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Crystal Pomeroy

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Sept 2006
9/22 Libra New Moon Solar Eclipse
09/07 Wine Moon Eclipse

August 2006
08/23 New Moon in Virgo
08/09 Full Moon in Aquarius

July 2006
07/24 New Moon in Leo
07/10 Full Moon in Capricorn

June 2006
06/11 Full Moon in Sag

May 2006
5/26 New Moon in Gemini
5/12 Full Moon in Scorpio

April 2006
4/27 New Moon in Taurus
4/13 Full Moon in Libra

March 2006
3/29 Eclipse New Moon in Aries
3/14 Full Moon in Virgo

February 2006
2/12 Full Moon in Leo

January 2006
1/29 New Moon in Aquarius
1/14 Full Moon in Cancer

Aries New Moon Portal October 2006

by Crystal Pomeroy

One of the most powerful ideals of our time is love. Each day, a greater number of seekers make internal efforts to cultivate attitudes like generosity, tolerance, altruism and forgiveness. This popular effort has a positive effect on the planetary vibration, a tendency from the kinder side of Libra. On the other hand, our personal and collective egos are experts at pulling down the vibration of our best intents; it’s a subtle slip from devoted consideration of others to fixation with their approval. The latter type of striving is not loving at all, but rather toxic for our own beings. This Full Moon in Aries is a wake up call, an invitation to momentarily suspend our non-stop people pleasing, and turn to the one source of empowering approval: within our own dear selves.

How will we know our own criterion is fair and just? If we are seeking first our own love and respect, ethics will take priority over the opinion of others.

Aries Full Moon Altar-ation

The colors that synchronize with this lunation are red and pink, you may enjoy using them in clothes, flowers and candles. Another way to optimize this Full Moon is to forget what you should wear, what color candle or scent you should use. You may prefer to consult with yourself. How would you like to dress? What kind of changes are you happy about making in your altar or prayer space now? Buy or pick some flowers that simply make you feel good (if they happen to be red or pink, great), light that candle and incense you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Lucy Aspra associates Malchedael with Aries, call on him as you light your incense, as well as the Angel of Self Approval, to help you maintain unconditional love towards others, while remembering to love yourself first.

Aries Full Moon Prayers

I’m not alone in my intention to love and respect myself. The Divine Helper is with me, helping me in whatever way is necessary. The Divine Helper helps me release my concern with the approval and opinion of others. She helps me remember to consult my own code, to do what I believe is right and to do that alone. The Divine Helper is working to free me from self-rejection, toxic shame and any other feelings or situations that would keep me from accepting and embracing myself, and Her light guides me to find within the love, forgiveness and understanding that I seek.

Starting on or around the Full Moon portal and continuing at least until the next New Moon, repeat words like the above at least five times each day. Say them slowly, connecting with each thought, and adding any other compatible idea that comes to mind. Be sure that you apply and heed the inspiration, discernment, and any other tools that appear thanks to the magic of the Divine Helper that you are now opening your awareness to receive.

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