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Capricorn Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

Cancer is a time of high intuition and fertile creativity. It can also be rather passive. As the Moon becomes full in Capricorn, our nurturing potential can become constructively engaged, allowing us to take important steps towards long term goals. The current Full Moon sheds rays which can cut like a laser through the fears and doubts—especially doubts about our own preparedness— which may have blocked our effective action until now. Those of us who make a date with our quiet thoughts can now connect with especially strong magic, as indicated by the following extract of the Sabian symbol for this lunation’s degree (as quoted by Maya in her Daily Success Guide):

“A FIVE-YEAR-OLD CHILD CARRYING A BAG FULL OF GROCERIES. Rising to the occasion when asked to assume social responsibilities ahead of one’s normal development… A pattern of ACCELERATED GROWTH can be established…”.

Notice the community expectation of the task in the symbol: the assistance now flowing from Luna will be felt more acutely for those personal goals connected to collective good. The prayers shared below are designed to synchronize your intent with this powerful portal, and, like the child in the Sabian symbol, jump start your inner and outer development.


The astrological environment shows us possibilities in the energetic dimension. There are other types of invisible influences available, awaiting our recognition to help us synchronize with the highest possible frequency of any given astrological situation. These vibrations reflect through flowers, and other refractors, and are especially promoted by angels. Open your sacred portal by including seasonal flowers in your space: lilies for Cancer, poppies and carnations for Capricorn, as well as amber, topaz or smoky quartz. To invoke the angels, light incense—especially Capricorn scents like sandalwood, pine or violet. As you do so, intend it to be an offering for the angels that assist miraculous manifestation, especially Hanael, which Lucy Aspra associates with the sign of the goat. Then request angelic help to identify and take audacious steps towards your highest goals.


This should be a fun reflection. What steps have you considered taking, that seem necessary or required to complete what you have come to this world to do, but that you have you been procrastinating because you feel unprepared or otherwise dubious? Is a lack of expertise, certainty or impetus holding you back? Now is the time to identify, in writing, whatever next step you can take, given your current situation and knowledge, even if you have to push against personal limitations, or those imposed by circumstance. The following affirmations synchronize with the July Full Moon, to help you action your steps with audacity and efficacy.

  • I invite the Christ Mind to plan and act effectively and promptly through me.

  • No circumstance or influence of the past or present can keep Spirit from acting quickly and effectively through me.

  • Infinite Intelligence knows and shows the most important thing I have to do next. The inspiration is coming to me, and I do not repress it. I take whatever initiative I can on my inspired intuitions now.

Repeat thoughts like these for ten to fifteen minutes daily, and do it, take whatever steps you can towards your dreams, whether or not the circumstances or you seem perfect. Do this on a daily basis, keeping a journal of your planned steps and progress, at least until the next New Moon. Once you push through the procrastination barrier, it will become increasingly easy to overcome your own inertia. Now may be one of the most powerful times in the year to get the ball rolling, and produce the results you desire, even with initiatives that initially seem to shoot beyond your range. As the Sabian symbol concludes:

“…we are living in a particularly dynamic period of human development.”

Each of us has something special to do in this period, and the forces of light are here to assist as we break through our barriers.

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