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Crystal Pomeroy

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Sept 2006
09/07 Wine Moon Eclipse

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2/12 Full Moon in Leo

January 2006
1/29 New Moon in Aquarius
1/14 Full Moon in Cancer

Libra New Moon Portal September 06

by Crystal Pomeroy

The current New Moon portal opens a window of release from any karmic impediments which appear to hold back our individual spiritual mission.

Each of us has come to do important work in consciousness. There is a Higher Power with us which has been putting tools on our paths to carry that work out. But consolidating our goals in consciousness turns out to be more challenging than it should be. Setbacks, distractions and what 12-step programs call “defects of character” hold us back from following our hearts, sticking to our program, carrying out our mission.

Solar eclipses put the light of ego on hold, opening the floodgates of intuition. As Maya has points out, this particular lunation’s conjunction to the South Node (karma), in the last degree of Virgo (finishing a cycle), on the last day of summer, is a fertile portal to release apparent obstructions to our spiritual growth. The prayers below are designed to synchronize with this blessing.

Eclipse Altar-ations

Touches from autumn’s nature: leaves, branches, pumpkins and other squash will integrate the season’s energy for change into your sacred space. This eclipse opens a cycle marked by Archangel Michael’s feast, on September 29, the day of the first quarter Moon. Larry Pahl writes that it was originally considered the true birth date of Jesus. Those who call on Michael, as well as the Christ within, will now discover great assistance in their personal battle for the One Worthy Cause, which is our progress in consciousness—that could also be called spiritual sobriety.

Affirmations for the Solar Eclipse

The Higher Power has been with me always, and is with me now, guiding me to my true place, with the true success, the true tools, the true will and the true concentration to consolidate my spiritual purpose. That same Higher Power, with Its divine agents, is actively releasing me from any past karma, distractions or obstacles, as It rearranges situations and conditions to complement, fortify and bless the divine plan for my soul.

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