Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal - May 2006: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Crystal Pomeroy

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Scorpio Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

In her Daily Success Guide, Maya Del Mar suggests we celebrate our blessings with gratitude. This is a powerful direction, equivalent to invoking the prospering power of praise, and one that can certainly give us a vibrational boost.

It may seem difficult to stay on such a wavelength in the face of current world events, but now more than ever, Earth needs the light of positive emotion, and praise is one of the most effective and direct ways of invoking its healing alchemy. Why praise? The root of this word comes from “prize” or “treasure”. To praise is not only to notice the good, but to focus on it with so much enthusiasm that we are lead to express it with words, according to religious custom, often song.

Praise is a master key, as any experienced metaphysician will affirm. It appears in all spiritual traditions around the world. The greatest power comes when we assume our capacity to praise in every situation, even when this implies turning away from our sensory or emotional response to a difficult appearance. This regeneration from within can be part of the change referred to by Jesus when he purportedly told his wealthy friend, Simon, “You must be born again!”

The current, challenging appearances in the world about can discourage us, dampening our inspiration both in prayer and in action. The ultimate passive resistance is to invoke the law of non-resistance: when our consciousness of good is so firmly rooted that no occurrence can darken the light of our faith, love and hope.

At this Full Moon, let us fill ourselves with the power of praise, exemplified in the affirmations shared a bit further on. First, let us take a moment to remember how effective prayer works. Maya has pointed out that this lunation is “the Buddhist Moon of bounty”; we shall this tradition by considering the following definition* of Buddhist prayer:

“[P]prayer is the process of realigning our individual lives (the lesser self, with all its impulses and desires) with the rhythm of the living cosmos (the greater self). In doing this we unleash previously untapped sources of self-knowledge, wisdom, vitality and perseverance. And because, in Buddhist philosophy, there is no separation between the internal world of human beings and their environment, changes that occur in our inner life are reflected in our external circumstances. The experience of having one's prayers ´answered´ is the manifest result of this process.”

This description seems to coincide with the Sabian symbol for the Full Moon portal, from Maya’s Daily Success Guide:

“The raising of animal drives to a higher level. The transmutation of the generative power into a more ethereal and subtle form of potency. TRANSUBSTANTIATION.”

The word generative derives from the same root as generous. Can we be so generous as to look beyond our own fears and frustrations as we persist in praise? Those of us who start during the current lunation and continue until the next New Moon will doubtless reap an increase in our own bounty and a better vibration for a planet in need.

Bless your prayer space

Fresh flowers bring healing energy, as well as absorbing any negativity that may be in the area. Archangel Chamuel relates to divine love and gratitude, and is a magnificent ally to invoke for our goals in consciousness now. Roses, carnations and poppies are good offerings for Chamuel, as is lighting a pink candle and rose incense, as well as wearing a rose crystal or setting one in your prayer space.

Spend at least 15 minutes a day praising the good in your small and large world, with special emphasis on those people or situations which seem impossible. Do so with love in your heart and a commitment to revive the vibration of praise which is part of your essential makeup. May the following examples nurture and inspire you:

I praise the divine bounty which is coming to me now.

I praise divine good, which is greater than any appearance and which is working to produce the perfect solution in this situation now.

I praise God’s good which is working in this relationship to lead me to the right outcome (decision, etc.).

I praise the consciousness of good which is growing in me, and I praise its perfect results in my world, both personal and planetary.

I praise God’s protecting and guiding presence that’s with humanity now.

Gratitude and celebration

I am not alone in my efforts to establish a praiseful mentality. The Divine Guide is with me, helping me in whatever way is necessary to achieve and maintain a constant and effective awareness of good.

We at Daykeeper praise you, for your spiritual interest, as well as your enthusiastic readership and support of our efforts, which are truly a labor of love.

*Description of Buddhist prayer extracted from the website for Nichiren Daishonin:

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