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Crystal Pomeroy

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New Moon in Aquarius, February 2005

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation as described by Maya is about reform, action and energy—a perfect combination to face what appears to be the primary earth’s primary challenge today: climate change. The situation requires our immediate attention, and from a political and scientific standpoint looks beyond hope, until we remember the miracle of prayer to open us to omnipotent grace.

Sociologically speaking, it’s amazing that many people are more concerned about the price of gas than about finding solutions that will permit a sustainable future for a planet in dire need of care and protection.

The situation invites us to reflect: how much of our petroleum-dependent lifestyle is really requisite? Some aspects of life, like food preparation and packaging, clothes manufacturing and washing, and traveling to work and school, seem inevitably linked to the petroleum system. Although integrating solar cells can make a big difference, many daily essentials are irremediably damaging to the environment.

However, there are other, non-essential habits which pull us into the undertow of consumerism, leading to an exaggerated focus on the fluorocarbon-producing comforts, distractions and luxuries we can obtain. Once caught in these currents, it's so easy to remain oblivious to the need to balance our taking with acts of giving, and our waste-generating comings and goings with creative and inner activities, which tend to get left on the back burner.

All of us could do something more to create a less toxic lifestyle and keep abreast of opportunities for political action. This New Moon is a portal which invites to step up our personal and civic involvement, including one initiative whose efficacy always guarantees results far beyond the time invested: affirmative prayer.

Sacred spaces

Considerations like those suggested above require an extra application of will to break with the routine of daily habit. Modern life is free of many of the prehistoric challenges to survival, so much so that we tend to subsist in a bubble, cut off from nature and oblivious to her still decisive role in our existence. At this particular lunation, let us do whatever is necessary to provoke an experience of re-connection, doing our prayers and clarifying our intent in a natural setting.

Contemplative and affirmative prayers to heal the planet

Take a pad or page and writing implement with you. Once outside: in the forest, at the beach, by a swamp, in a meadow or desert, take some moments to hear, see and feel. Connect with that space and ask yourself what Gaia means to you. Call on the guides related to the mineral, vegetable and animal realms, as well as the devas of the earth and spirits of ancestors who respected and cared for our beloved planet, and who are still among us now to restore the sacred in our relationship to her.

Get in the most comfortable position you can, before requesting mentally—and verbally, if you choose—that all such guides assist you in your intent to keep Earth on course in wellness.

Next, share your offering of affirmative prayer:

We are not alone in our need to realign our relationship to the earth. The Divine Helper, Provider and Organizer is with us. The Divine Helper brings forth whatever information is necessary to insure the wellness of future generations and of their environment, She illumines our powers of invention, discernment and will to care and respect the earth. The Divine Provider opens whatever channels of supply are necessary to free us from petroleum dependence, and guides us to disengage from the collective hypnosis of consumerism and disconnectedness. The Divine Organizer inspires, focuses and coordinates individual intents and efforts, drawing us together in an effective global network which assists the divine design for the order, balance and harmony of the planetary environment.

Repeat these sentences aloud, at least six times. Then sit or lay in silence for a few minutes and listen for Nature’s suggestions about additional ways in which you can live in greater connection to her and help control climate change.

Follow up throughout the 28-day cycle begun at this New Moon. Put the above affirmation—and/or any compatible decrees that come up—in a visible place so that you remember to repeat them daily throughout the next four weeks, which you can turn into an offering for the creation of inner and outer habits which heal the Anima Mundis.

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