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Crystal Pomeroy

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Virgo Eclipse Full Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation, as described by Maya Del Mar in her Daily Success Guide, represents a wonderful window to eclipse, or release, whatever may be holding back the fight on behalf of Spirit that each one of us plays out in our own struggle to be true to our higher selves.

Is this an isolated proposition, one that separates us as individuals from world issues? On the contrary, it is closely related to humanity’s process of choosing how to deal with Mars energy, whether we use our potential for self assertion to attack one another, or as spiritual warriors.

A beautiful book, Outposts of the Spirit (published by Hampton Roads), contains a purportedly channeled message whose content connects with the esoteric promise of this eclipse:

…more and more of the giant spirits have come to earth to prepare for another invasion of the earth with love. At the same time, the forces of hell and fear have taken into their hands the power of the atom and are prepared to destroy the physical earth in a mad attempt to keep the earth under their control.

Your task and that of all God’s people is to use only the weapons of the Spirit of God as you go into battle. The battle is not against people, but against the evil spiritual forces that would divide people from each other and from God.

Take courage, for …. [there are forces that continue] to work with you to bring peace and love to earth.

At this eclipse Luna invites us to make courageous strides, to believe in and assert our higher selves, to insist on those forms of practice and action which fortify the good in our mentalities and interactions. The power of the eclipse will catalyze those efforts by freeing us from whatever might have been holding us back. Hosts of light and the power of prayer—as described in more detail below—will help us receive that courage, that peace and that victory in love awareness.

Synchronize your altar or prayer space

Include bright pink or red flowers, preferably mixed with white, especially geraniums or carnations. The former two colors are also most apt for candles. (A wonderful variation for those who can make the time for it—start with a yellow or white candle, color it red or pink, and etch an eclipse symbol through the painted surface.) Choose an incense (myrrh, frankincense, juniper and geranium are associated with Aries), then just before and as you light it, hold to the thought that it is an offering to the angels that will help you win the battle in favor of your highest self.

Affirmations for the Eclipse New Moon in Aries

Repeat words like the following at least fifteen times:

I am not alone in my intention to heal myself and the planet. Spirit’s light is with me and in me, showing me whatever I need to see about my consciousness, circumstance, relationships, and activities (add any other point you deem necessary); and Spirit’s light blesses me with strength and courage to do and be whatever I need to be true to my Highest Self.

Then direct your charged attention to heal the world, as you repeat at least eight times:

Humanity is not alone in our intention to heal ourselves and the planet. Spirit’s light is with us and in us, showing us whatever we need to see about our consciousness, circumstance, relationships, and activities; and Spirit’s light blesses us with strength and courage to do and be whatever we need to be true to our Highest Selves.

After you have done your prayers, take a few moments to consider those activities that help you vibrate and remain in love and faith. Do this each morning for at least two weeks after the eclipse, making sure you give yourself enough time each day to actually carry out what best feeds your soul. Eclipses are great for releasing whatever may hold us back from a chosen (and worked for) direction, so it also a great time to be willful about avoiding to the greatest possible extent whatever activities and situations do not make you feel confident, courageous and happy.

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