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Maya del Mar's September 2006 Daily Success Guide
by Maya del Mar

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Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC. UT, or Universal Time, is the time given in ephemerii, and it corresponds to Greenwich Mean Time, the time used at the Greenwich Observatory in London, England.

I use Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight time in Daykeeper, which corresponds to the time used in the eastern quarter of the United States. To get UT, add five hours to EST, and add four hours to EDT.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 1. Yesterday’s very strong energy reverberates, and continues. It is carried rapidly along on the stream of an enthusiastic First Quarter Sagittarius Moon, which encourages eagerness to make our impact on the world. This fiery moon ticks off all kinds of energy today. For starters, it restimulates the sensitive Pisces and Virgo eclipse points of 2006-2008, whose concomitants in our lives are really getting into high gear this month with the two coming eclipses. Moon also squares the six bodies now traveling through Virgo and Pisces, so that we are busy all day long. Geminis will especially feel the pressure.

With Sagittarius, we are restless, ready for adventure, and prepared for action. And we tend to enjoy the grand adventure of life. So we can take this super-energized day in stride. The general theme is an intense push for something that is truly important to us. We may be up late arranging finishing touches.

Mercury is the most active planet this month, and it doesn’t waste time about getting its instructions. Tonight we have a Sun-Mercury conjunction, where Sun, the director, gives Mercury its directions for the next 3 months. These instructions relate to improving and correcting situations, Virgo-style. Many of them may be long-standing problems, just waiting for this fall house-cleaning season. Featured are relationships and abuse problems, which all too often go together. This includes self-abuse. Conclusions: we must stand up for ourselves, take care of ourselves, and be fair to others. Perhaps we can make a fresh start now in how we connect with ourselves and with others.

The month’s very intense energy begins with Mercury getting a very strong message. And the eclipses actually occurring, as well as those being stirred up, will provide new opportunities for us to remodel our lives.

This Sun-Mercury-Juno conjunction also conjoins GW’s Mars, giving his energy its next direction.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 2. We might feel playful when we awaken this morning. Moon is VOC in Sagittarius until 10:34 a.m., when it enters practical Capricorn. Moon makes no major aspects today, so we do not feel pressured by life. We are goal-directed, but our goals are of our own choosing. It could be a very pleasant and productive day.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 3. Moon in purposeful Capricorn, aspecting many planets, will keep us running all day long. At the same time we have big ideas. We can envision projects, and strategize ways to manifest them.

This is an exciting day, especially good for serious conversation among old friends, family, and groups with whom we share a tradition or an affinity. Mental and practical combine, as do past and future.

Tomorrow Pluto turns direct, and transformative power is in the air. In addition, Mars conjoins the fixed star Benetnash, who is often connected to catastrophes.

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 4. Labor Day! A big day! My son, Daniel, was born on a September 4 Labor Day 45 years ago. Then Pluto conjoined his Sun and my Moon. Since then Pluto has moved more than one-quarter of the way around the zodiac. Now it’s at 25 degrees of Sagittarius, sitting in its most powerful position, ponderously making its direct turn, which it completes at 7:20 p.m. EDT this evening.

Pluto is associated with transformational power. That power is strong, and can be extreme. It often appears to come “out of the blue,” but has been building for awhile, often out of sight. It brooks no opposition. The bursting through of a volcano is a good metaphor for Pluto’s action. So is the birth of a plant or animal or child. I call Pluto the Lord of Evolution. Once it has manifested, there is no turning back.

Pluto is now traveling at the Galactic Center, where astronomers have recently discovered a black hole. As it turns this evening, it is directly overhead in Washington DC, and squaring the Moon’s Nodes in Pisces and Virgo. This is an intense, fateful configuration, connected to the eclipses of the next two years, and to the Lunar Eclipse of March 14, 2006, which began a new phase of the rising power of the common people.

At turn time, Uranus is rising over the eastern horizon, setting the tone for the day. Sun, with Juno, is setting in the West. This Pisces-Virgo opposition is a preview of the coming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 7.

Uranus, the day’s significator, indicates a breakthrough, often towards freedom and independence. Sun shows vitality and purpose, Pluto—power, and Juno, issues of partnership, victimhood and abuse. This Labor Day weekend is apt to show a huge bursting out of workers. Pluto over Washington shows the establishment flexing its power. Pluto, in fact, is in mundane squares—which persist over time and space—with the Mercury-Vesta conjunction in Virgo. Pluto is in Sagittarius, a sign of privilege, and Mercury and Vesta are in Virgo, a sign of workers. Squares indicate challenges.

Pluto and Mercury continue in relationship through September 9. This means movement of masses—eg., masses of people, or masses of propaganda.

At this same time, we are still in orb of the historical Neptune-Saturn opposition, which was exact for the first time on August 31. In addition, Ceres in Aquarius quincunxes Vesta-Mercury in Virgo to tie everything together. All of this speaks to people expressing their needs for dignity and social justice, and coming up against the Washington power structure.

It also speaks to water coming up against barriers, as in hurricanes and floods.

Morning begins energetically, with a strong Mars, and Moon still in Capricorn, where it engages the U.S. natal Pluto. At 10:24 a.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC. It enters independent Aquarius at 2:15 p.m., and the spirit of freedom rises stronger and further during the coming days.

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 5. Moon is still in Aquarius, where it encourages us to value and to express our unique selves. We want to think and talk about large social issues, and how they relate to politics.

Unpredictable Uranus is associated with Aquarius. Uranus rose about sunset yesterday, and traveled over Washington DC all night. It is setting at sunrise, exactly opposing the rising Sun and Juno.

Much is brewing.

Aquarius is one of the four fixed signs, and Moon there will stimulate the fixed T-cross, which has been with us all year, and whose challenges and stresses we are very much in the midst of experiencing. Fixed signs, remember, represent power.

We are apt to feel animated and excited today, and motivated to pursue large projects. By night-time we can have a more realistic evaluation of things.

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 6. Moon continues traveling in Aquarius, and it is VOC until 2:56 p.m., when it enters Pisces. This morning can be spontaneous and interesting. “Interesting” may be too mild a word, for during this entire week, planets are traversing eclipse points and the longitudinal positions of difficult fixed stars. Also, with Uranus and Juno both connected with Sun, the excitement might be very hard on many.

Venus enters Virgo this morning, where it helps us to appreciate critical and analytical qualities. Moon in imaginative Pisces will oppose it this afternoon, and this is the signal to go into high gear for tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. Tonight we will feel expansive, perhaps like dancing Video and music will appeal.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 7. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 Pisces occurs at 2:42 p.m. EDT. Much energy is unleashed now, especially with Pluto having just turned direct. Virgo-Pisces is associated with service, work, healing, and the “common” people.

This Eclipse shows the people to be on the move—big-time. Powerful Pluto, who refers to the masses, is now rising on the East Coast, dominating the chart.

Feeling now is expansive and ready to break through boundaries. (Floods also do that, literally.) Earlier this morning, Moon occulted Uranus, hinting at surprises. Uranus dominates the vibration now. There is restlessness and excitement in the air.

This can be called a Uranian eclipse. It’s wake-up time. The next eclipse, in two weeks, is a Plutonic eclipse, where immense energy rises from the depths. That is transformation time.

Sun has just conjoined Juno and Mercury, raising consciousness of abusive and unfair situations. All kinds of relationships are certainly up for rebalancing, not only those between individuals, but also the rebalancing of natural, economic, and governmental forces, as well as the attention of each of us to rebalance our lives.

Homeostasis is the theme for the next two years. Part of the process includes dramatic illustrations of imbalances. Think of a teeter-totter, and the trial and error required to balance it. Librans, whose whole existence is about balance, are particularly practiced in this art.

Special areas of focus are all service industries and workers, health and healing, health care and hospitals, prisons, U.S. foreign relations, financial industries, food, and earth herself, particularly in regard to water.

Awareness of these needs began big-time with the Virgo Lunar Eclipse of last March 14. We saw both the rising power of the people, and the responses of the threatened powers-that-be.

Much more will be shown this month, with the steady stimulation of various eclipse points, and conjunctions with important fixed stars. We also have Pluto heading into the Galactic Center.

For example, Sun at the Eclipse conjoins the fixed star, Mizar, said to have a Martian character. Mars now conjoins the coming Solar Eclipse of September 22, and also opposes the fixed star, Scheat, often associated with catastrophes.

Obviously, there is much everywhere that needs rebalance and repair. The process might be upsetting, but it’s necessary for survival, and we set about now on this adventure.

We have two years for this process. 2007 is about release and letting go. In 2008 we begin to put new paradigms in place.

The Sabian symbol for 15 Pisces is

‘AN OFFICER INSTRUCTING HIS MEN BEFORE A SIMULATED ASSAULT UNDER A BARRAGE OF LIVE SHELLS. The need for thorough rehearsing before any complex and inherently dangerous social ritual in which power is used or evoked.

In social life, as well as in occultism, conflict is always to be expected; one must prepare for it. At the close of the great cycle—in the zodiac, the sign Pisces—a deep-seated struggle is inevitable at least to some extent. It can be a struggle against the ghosts of the unfulfilled past, the “unlived” life, or a confrontation with accumulated and often-eluded karma. The rules of the game, at least in traditional forms of warfare, can be known. One may have to rehearse the dangerous play, just as astronauts endlessly rehearsed every step in the moon landings. Individual rashness cannot be tolerated. Even a deliberate sacrifice must play a well-conceived part—like the sacrifice of an important piece in a game of chess. VALORIZATION. The concept of group-value dominates the entire scene.”

And the Sabian symbol for the next degree, 16 Pisces, is quite the opposite.

“IN THE QUIET OF HIS STUDY A CREATIVE INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCES A FLOW OF INSPIRATION. Reliance upon one’s inner source of inspiration or guidance. The individual must have faith in his/her own SUBJECTIVE STRENGTH.”

Inner and outer, group and individual—more balancing.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 8. This has been an active night in the heavens, perhaps also in our dreams. Moon still travels in Pisces, the sign of dreams. Its last aspect is a square to Pluto at about 5:00 a.m. EDT. This will be an odd morning, perhaps filled with remnants of dreams, memories, vague imaginings and apprehensions.

Our mood is somewhat lifted when Moon enters enthusiastic Aries at 2:23 p.m. Subconscious impulses are still stirring. However, Moon, freshly into Aries, opposing Mars, freshly into Libra, will get things moving this afternoon.

Flying off the handle with a partner is a danger with today’s energy. Take it slow and easy. Positive thinking can do wonders now. Maintain your own freedom, and encourage others to maintain theirs.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9. Moon continues in exciting Aries. We may awaken early this morning, perhaps with heavy dreams or thoughts. Mercury, which is associated with thinking, squares Pluto, the planet of dark forces and of extremes. This also stimulates the energy of the March 14 Lunar Eclipse, which opened new horizons for many. At this time, Mars is rising on the East Coast, giving a distinctly martial air to the day. Aries Moon is also ready to meet challenges. Issues raised around August 31 may come up for rebalancing.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 10. Time out for some much-needed R & R. Balance it out with some form of activity this morning. After 2:30 p.m. EDT, Moon is in sensual Taurus, and we may want to be involved with nature or some form of creativity. Evening can be pleasant and loving. Celebrate it by cooking a delicious meal.

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 11. Back to work! Taurus asks us to be productive. We might have some new insights today about practical affairs, and we feel free to share them. This can be a pleasant, practical, and visionary day.

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12. Yesterday’s harmonious energy continues, and features all types of communication. Around 5:00 p.m., we have an interesting double change. Moon and Mercury, tying emotions and thoughts together, flow in the last minute of earth signs, Taurus and Virgo. This favors a focus on concrete, tangible things. A minute later, both Moon and Mercury enter air signs, and suddenly it is ideas, and connecting with others, that have major importance. This is a subjective jolt of discontinuity—interesting that for some, it comes at the close of a workday. Mercury now enters Libra, and we begin to be more conscious of partnership, of equality, and of literary and artistic interests. Pay attention to the global financial picture.

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13. This is a fine day for all types of artistic pursuits. Work in the communication arts is especially favored. Words flow easily.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 14. Last Quarter Moon at 22 Gemini occurs at 7:15 a.m. EDT. Virgo’s focus is on physical analysis; Gemini is more interested in social analysis, although both signs enjoy picking everything apart. Virgo worries about things being right, whereas Gemini can just turn the channel.

At the time of the Quarter, Moon and Sun create a mutable grand cross. Gemini and Virgo are both mutable, flexible signs. Moon opposes Pluto in Sagittarius, another mutable sign. And they both square the Moon’s Nodes in Virgo and Pisces, to complete the cross.

Mutable signs are sensitive, intuitive, and mentally oriented. Nervous systems are highly tuned, and psyche and soma are closely connected. Mutable sign people are subject to psychosomatic problems, and at the same time can be good healers. Meditation, spiritual studies, and all forms of healing are extra-beneficial now.

Pluto shows deep transformation, which could refer to miraculous healing possibilities. Pluto also refers to power in general, and to mass action. This combination could manifest as propaganda for the masses.

Moon now conjoins the U.S. Mars, and Sun conjoins the U.S. Neptune. This combination shows bad timing and possible delusions in regard to foreign relations.

Use your power now, but be careful of the focus of its beams.

Moon goes VOC at noon. Concentration will be difficult this afternoon, and we are apt to find many distractions.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15. Moon is in emotional, sensitive, moody Cancer, with aspects from early morning until midnight. We will not seek activity, but nevertheless we will have a lot on our plates. Much of it will be of a defensive nature. This afternoon Mercury has its annual conjunction with Mars, and thoughts of aggression spring to our consciousness. We may find ourselves sharp-tongued or sarcastic with people. Arguments can easily arise. Remember that we are all extra-sensitive now, and it’s best to think before you make a “smart” retort. Tonight Moon connects with Venus and Uranus to encourage excitement in love and pleasure.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 16. Empathy and emotions flow today, as well as water—and perhaps tears. Loving sentiments may be awakened in a new way. Power builds up during the day, and tonight Sun squares Pluto to give a shot of vitality to power. This is the final turning point in a power cycle which began last December 15-16. At that time much information emerged about the extent of U.S. governmental surveillance of citizens. Security is on our minds during these last two days.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17. The sequence of zodiacal signs is almost like a “manic-depressive” cycle. Suddenly today we enter a manic phase, with Moon in take-charge Leo. Energy is high, and we can create our drama, and star in it as well. This is a feel-good, have-fun day.

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 18. Moon continues in Leo, and the good times roll.

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 19. Things can be serious during the early morning, but at 8:16 a.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC for the entire remainder of the day. These next three days are almost aspect-free, a very rare circumstance. It is as though the universe is giving us time to pull ourselves together, without interruptions, prior to the double whammy of a Solar Eclipse and Equinox on Friday. This VOC Leo Moon day can be very visionary. Create your next month’s drama now.

Tonight, at 8:07 p.m., Moon enters Virgo. But for 24 hours, it makes no aspects. Lack of aspects gives us extra wide latitude in choices.

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 20. We are at the end of the first Virgo Moon cycle. Moon is in Virgo, and the cleanup and pruning crews are at work. We have a second New Moon in Virgo on Friday. Meditate on what you’d like to change about how you handled situations this first time around. New health routines you want to try? New things you want to learn? New spiritual disciplines you just couldn’t find time for? Some repairs you didn’t get around to attending? Inspiration might come later in the day. This second Virgo Moon will be a Solar Eclipse, which means that much change is possible.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 21. Virgo Moon has pleasant aspects today, and usually we would simply be enjoying our work. However, today is dark-of-the-moon, which is a retreat time. We simply don’t feel like putting ourselves out very energetically.

This is a big “ending” time, and tonight’s aspect of Moon squaring both Pluto and South Node is most appropriate. All unnecessary baggage can be eliminated now. Finish up your autumn housecleaning.

Today Mercury returns to its location of September 11, 2001. It was exactly rising then, at the degree of the U.S. Saturn, which refers to the Administration.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 22. Today’s second New Moon in Virgo is a Solar Eclipse. New Moon itself at 30 Virgo occurs at 7:45 a.m. EDT. This is an annular eclipse, which means that the Moon does not quite cover the entire Sun. A ring of light is visible around the darkened Moon. The Eclipse path runs down the southern central Atlantic Ocean. A partial eclipse will be visible throughout most of South America, and western Africa.

This is a South Nodal Eclipse, which indicates a release of the past. It is at the end of a sign, which also shows endings. As a capper, Sun and Moon square Pluto, which by itself can cut things off, often dramatically.

It is surely time for a new chapter, and Autumnal Equinox tonight-tomorrow will open a new season, a season when we focus on balance.

This Eclipse chart set for Washington DC places most of the energy in the hidden twelfth house. Included there is Juno, conjoining the Eclipse degree of September 11, 2007.

The Descendant is at 9 Aries, conjoining the Solar Eclipse of last March 29, which brought Hamas into power in Palestine. Israel’s progressed Juno is also at 9 Aries. I have found that Juno in mundane charts always indicates fear and victimization. (One example: Juno was over New York City on the morning of 9-11-01.) The Descendant ruler, Mars, is at 10 Libra, opposing the Descendant

Mercury conjoins Mars in Libra, on the Ascendant. Mercury, filled with Martian energy, will be crossing over Bush’s Moon-Juno conjunction at midnight, at Equinox. The next day Mercury conjoins Bush’s Jupiter and the U.S. stationary retrograde Mars.

At the same time, Saturn at 21 Leo is only a degree from Bush’s Venus. It will conjoin it exactly by the end of September. Venus is a major ruler in Bush’s chart.

Jupiter is also squaring Neptune, exact on Sunday. This is an aspect of both fanaticism and unreality. People are inspired by visions and hunches to make moves which are not grounded.

All in all, it certainly looks as though GW Bush is indulging in aggressive fantasies.

Moon goes VOC after the Eclipse. It enters Libra, the place of the Equinox, at 9:06 a.m., but makes no aspects until it conjoins Mars early tomorrow morning.

The Sabina Symbol for 30 Virgo is

“TOTALLY INTENT UPON COMPLETING AN IMMEDIATE TASK, A MAN IS DEAF TO ANY ALLUREMENT. The total concentration required for reaching any spiritual goal. The last message of this hemicycle of Individualization is that on all decisive occasions what must be done has to be done so intently that no outer voices can penetrate the mind, still less the soul. The neophyte stands at the gates of the sacred Pyramid. There is only one step he can take—ahead, or he is lost. The outer doors of perception and thought must be closed, so the soul can accomplish its CONQUEST OF ILLUSION.”

It looks as though the immigration issue is major this month, for the areas of focus for both Moons include central United States and Mexico. Europe, western Africa, and India also show up on both moon maps.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23. Sun enters Libra at four minutes past midnight, EDT. On the Pacific Coast the time is 9:04 p.m. on Friday. We are still in orb of a powerful Solar Eclipse, and power is streaming in to us now, at this delicate time of solar equilibrium.

The autumn season begins with a bang, and it includes Moon freshly into Libra, along with Sun. This is a very assertive moment, for Moon is conjoining Mars. The mandate to BALANCE unbalanced situations is very loud and clear. This process, however, can lead to much conflict, for different parties have differing ideas about what constitutes “balance.” We certainly need the Goddess of Justice, wearing her blindfold! Actually, Librans can be very good mediators. They have a special talent for walking in the shoes of others.

The Moon phase now is new, quite appropriate after all the eclipsing we’ve been experiencing. We will be starting new things, perhaps new relationships, certainly new phases of relationships, and perhaps new kinds of relationships.

Venus rules Libra, so she has much to say now. Venus is traveling in discriminating, service-oriented Virgo, the sign of this time. Purification, healing, and health are all priorities in our relationships.

Venus sits between Juno and Vesta, showing the importance of women now. All three of them are at eclipse degrees, meaning that relationships to, between, and concerning women, and women’s affairs are undergoing changes.

Juno speaks to issues of victimization and abuse. Juno is the smallest asteroid married to Jupiter, the biggest planet, and he was a bully. But this is not just about women. In mundane charts, Juno shows up wherever there are issues of unfair treatment or disenfranchisement. When she is related to Pluto, as she is now (by square), the oppression is on a mass scale.

Juno sits at the bottom of the DC chart, and forms the national foundation of the coming season’s affairs. Hopefully abuse of all kinds can be recognized, rectified, beginnings made in healing.

On the other side of Venus, conjoining the South Node, is Vesta. Vesta relates to security, protection, and all financial situations. Oppression for the sake of “security” is certainly a possibility here.

Virgo is a humble sign, but it looks to be important now for women to speak up in regard to injustice.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 8 Libra is

“A BLAZING FIREPLACE IN A DESERTED HOME. The need to realize that even through the most empty hours a spiritual power is ever ready to welcome and warm up the wayward consciousness returning to center. There is always HOPE of recovery and rebeginning.”

Location-wise, the entire world is highlighted. Turbulent weather may be our biggest problem. When Juno was the Great Goddess, the Seasons were her handmaidens. Juno in charts is connected with storms and with earth upsets of all kinds, which would certainly go hand in hand with security problems.

This day is filled with aspects, meaning many connections with the world. Featured are Libra—justice and equality, and Neptune—dreams, visions, oil, and water. We are trying to be very fair, objective, and balanced about everything, but Neptune can take us off in the wild blue yonder.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 24. And Neptune is just apt to take us into that wild blue yonder today. Nearly the entire day is Moon VOC in idealistic Libra. Let ambition go. We will very much enjoy socializing, as well as being involved in a situation of art or learning which has wide significance. Jupiter in Scorpio squares Neptune in Aquarius to encourage our imaginations to soar. The full house in Virgo can help to keep us grounded in Virgo’s earthy values.

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 25. This is a dynamic day, with much happening in the heavens. Early this morning, Moon in Scorpio squares Chiron in Aquarius. This may awaken us, perhaps with strange dreams, or even strange events. Moon moves right along in Scorpio, encouraging us to dig deeply into everything. Tonight Moon trines Uranus in Pisces to connect us with far-out art and artists. This augments yesterday’s Jupiter-Neptune square of feeding the imagination.

In the meantime, Venus squares Pluto, and love and desire become quite intense. You can notice your special desires, for they will be stimulated now. If they are for Virgo Venus’ healthy goals, you are on safe ground. Vesta conjoins South Node, to sharpen our consciousness of our security needs. At the same time, South Node in Virgo directs us to avoid getting hung up on Virgo’s details. Instead, look at the broad picture.

Sun in Libra is squaring Pallas Athena in Capricorn for the next day or two. This is a terrific executive combination. Even if it’s just your own life, you can tap into a special strategic talent.

Today’s combination of depth, power, imagination, desire, and strategy gives us a special opportunity to begin to manifest what we truly desire. In addition, this new moon phase is just right for new beginnings.

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 26. Moon continues to travel in intense Scorpio. Today Moon stimulates the planets of the fixed T-cross—Neptune in Aquarius, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Saturn in Leo. Moon squares Saturn this afternoon, and we can catch up on structural repairs. Saturn has not been prominent in the month’s lineups, and this is our chance to pay attention to the bare bones of things, to reground ourselves after the Jupiter-Neptune high flying influence of the last week. Regroup today. And do enjoy the evening.

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 27. Moon enters Sagittarius at 9:16 a.m. EDT, and we enter the field of Travelers of the Universe. Sag is closely connected to spirit, and it tends to be both fun and lucky. Sag also embodies moral codes, and the preacher aspect of Sag may be emphasized today. With Mercury in Libra, issues of fairness will be on our minds. This is a good day for teaching and learning.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 28. Moon continues in Sagittarius, and we may be thinking of all kinds of traveling—physical, social, mental, as well as spreading our truths and talents far and wide.

Moon is still traveling in visionary Sagittarius, and it makes exciting aspects during the entire day. Finally at 4:45 p.m. EDT, Moon makes a square with Venus and then goes VOC. This is an interesting, productive, and provocative day. Enjoy. We have had a long stretch of Moon in Sagittarius. At 6:01 p.m., Moon enters industrious Capricorn, and we take life more seriously.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30. First Quarter Moon at 8 Capricorn occurs at just about dawn, 7:04 a.m. EDT. The day starts nicely, with Venus entering Libra, one of its special signs. This bodes well for pleasant and harmonious relationships. Moon then makes strong, dynamic aspects. This is a great day for doing something social, which is at the same time promotional and unique. An educational or motivational seminar, for example, would fit the energy. Moon passes over Pallas Athena, to bring in her strategies for success. The day’s vibe is serious, but at the same time it includes new, exciting insights. This energy carries through the evening.

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