned as we grew up to repress or temper our spontaneously noble instincts, the child within still carries the dream of a kinder world, a dream which can be restored, even manifested by focusing our spiritual attention at this New Moon in a way that contributes to the victory of innocent goodness now.

Invoke the Masters of Kindness

Light a softly colored candle, of a tone that appeals to the child within you, and sweet, soft incense. As you do so, know that these are offerings to the spirits and beings of kindness, those beings on the invisible plane who are devoted to developing this force in earthly awareness and deed.

Move the kindness within you

With pen and paper in hand, consider and jot down any impulses of spontaneous goodwill that may have occurred to you in the past, but that you still have pending to act on, or initiatives you can take to recover your childhood vision of a kinder world. If this exercise is done in a group, you make enjoy taking turns sharing after writing some responses.

  • Send a note of gratitude to someone
  • Be more lenient in my assessment of people

  • Release some people that I felt were unfair in the past

  • Become involved to stop the killing of children and other innocent civilians in Iraq

  • Refuse to accept any messages from others which are unkind to myself

  • Refrain from straining or effecting behaviors in the presence of certain people in whose presence I doubt my natural value and completeness

  • Return a friend’s papers to her

  • Refrain from making remarks about others that I would not say in front of them

Personal and planetary treatment to express and receive more kindness.

Repeat during at least seven minutes.

I release and fears of being my kindest self. There is no power but God, Who is kind, and whose considerate, helpful and loving justice predominates in my relationships and in relationships throughout the world now. I connect with my kindest feelings for all beings (pause here to send these feelings toward others, especially those you may have had some reservations about). The entire Universe pours its unlimited kindness upon me, and I allow myself to receive this treatment now. The kindness in my heart connects me with the kindness in the hearts of all others and surrounds the world in victorious kindness now.

Follow up with Luna.

Throughout the 28-day lunar cycle now beginning, each night before sleeping spend at least ten minutes bathing your mind with above affirmation. Then refer to your kindness-growing list, choosing at least one intention to follow through on the next day, checking off those intentions you have completed, and adding any new intentions that surface from your memory, your heart or from the signs that appear on your path. Bless you, for your kindness has drawn you to read this through.

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