Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Crystal Pomeroy

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June Gemini New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

This New Moon in Gemini can set the tone for a very powerful new cycle in our communication patterns and their relationship to our creativity. Maya points out that this particular New Moon has a Cancerian flavour, taking place in the month of Venus’ overlap of the Sun, as well as retrograde Venus. Cancer and Venus both relate to our feminine nature, and can be expressed as either nurturing relationships or creativity.

Both Cancer and Venus can get caught up in the personal aspect of close relationships, as can the feminine within us all. Challenges from Mars this month can help push us to a new level of communicating, one which nurtures the transpersonal aspects of our psyche, as well as allowing consolidation of projects. Their combined influences are made graphic in the Sabian symbol:

"A GYPSY EMERGING FROM THE FOREST… a conscious attempt to leave behind the tribal-instinctual urge of earthbound existence and to emerge into the realm of mind and complex, tense interpersonal relationships. The ‘wild’ drives of nature are reaching towards a situation in which they will be tamed. This reveals a period of transition, a more or less clear yearning for a new state of consciousness, and thus for inner transformation."

Our honest search for aware relating and creating at this time can be an open gate to receive the help now available from invisible realms. This help can show us how to alchemize our way of connecting, bringing it to more potent level. As we do this, we can reclaim the energy we may have been expending in addictive, petty, clutching or simply routine ways of relating that are now obsolete, and redirect it to those values or endeavours of transpersonal, lasting import.


Answer the following question in writing:

What issues of your earthbound attitudes seem to be returning or accentuated now? Translate "earthbound" as the Sabian symbol for this Moon states, connecting it to "the tribal-instinctual urge," which can also describe those ways of relating and communicating considered normal, but are really addictive, petty and draining.

Another way of phrasing this same question might be: "Within my immediate context, how can I refocus my communication energy so as to undo karma and produce dharma?" Some issues which might now come to light include possessiveness, hostile (vs. positive) rivalry, sexual or romantic addiction and fixation with the approval of others, giving our power away by allowing others to pressure us into betrayal of our highest communication goals, gossip…any way of relating which ties up your creative energies in destructive communication. The next exercise is designed to lead you further in the discovery of the Dharma Messenger within.

If shared with a group, it can be quite healing as well as stimulating to take turns sharing whatever answers have arisen.


Again, answer in writing: What are the most important, creative, lasting things you want to do with your communication energy, and how can any issues currently surfacing help you define them?

Some examples might include

  • practicing release where you previously felt possessive,

  • using communication opportunities to promote love and understanding vs. establishing your righteousness or intellectual prowess,

  • consolidating pending creative-expressive projects, such as writing, investigation, study, or communication productions, as well as

  • any other strategy to disengage from addictive relating patterns to re-engage our relationship with a Higher Power and our higher work.


The One Mind is now moving through me, peeling away any attitudes, attachments, or interactions which might distract the divine communications being expressed through me now. I am blessed and guided in thought and circumstance by the Dharma Messenger within and around me now. The entire planet is blessed and guided by the Dharma Messenger within and around us now.

Consolidate your connection with the Dharma Messenger by repeating this affirmation, or your adapted version, during at least seven minutes daily throughout the current lunar month.

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