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Crystal Pomeroy

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Scorpio New Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation gives us a chance to go to a new level of authenticity in our perception of and integrity with our Higher Selves, as well the power to see whatever should no longer be hidden. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is even more cryptic in the light of what appears to be the trend towards government by coercive and manipulative force, a tendency further underscored by the literally unbelievable results of the recent elections. "Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders; a readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society." This actually happened in Bolivia recently: soldiers went against orders to kill those protesting the imposed "victory" of a false president, even when commanding officers threatened to shoot the soldiers! The result? The truly elected president was able to step into his justly won seat.

The recent elections in the US have brought us face-to-face with a lack of credible response to our political choices, and we may now turn to a deeper level of choice. Will we go along with the game of aggression and fear that the powers that still seem to run our planet would have us accept? Will we continue to pretend to ourselves that we believe that the values and political "realities" permeating mass media are something other than an immense charade? Will we go on relegating our personal and collective power to those who those who pose to usurp it? In order to win, in our own evolution as well as collectively, we must understand the bottom-line urgency of being willing to go against the thought and behavior that is required by those forces which would manipulate us into hurting ourselves and one another.

It is a subtle challenge, yet it is one that is within our reach. The first area of work is to get and to stay in with our own highest choices. If the soldier in the Sabian symbol had lost contact with his own perception, would he have been equipped to disobey orders? A society of individuals whose critical mass refuses to carry out unconscionable orders is only possible if we know where we ourselves stand, and are alert enough to know when we are pressured to go against them. This kind of clarity and confidence in personal perception requires a capacity for introspection and free questioning, that can only result from a certain degree of inner independence. In this day and age of high-tech metaphysics, we know that the power of affirmative prayer is the knocker on the door that always opens. The Sabian symbol intensifies the image of the good that our prayers now can fortify, reminding us that just as such soldiers may and do appear, all the capacities needed to resist participating in negative thoughts and behaviors that go against the grain of our souls, are indeed within us and in our midst. Our power-candle and prayers now are designed to discover and accentuate those capacities.

Pre-Prayer the Truth-Out Candle

This is a very powerful instrument for personal and planetary freedom.

1) First, get your candle or candles, as well as a black felt-tip pen for writing on non-paper surfaces. The one indispensable candle for this invocation is white, its very best shape, square; if cylindrical, try to find one on the fat side, though any smooth surface will do. If you can, also obtain a pale blue candle for physical protection, and a silver one for psychic protection. Also obtain a picture of the planet to keep near the candles where you light them.

2) On your candle, write in black:

a) The words, "My Highest Self".

b) A reference to any matter you want to know the truth about, physical, personal and/or political. Leave enough space to also write:

The light of the Higher Power is now bringing to light that which should not be hidden. I am willing to look at those secrets within me or within my world that are now being brought to light. My Highest Self is now revealed and I am the strength to know my Highest Self and to be my Highest Self at all times. No circumstances or influence can keep me from knowing and living the love, freedom and power that I am.

3) I know that obtaining the materials and preparing this candle goes directly against the inertia of our daily modern rush, as well as the passivity brain-washing we are receiving, but it is truly powerful magic, especially during or around this lunation (in fact, throughout the Scorpio Sun sign). If you absolutely can’t get it together to prepare your candle, try writing the aforementioned points on paper, and putting this sheet around a table lamp.

4) Repeat these prayers softly, but with strength and concentration, for at least fifteen minutes the first time, and then for seven to fifteen minutes throughout this lunation, that is, until the next New Moon, when we will meet again in our shared intent for an ever-new and better universe, and for those who choose so, in this space with new prayer magic, if you so choose.

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