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Leo Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

In the midst of a world situation which appears depressing at best, Luna now gives us a message of hope at she turns our sights on that part of creation where we can make a difference: discovering our spiritual power as we reclaim the energy of independence.

This portal helps us to release the kinds of dependence on others, and to society as a whole, which may be weakening us spiritually. The Sabian symbol as quoted by Maya Del Mar in her Daily Success Guide encloses potent keys on several levels:

“A LARGE CAMEL IS SEEN CROSSING A VAST AND FORBIDDING DESERT. Self-sufficiency in the face of a long and exhausting adventure. We need TOTAL INDEPENDENCE from our surroundings and UTTER SELF-RELIANCE.”

How can we apply this to the spiritual promise of this Full Moon? The “large camel” is that part of ourselves whose potential for independence—reflected in this animal’s striking ability to conserve water and store large amounts of fat—equips us for the great challenge of returning to our home in divine consciousness. Furthermore, the symbolism evokes the challenges specific to our times: the camel and the desert, the Middle East; the desert in the metaphor is “vast and forbidding,” as are the imminent climate changes.

These allusions serve to remind us: the goal symbolized by the “long and exhausting adventure” is sublime, yet the fruits of proceeding on the inner path may also carry us victoriously through those manifest challenges now facing the planet. Our personal work in consciousness is inextricably linked to those countries currently under siege; each of our inner climates linked to the climatic conditions affecting the planet.


Symbols for the Leo Full Moon include sunflowers or other yellow flowers, gold or yellow candles (especially round), sandalwood or lavender incense, smoky quartz, ambar, topaz and coral. Connect with the strength and wisdom of desert life by including such elements as sand, cactus or stones from the desert, other good options are a picture of a camel in the desert, and a map of the Middle East (the latter will also help you connect the power of your prayers for that region). Call on the Angel of Independence to help you and all beings to find and fortify our inner and outer freedom.

Metaphysical Independence Program

Maya Del Mar has stressed the importance of decisions at this time, and in a telephone conversation about February, of spending time each day listening to our higher self. The question for this lunation is: In what ways may you be conditioning your own actions or decisions on the opinion or approval of others, to such an extent that you are ignoring or suppressing the power of your own inner resources?

From now until the coming New Moon (to be announced in this space), start each day:

1) With the intention that it will be a day of independence, a day on which your happiness, focus, decisions and progress will not depend on the presence or approval of others.

2) After clarifying your intention, spend a few minutes considering choices, large or small, that you have pending for the day. Listen to your inner voice and make up your own mind about those choices, or what steps you can take to gather information to make them according to your own criteria.

3) Commit your resulting reflections, decisions and/or pending steps to writing.

4) Repeat an affirmation like the one below during at least seven minutes.

5) (This may seem the simplest of steps, but it may actually be the most powerful.) Go about your activities, whether these be novel or mundane, with the intention for it to be an independent day in mind.

6) Stay alert to the opportunities which will come your way to enforce your inner and outer freedom.

Affirmation for the Leo Full Moon Portal

My being has been instilled with whatever resources I need to reach my goal of being true to my highest self. I claim my energetic independence from people and circumstance, as I summon all my strengths and capacities from within, to use them for the great adventure of True Life. My strength and freedom connect with the strength and freedom of all people, and we surround the entire planet with victorious strength and freedom now.

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