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May Eclipse Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

The current cycle began with New Moon in Gemini, creating communication consciousness. As it reaches its fullness in Sagittarius, this awareness is lifted up to the big picture, seeing the forest in spite of the trees. We are invited to get some perspective on the endless stream of words that come into and flow out of our minds, and to make more conscious choices, such as defining what major message is getting across through the totality of smaller ones we send and receive each day of our lives.

Seeing the oneness of these two apparently diverse processes is not, as it may seem at first glance, an oversimplification. In these times of conglomerate-controlled media, what we hear, read and see is usually presented through a filter designed to promote someone else’s agenda for our perception of "reality." We cannot ever be sure of getting the whole scoop.

We can, however, take our relationship with the news to a much more creative, empowering level, by means of seeing ourselves not just as news consumers, but newsmakers. The late, great scientist, John Wheeler, pointed out a few decades ago what metaphysicians had been teaching for millennia, "The term observer has become obsolete in the light of quantum physics, to be replaced by that of participant." Daring physicists like Wheeler have pointed out that we cannot observe anything without simultaneously participating in its nature.

From this perspective, the way in which we understand collective occurrences and influences will simultaneously influence our own world—as well as those same macro-affairs about which we choose to keep informed. By the same token, if we perceive our personal relationship to the news as passive recipients, we will indeed reinforce our condition as tiny cogs in a vast machine whose workings are far beyond our personal sphere of influence.

There is one way of being sure we are getting good news, and that is by understanding that each and every new day is a chance for you and me to break headlines by using our will, our actions, our faith and our imaginations to weigh the balance for good in our lives, on the planet and throughout Creation.

In itself, a heightened sensitivity to our interactive relationship with the news will open us to the signs and teachings now flooding our planet by light of the current Full Moon portal, which Maya del Mar was expressing when she chose to cover Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures in the current issue of Daykeeper.

Maya also points to music as a key to "finding our way" at this Full Moon portal. Curiously, another divine confirmation of its meaning came to me through a song which I just heard, as if for the first time: "If I’d Only…" by Karen Taylor-Good. The lyrics evoke her creative parents, who each left their dreams on hold to lead a "normal" family life, always asking themselves what would have happened, "If only…" they had followed their hearts.

The Sabian Symbol of this Full Moon ties into those lyrics: "A WIDOW’S PAST IS BROUGHT TO LIGHT, the karma of past actions as it affects opportunities presented by a new cycle." What would happen if we could bring this type of historical perspective to the beginning of each new day? Our morning news can make a difference if we tune into our higher sources within, taking some moments specifically to determine to do, say, visualize and think those things that reassert our roles as newsmakers, those things that will avoid a sigh at the end of the day, "If I’d only…".

May the following prayerful reflections help you to further awaken your newsmaker within by the light of this Sagittarius Full Moon.

Part I

Inspired by the following examples from our prayer group, make your own Newsmaker List.

Only for the remainder of the current Moon cycle (about two weeks), I will establish myself as a newsmaker in the following ways:

  • Make my news first, then read others’.
  • I’ll overlook behaviors or attitudes I would normally criticize.
  • I’ll do all of my prayers and visualizations each day.
  • Express my own point of view in my writings.
  • Change email servers.
  • Follow my intuition and trust the process as I renew a pending creative project, even though I don’t really know what its final form will be.
  • Treat myself with tenderness.
  • Send a copy of a letter of exclusivity to a prospective supplier.
  • Dress as beautifully and opulently as I choose.
  • Pray for the world each day.
  • Extract myself from negative conversations.
  • Seek out those I can count on for positive feedback.
  • Give myself love each day.
  • Actively avoid trivial or negative conversations, even if that implies uncomfortable silences.
  • Feel proud to be a newsmaker.
  • Choose the prospect I want for an assistant, instead of feeling obliged to hire a friend.
  • Release those who appear to resent my talents, success or brilliance.
  • Give myself permission and time to choose what I say with care and allow my deepest power and highest art to express themselves through it.
  • Write and send two thank-you’s.
  • Treat myself and all others with the dignity and love we deserve.
  • Email my Senator on some important issues.

(If sharing these exercises with a group, it’s great to take turns reading some determinations aloud.)

Part II

Prayer to make the daily news:

Today is Spirit’s day, it is a good day. No power in the world can compete with the Omnipotent Good which is blessing me and all beings on this day.

Repeat the above affirmation, or your own adapted version, daily, at least until the next New Moon (date noted in Maya’s Daily Success Guide). It’s quite effective to do this for several minutes in the morning. Repeat the words slowly, connecting with your latent awareness of Victorious Good, and then bathing the entire world in that certainty. Feel how the chains of belief in limiting conditions and worldly powers fall away. After doing this, you can expect the day’s newspaper headlines to surprise you with emancipating news for matters which had previously been causing you worry.

Part III

Each day, at least until the next New Moon, create a morning version of the Full Moon newsmaker list you made. On it, write those things you can and would do, on this particular day, that will keep you from singing the "If I’d only" song come night time.

Note: The song, "If I’d Only," and other lunar tunes can be heard on Karen Taylor-Good’s album,
"Healing in the Hands of Time," available on

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