Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal - May 2006: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Crystal Pomeroy

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Taurus New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

Each Spring, Luna usually starts a new cycle in Taurus, and consciousness work is especially fertile for abundance, both material and spiritual. This year’s New Moon comes with challenging energies, as described by Maya Del Mar in her Daily Success Guide.

It comes, as well, with a Sabian symbol which seems off-season for Taurus: “A FULLY DECORATED CHRISTMAS TREE… Snow has come outside….” Actually, a fuller analysis brings to light an abundance teaching which is perfectly tailored for the exceptional period we now traverse as a race and as a planet, as we will see further on.


Taurus likes pastels and green, and Spring flowers like to heal your space, so bring them in. You may also light green or blue candles, and vanilla or rose incense, or potpourri. As you light them, know they the act is an offering for the accompanying angels, and call on Archangel Michael, his divine complement Faith, to free you and the planet from attachment to the appearance of omnipresent destruction. Also invoke Archangel Hamabiel, associated with Taurus, asking that it help make your awareness of divine abundance deeper and more lasting.

Prayers for the Taurus New Moon

What could a “fully decorated Christmas” tree have to do with abundance in May? The Sabian symbol explains:

“…The ability to create inner happiness in dark hours. Snow has come outside, but the prepared and closely united group has created abundance, beauty, and happiness within, overcoming the cold barrenness outside. This symbol suggests the ever-present possibility open to humans to transfigure the darkness and deprivation of the low point of a life cycle by incarnating within it an antiphonic response celebrating the ever remembered and always expected high points of life. It evokes our undying FAITH IN CYCLIC RENEWAL.”

At this moment in contemporary history, it becomes hard to remain focused on the good, on one’s personal success and that of Earth. Nature may be blooming, birds singing, yet there are ominous appearances in political tendencies which make the future, and for many the present, look dark and barren, truly a low point in humanity’s direction. And yet the symbol provides a ray of hope, as well as the reminder that sharing the consciousness of “abundance, beauty and happiness within”, will ultimately overcome.

Even if there is little apparent probability of Earth’s natural, economic and political restoration, we still have free will to generate spiritual wealth from within, and to seek the company of others who share this choice. The symbol promises a new tomorrow despite appearances. Ultimately, it is this commitment to a full, inner renewal which will also keep us open to the greatest worldly blessings and protection we can now receive, as well as those in the next cycle of our existence, wherever that may be.

Prayer is the nutrition for consciousness; in the moonlight of this reflection, let us affirm:

No appearance will make me doubt the power of God the Good, which is greater than any other influence now at work in my life, in my future and that of the planet. My abundant, stable faith connects me to abundant, stable good now and in all coming cycles. My abundant faith serves as a bridge for all other beings who are receptive to move with me into a cycle where the good is now victorious.

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