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Full Moon in Leo, January 2005

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation fulfills the promise seeded by the New Moon in Capricorn earlier this month, offering a wonderful window to pour our creativity into manifesting our New Year’s goals and resolutions. Capricorn is prone to get the drudges. A backdrop of another four years of Bush & Co., and the geopolitical tragedies which appear to assail our distant neighbors, accent the gray, Saturnian tone, in which goal-setting can seem like a rather bleak enterprise at best. Luna now becomes alight in Leo, bringing us gifts that are needed now more than ever as it connects us with our inner potential for enthusiasm, creative vitality, will and magnetizing fond collaborators. How can we absorb the best of these magical moonbeams? The prayerful initiatives below are designed just for that.

Synchronize your space with invisible assistance

Bring in the fire with bright, cheery candles: orange, gold and/or yellow, with a touch of hot pink if you like. Imagine how it will lift your spirits to treat yourself to some flowers in these tones and wear them in your clothing. Burn intense, livening incense like mango or vanilla to evoke the lands of the sun.

Call on the Angels of Will and Creativity, as well as your own favorite guides that best express attributes such as these two for you. (Charles and Myrtle Fillmore were two Leo metaphysicians who exemplified the vitality necessary to lift castles out of the dust, which they literally did through work and prayer at Unity Village.)

Affirmations to stir and enforce your creative will

I do not lack the will power or creativity to move each day towards my heart’s desire. The Divine Accomplisher is with me and in me, fortifying my will, illuminating my imagination, inspiring my creativity and my courage to act on it, connecting me with my true team and moving in me and in my surroundings in whatever way is necessary to bring my resolutions and ideals to fruition.

Repeat this affirmation, and whatever compatible thoughts surface in your mind, at least eight times, slowly. Continue with another three to five repetitions in first person plural, to share the power of your awareness with all of creation:

We do not lack the will power or creativity to move each day towards our heart’s desire. The divine accomplisher is with us and in us, fortifying our will, illuminating our imaginations, inspiring our creativity and our courage to act on it, connecting us with my true team and moving in us and in our surroundings in whatever way is necessary to bring our resolutions and ideals to fruition. As you repeat this version, you may focus on Iraq, Asia and whatever other groups or individuals seem to need a boost now.

These repetitions will get the waters within flowing for the following.

Clarification of creative intent.

You have previously considered your options to reach inner and outer goals and implemented them with variable degrees of success. Now is the time to carry this purpose to yet a higher octave, as you resort to your most audacious creativity to bring about the circumstances leading to you heart’s desire of personal and planetary plenty.

Remember, will power means the disposition to make whatever effort is necessary for victory. Know you are your own master, and that nothing—save that which is harmful to yourself or others—is too silly or wild if it helps adhere to and manifest your highest intent.

A writing implement is essential in this process. Stretch your imagination and consider especially those options which you have not tried before when shooting for your Moon, initiatives you can take to increase your daily focus, or creative ways to stop devoting time to activities that end up putting distance between you and your heart’s desire.

Commit them to writing, then use and expand this list at least until the next New Moon, and repeat your affirmations a minimum of daily each morning.

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