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Crystal Pomeroy

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July Capricorn Full Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

This Full Moon is particularly charged with creative, feminine intensity, taking place as it does during the passage of the Sun through the lunar sign of Cancer, when the Moon is also "out of bounds."

In a wonderful telephone consultation I was privileged to have with Maya about this Full Moon, she explained the current lunar route as very rare. Throughout July it will depart from its normal orbit within the bounds traversed by the Sun around the elliptic. In an unpredictable fashion, the Moon is now released from the Sun’s marching orders.

Echoing the recent occultation of the Sun by Venus—whose influence is still very much in effect—this Moon will temporarily reverse the hierarchy of regencies, releasing our intuitive nature from the rule of will and ego, our feminine creative powers from the dominion of patriarchal values. Contrasting with this mysterious, highly emotional energy are the influences Luna now reaches her fullness in: structured, disciplined Capricorn, in conjunction with ace strategist Pallas-Athena.

Other influences that Maya points out include Mars in Leo opposing Neptune, as well as Pallas opposing Juno. Both of these can lead to victimization, undermining the creative potential of the wonderful portal as it raises age-old questions. How can we liberate our souls, develop our intuitive nature and still function in the world? How can we focus on our roles as nurturers, be emotionally present and not get crushed by what Rianne Eisler has called a patriarchal, dominator society?

At the heart of such meaningful questions raised at this Full Moon we also find the means—powerful spiritual tools for their resolution. Some of them are symbolically described in the Sabian symbol for this moon, evoking "pheasants" on the grounds of an aristocratic manor. These lovely, elegant birds can be taken to represent our more refined instincts and natural creative energies. Now is a time to focus integrating our sensitivity into civilization through developing those activities, qualities and endeavors which can allow us to make a mark for the Divine Mother in this part of astrological, human and spiritual history we are helping create.

This Full Moon’s energies can be grounded as we focus on weaving the tapestry of our most creative projects, or simply going about our daily work with the understanding that when it is done with love, intuition and dedication, it becomes a beautiful tapestry. As this Moon may rouse temptations for emotional outbursts, organizing ourselves in grounding such impulses in our most beautiful work will synchronize with the "spiritual class" alluded to by the Sabian symbol.

Pre-prayerations for Capricorn Full Moon portal ceremonies

Perhaps the currently fashionable black and white combinations are astrological influenced by the Capricorn-Cancer, Saturnian-Lunar energies emphasized this summer. Using this team on and around the Full Moon unites the purity of Cancer with Capricorn-Saturn’s presently accentuated grounding potential. This can be further emphasized in feminine-masculine combinations, such as billowy white blouses with black vests and white lace blouses with black pants or neckties. These contrasts are reflected in black and white or silver candles, white flowers in a black vase, silver pendants on a black chord, or silver combined with onyx or obsidian. As we put together such elements on our persons and/or our altars, we can do so knowing that we are claiming both our gentle capacity to connect with feelings and nurture dreams, along with our power to stand tall in the world. Vanilla, pine and cinnamon scents are also timely.

Call on the Guides at the Capricorn Full Moon

Among the most active guides on the invisible plane now are the native grandmothers, such as Grandmother Deer and other venerable wise ladies. If you close your eyes after dark or before dawn, you may sense such beings with you, even see them. You can also call on them, requesting their assistance to nurture your work and your focus, to believe in your creative capacity to consolidate those projects which you can conceive in your imagination, and to pull together whatever strategy is necessary to bring them into manifestation.

Decrees for the Full Moon

I align myself with all beings before me who have retained their gentleness, their life within, as they claim their power to stand tall in the world, tall in confidence, tall in faith, tall in the truth of their voice within. I am the chalice of sacred intuition, I am she, I am he, who works steadfastly to express that voice and consolidate its leadings.

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