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May Eclipse Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

Maya calls the Scorpio Full Moon the most powerful of the year. The power of the Scorpio Full Moon this year is further underscored by its degree, the middle of the fixed signs being the most intense of all 360 degrees of the zodiac. The total lunar eclipse also marking this lunation accentuates these strong combinations even more: specifically, it concentrates Scorpio’s power to release.

At the New Moon in Taurus which started the current lunar month, the prevailing influences reminded us to focus on manifestation. Now, this eclipsed Full Moon portal assists us in rediscovering our innate ability to keep that manifestation on the highest level possible, one which assists not only our material, but chiefly our spiritual goals. Certain daily habits may be keeping us in the complacency of Taurean ruts.

The recently released photographs of the Iraqi prisoners stir us to this Full Moon’s wake up calls: Look beyond your little daily material concerns, remember your true purpose of unconditional love, ask yourself what you can do now to advance that purpose, and claim your power to heal yourself and your world.

The following, prayerful tools are designed to help you ground the potential of this alchemical lunation for yourself and all humankind.

Have on hand paper and writing implement for each participant.

1. Candlelight and sage to awaken the wizard within

To create a sacred doorway before starting your prayers now, light a red or deep orange candle. Also light a smudge or stick of sage. Use it to mark a circle around your prayer area, decreeing as you do so:

I call on the Angel of Release and the Angel of Divine Love, and any other beings of the High White Light Alone, to remove from this area and from our awareness whatever habits do not coincide with my (our) power to manifest in ways that free myself and all created beings from any attachments or illusions that would veil my (our) all-loving nature, and from fulfilling my destiny of spiritual awakening.

2. Enlightening writing

Sitting within your circle, list those ruts you feel you may be pulled into, such as attachment to material comforts and habits, to future outcomes, to the approval of others, or other ego-concerns that keep you from enjoying each day centered in divine awareness and facing the challenges presented by spiritual evolution.

Some examples from my prayer group’s use of this exercise include:

spiritual inertia

postponing needed initiatives to take care of myself


worry (about the future)

ego-centered thinking

discord in my home because my husband and grown daughter fight

waffling on insistence for time in spiritual, higher purpose, service, creative activity

guilt about limits to maintain that focus

guilt about power to manifest

forgetting to recenter in unconditional love of others

letting my partner interrupt or prevent my prayers for the situation in Iraq

3. Don’t just ask for help in being freed from such situations, know that you are being helped, while repeating thoughts like these:

No person nor situation can keep me hostage. The Divine Liberator is with me, freeing me from any condition or influence of the past or present that might limit my spiritual development and my complete fulfillment. The Divine Liberator adjusts and facilitates all my inner and outer circumstances, the Divine Liberator watches over my highest interests; She strengthens me, guides me and shows me how to maintain an awareness of unconditional love as She secures my complete progress according to the divine plan of my existence.

Repeat this thought at least 5 times for yourself, slowly and with feeling, and at least 4 times more for the prisoners in Iraq.

Making such prayer donations represents a great way to release the overwhelming power of the mind, and further personal development by focusing not only on the personal, but also on the concerns of others.

Decide now how you will participate in such lunar dances.

The Divine One accompanies each of us, helping us to shoot for the Moon, and to take all Creation there with us. She is now blessing you and your path.

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