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Maya del Mar's March 2006 Daily Success Guide
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Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC. UT, or Universal Time, is the time given in ephemerii, and it corresponds to Greenwich Mean Time, the time used at the Greenwich Observatory in London, England.

I use Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight time in Daykeeper, which corresponds to the time used in the eastern quarter of the United States. To get UT, add five hours to EST, and add four hours to EDT.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 1. March comes in robustly, and sounds its Piscean theme loud and clear. Intuition, seeing below the surface, and psychic energy are all very strong today. So is independence, the independence of seeing things your unique way, and acting on that. This inner independence sets us up to listen to and trust the inner eye which is the month’s focus. In addition, we just had our Pisces New Moon, and we are beginning a peak month of visualization and planning.

Beginnings flourish today. We start several new cycles, chief among them being the annual Sun-Uranus cycle, which sets us off on a new round of inventiveness and originality. This cycle begins in Pisces (11 degrees), and jump-starts our month of exploring our inner, subtle connections. New ideas can crowd our psyches. This would be an excellent month in which to keep a journal, perhaps in conjunction with doing dream work.

Moon is in energetic Aries, hooked to Mars and Saturn, and we march along smartly in the outer world, achieving objectives. Security at home, at work, and in our relationships are all issues.

Mercury is nearly stationary now, and all mental input has extra impact. In addition, it can be heavy and penetrating. Secrets, and things long covered-up can come to light during these next few days. Our minds will have much to chew on during the three weeks that Mercury is retrograde.

In Washington DC, martial Mars, Aries’ planet, is at the bottom of the chart. It serves as the base of operations for the U.S. government. This is Mars in communicative Gemini, on its way to conjunct the U.S. Uranus, which tends to aggression. Aggressive communication—at least—is on the way. GW Bush is scheduled to make a risky visit to Iran on March 3. He’s probably gearing up for his usual style of communication.

THURSDAY MARCH 2. Moon is still traveling in gung ho Aries, but Mercury turns retrograde at 3:30 p.m. EST. This crucial turning point tends to slow things down, and add hitches and glitches to life. We are apt to be particularly undecided, even with Moon in assertive Aries. By nighttime we recover, and we are ready for a deep and serious conversation. Mercury retrograde in Pisces can be confusing, because our thoughts are welling up from the unconscious, hard to decipher. However, we do have the X-ray vision of Pluto at work. Pluto encourages extremes, and we can either get a handle on where we can apply effective leverage in life, or we can go off the deep end. Pluto with Mercury is also prone to obsession and compulsion. Moon in Aries allows instincts plus needs for action to prevail, which can lead to hasty behavior, with perhaps later regrets.

Late today there is apt to be a crisis around a security issue. What does comprise real security? In general, vibrations are mixed today, with great potential and great risks. Keeping a journal can help us sort things out. This crisis is associated with a change which will be catalyzed by the Solar Eclipse on March 29.

Mercury turns direct on March 25, still in Pisces, and it squares Pluto again on its direct journey on April 13.

FRIDAY MARCH 3. The heavens remain turbulent, and the world is making major shifts now. Hopefully steady Taurus Moon can help us to center ourselves. This is an in-between day; yesterday we had a Mercury station, and tomorrow we will experience a Jupiter station. Stations are always destabilizing. We are now gathering much food for thought during these days of slow Pluto squaring slow Mercury, lingering in this transformative connection. Minds may feel too full. However, best not to make decisions now. Let the issues of this time percolate until Mercury turns direct. Again, the journal can be helpful. This is a day for just plugging ahead and doing our work. On Monday we can begin to act on the new streams of thought flowing through us.

SATURDAY MARCH 4. Moon remains in Taurus, and we want to be productive. But the pictures around us are changing almost too fast to integrate, and we may find ourselves pulled in conflicting directions. The best solution may be to just stick with necessary jobs and regular routines while the changing worldview percolates deep within.

But keep an eye on the U.S. Administration, for it will not be just sticking with routines. Jupiter stations in retrograde position at 1:02 p.m. EST, and the energy now greatly impacts the U.S. government. To begin with, Jupiter is the ruling planet of the U.S. Sagittarius-rising chart. In the U.S. natal chart, Jupiter conjoins the Sun, adding vitality and success to the nation’s endeavors. Thus the U.S. is very tuned in to Jupiter. This may be a major reason why the Founding Fathers chose this time for the national birthday. (In early Continental writings about the U.S., it was often referred to as a “Jupiter” nation.)

The U.S. Mars and Uranus are stimulated, showing aggressive action by the nation. In addition, many fixed stars are involved in the Jupiter Station. This shows that portentous events occur now. One of those fixed stars is Benetnash, meaning “hired mourners.” Catastrophes are often associated with it.

Transiting Jupiter is now in Scorpio. There it can bestow an amazing ability to work with money and with resources in a creative growth process, but there can also be an over-emphasis on the material aspects of life. Jupiter now is faced with Neptune in Aquarius, who can help temper its material proclivities with a focus on the spirit of community. Energies today can sharpen this conflict, and at the same time show us how they can work well together. An example of such possibility is the reforming of New Orleans for the true benefit of the community.

Today’s Moon in Taurus can help us to be practical as we shift our inner guideposts.

SUNDAY MARCH 5. So far this month we’ve had a grand air trine, which means lots of thinking, talking, planning. With air signs, we bombard the airwaves with communication. Today this chattiness is augmented by Venus entering air sign Aquarius, and Moon moving into air sign Gemini. With Venus and Moon, talk becomes more intimate, and much of it occurs with people in our daily lives. This is a day for close and friendly communication. We will have much to talk about.

MONDAY MARCH 6. First Quarter Moon at 17 Gemini occurs at 3:16 p.m. Pisces New Moon is filled with visions, dreams and images. Gemini breaks these fantasies down into discrete pieces which can be grasped by the mind and put into logical order. However, Mercury, which is associated with Gemini, is now retrograde, and squaring Pluto besides. We will each have very individualistic ways of breaking down and transmitting information. We talk, yes, but talk is cheap. (Well, not necessarily. The GAO has disclosed that the Bush Administration has spent $1.6 billion on public relations—i.e., spin—for 7 out of 15 departments during this last year and a half.) Anyway, the atmosphere now is not conducive to agreements. Or, if agreements are made, their bases will undergo changes.

For months I’ve seen the torture issue threading through all of the charts. It is highlighted now by inquisitive Gemini Moon, and will continue to rise in prominence during this month.

What to do now? Gemini Moon encourages us to be well-informed, which is essential for any contributing member of society. And at the same time to carry a healthy skepticism about all that we see, hear, and read. With Mercury now retrograde, we have enhanced ability to use our own minds and to make our own evaluations. We can notice when the Emperor has no clothes.

I would expect a step-up in the U.S. military-police state now, especially as more deleterious information about the U.S. government’s behavior continues to emerge.

In general, today’s energy can be lively and exciting.

TUESDAY MARCH 7. The morning is good for deep research and heavy thinking. It would be well to get going on a project which you can continue after Moon goes VOC, at 11:09 a.m. EST. (This means that West Coasters do best with an early start!) Moon remains in Gemini, and VOC Moon in Gemini is excellent for inner work and for brainstorming. We are apt to find ourselves continually distracted during this time. Even so, creative ideas may come flashing into our minds. Jot them down for later follow-through. Moon enters Cancer at 5:38 p.m., and home and family begin to tug at our hearts. Cook a nourishing dinner for yourself and loved ones tonight.

Cancer brings the water element into our sky picture, and completes a grand trine in water. Both emotions and water flow copiously.

Moon in Cancer keeps our focus at home. Security continues to be on our minds, and some brilliant ideas about the real meaning of security may come to us. This includes economic security, which we may see in a new way. We continue with the water flow, which adds to our psychic sensitivity and enhances our intuition. Trust your inner self, and follow its guidance today. This can be a very satisfying day.

THURSDAY MARCH 9. Water, water, water. Our lives are flooded with feelings and memories. Old family conditions may become vivid now. Energy, especially soulful communication, flows very easily. At 3:41 p.m. EST, Moon goes VOC. Relax with those, and in a place, where you are happy and nurtured.

FRIDAY MARCH 10. Moon is in passionate Leo today. It joins Saturn, which is a subduing influence, and as it does so it highlights one of the big configurations which is with us all weekend, i.e., Venus conjoining Ceres in early Aquarius, very close to Chiron in Aquarius. Saturn, the Teacher, has charge of this day. Spending time with friends is a good way to manifest today’s energies. We can be nurtured and healed through special friendships. Our approach to today’s connections is serious and thoughtful. Issues regarding the distribution and content of food may come to our attention, especially genetic modification, which carries far more risks than Monsanto would have us believe.

SATURDAY MARCH 11. This is a big day. Moon continues in Leo, which can make the most of the day’s drama. The fixed grand T-cross is in play, showing conflict and possible crisis. Saturn still opposes the Venus-Ceres conjunction, indicating opposition, perhaps from government, to a community good. Most excitingly, Mars squares (challenges) Uranus to impulsively create a volatile situation. This aspect shows proneness to reckless behavior and to accidents. This square stresses the Mars and progressed Sun in the chart of Bush.

Not as dramatic, but more important is the conjunction of Sun with the retrograde Mercury. This is like the new moon of our 3-month intellectual-communication Mercury cycle. It is the New Mercury, and sets in motion our style of perceiving for the next 3 months. (The next New Mercury is in mid-July, conjunct Bush’s Saturn.) It conjoins Dick Cheney’s moon, and is overhead in Washington DC. Revelations regarding the Vice-President may step up their pace.

The Mars square Uranus at this time is maintained for the entire 3-month cycle. Uranus is the planet of enlightenment, and we will continue to be enlightened.

We are reaching towards a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 Virgo in three days. Full Moons mean awareness. This is a Plutonian eclipse, meaning that it catalyzes deep transformation. We may be seeing the decline of Dick Cheney.

SUNDAY MARCH 12. Deep change moves along easily, as Leo Moon trines Pluto—Pluto now located at the Galactic Center. At 10:36 a.m. EST, Moon goes VOC and remains VOC until it enters Virgo at 5:23 p.m. We begin then to gear up for the potent Full Moon. Energy is intense.

MONDAY MARCH 13. Moon traveling in Virgo stimulates all of our sore points in mutable signs. Today we are reminded of the aggressive Mars-Uranus square. Now it is joined by Strategist Pallas Athena in the government sign of Capricorn. We are apt to feel irritable, and perhaps angry.

TUESDAY MARCH 14. Full Moon at 25 Virgo occurs at 6:35 p.m. EST. This Full Moon is a Penumbral Eclipse, visible in much of the world. This is the first Eclipse of our Virgo-Pisces Eclipse series, which will finish in February of 2008. Virgo-Pisces is associated with realignment and with service, including the military services. Health, healing, and animals are also part of Virgo’s domain.

This is a blockbuster day. Pluto squares both Sun and Moon—Moon tonight and Sun early on March 17, which draws out the process of transformation which Pluto always represents. Pluto connects with death and annihilation, with catharsis and rebirth, and with the deepest power of earth and life.

A powerful mutable square dominates this chart set for Washington. Moon is in the hidden twelfth house, but close to the Virgo Ascendant. Sun, opposing Moon, is in the sixth house of re-alignment and of the “services” and things military. It is close to the Pisces Descendant. Both of these houses harbor behind-the-scenes activities.

On the midheaven, directly above Washington, is Juno, associated in mundane charts with fear and terror, with abuse and victimhood. Juno squares Sun and Moon, and opposes powerful Pluto at the bottom of the chart, who is pulling the levers of power. Juno in personal charts is associated with committed relationships, so changes in relationship commitment can be catalyzed now.

Moon conjoins the fixed star, Benetnash, associated with mass catastrophes. Moon squares Juno at 25 Gemini.

Pluto, who opposes Juno and squares Sun and Moon, conjoins the Galactic Center, heart of our galaxy as Sun is heart of our solar system. The Mayans consider that all of creation stems from this pivotal location in the galaxy. We have now a special opportunity to align with cosmic consciousness. This is exactly what our retrograde Mercury wants us to do.

Whatever the shock or the change catalyzed now, it can push us off our habitual track and allow us to adopt a new perspective. In fact, eclipses tend to do that.

The Sabian Symbol for 25 Virgo is

“A FLAG AT HALF-MAST IN FRONT OF A PUBLIC BUILDING. The social acknowledgement of a job well done and a destiny fulfilled. This symbol implies the ability to carry any task to its ultimate fulfillment, provided the task is carried out with reference to the need of a collectivity. The end result of an individual’s service to humankind. His personal failings may be forgotten but his achievements remain. They are given PUBLIC RECOGNITION.”

WEDNESDAY MARCH 15. Moon is in Libra, and after our big eclipse, we look for balance. This is a sober, yet sociable, day. We can solidify any relation commitments (or uncommitments) which we made yesterday. On the West Coast, the night is particularly loving and romantic.

THURSDAY MARCH 16. Moon continues in peacemaker Libra. It is easy to do what we want to do today—or at least talk about it. Vibrations are excellent for negotiation and compromise today. Do it early, for power conflicts are in the air beginning early tomorrow morning. Disturbing images may, unbidden, well up from the depths of the subconscious tonight.

FRIDAY MARCH 17.Sun squares Pluto at 6:05 a.m. EST to mark the first turning point in the annual Sun-Pluto power cycle. This cycle began last December 15-16 when, in the U.S., there was a multitude of actions clamping down on rights. But at the same time, information began to emerge about the extent of the Bush Administration’s secret surveillance activities. And Latin American countries began to assert their independence from the IMF. Moon sextiles Pluto, so power shifts now should have a fairly smooth road.

Moon goes VOC at 11:31 a.m. EST, and enters Scorpio at 5:59 p.m. This can be a receptive, introverted time. With Moon in Scorpio, we may be contemplating the whole complex of power, which we have seen displayed in many of its facets this month.

Tonight will be intense, with liquor likely to be flowing freely. Be careful on the road.

SATURDAY MARCH 18. Intense energy continues, as Moon in Scorpio squares Saturn in Leo, and then all of the bodies in Aquarius. Challenges today can feel overwhelming, mainly because Scorpio has an emotional need to control and dominate. Quarrels with loved ones can develop, perhaps due to willfulness. This evening Mercury squares Mars. This is like having a chip on the shoulder. We are supersensitive to anything said to us, and ready for an argument. Hold your tongue now, for in a few hours communication can be smoothed out, and all is well.

SUNDAY MARCH 19. Moon continues in impenetrable Scorpio, keeper of secrets. This morning we can touch the mysteries of life and death, and view life from a wide and deep perspective. Channels are open to intuition, and to psychic phenomena. Our openness to emotional depth gives us feelings of pleasure in our strength. We can resonate to the ocean now, and if possible a trip to the seashore would be very satisfying.

MONDAY MARCH 20. Moon in restless Sagittarius makes fine aspects, and we can complete something this morning. Just afterwards, we make a fresh start, for Sun enters Aries to begin the spring season. For many in the world, this is the first day of their new year. For all of us, Spring Equinox is a very big power gateway. The day force has finally won out over the night force.

Sun enters Aries at 1:26 p.m. EST, and as suddenly as this we shift from an emphasis on water to an emphasis on fire. Fire is the Light of Life. It is the spark which animates our spirits, and warms our hearts and bodies. A new hope now moves through us, as light bursts forth, and we feel empowered to start new projects.

This Equinox is a very fiery time indeed. We have a grand trine in early degrees of fire—Sun who conjoins Aries North Node, Moon in Sagittarius, and Saturn and Ascendant in Leo. In the chart set for Washington DC, the midheaven, the outlet for expression into the world, is also in Aries. Here all of the basic energies necessary for manifestation are in the element of fire, and supporting one another. There is no one to put out or even dampen down the flames when they get out of hand. In fact, the next most common element now is air, which is exactly what fire needs in order to burn.

Each of the fire signs is, in its own way, a born-again sign. This means fresh starts are not only encouraged now, but mandated. Old ways have suddenly become obsolete. How did we do things yesterday? Who cares. This is today, and we want to focus on the now. Ideology and fanaticism can blossom with the push of fire, which burns everything in its path. So can ruthlessness. Do not look for a kinder, gentler world from the government of the United States. Fire and air are the major elements in the chart of GW Bush, and he will feel empowered to move right ahead with his juggernaut of world domination.

But so will all of us feel empowered to move ahead with our own agendas. Fire rules the heart. What fires us up? What are our heart’s desires? This intense heat and passion infuses all of us, and we can put our hearts and souls (water) into something that is dear to our hearts. An example is the people of Latin America working and organizing to create a better world. Another example is those New Orleans people who are putting their hearts into rebuilding their neighborhood for the people. Examples abound everywhere.

Ideas are also important in the fire world. It is ideas that spark movement. Ideas can spread quickly, as does fire. This Equinox portal opens to a period of a great dissemination of ideas, some of which suddenly catch people’s enthusiasm.

Fire also means literal fire—like burning up the ancient forests as we run through the world’s oil, like weapons, and warfare, and scorching earth with radioactive toxins which endure for billions of years, like global warming. Is this the meaning of the U.S. North Node (a destiny point) in fire sign Leo?

We do have one set of brakes. Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces, a water sign, and we’ve had almost three weeks to think about the world and about our lives. However. Mercury, as it turned, was programmed with Pluto, a planet of destruction now in fire sign Sagittarius. This did, in fact, encourage insight and deep thinking about life and death. What are some of our conclusions? As we plunge ahead into this period of action, we will be greatly tested. But the fire element gives us courage.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 6 Sagittarius is

“A GAME OF CRICKET. The development of skill in group situations testing collective goals. GROUP SOLIDARITY.”

Solidarity is, in fact, the key to effective action now.

TUESDAY MARCH 21. We carry through with yesterday’s bright, bold energy. Easy aspects today move us right along on our chosen track. With Moon in Sagittarius we are outgoing, eager to learn, and a bit reckless. This attitude can also bring luck our way.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 22. Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn occurs at 2:10 p.m. EST. Moon is VOC in Sagittarius this morning, until it enters Capricorn at 10:36 a.m. EST. That is when the real work day begins.

Last quarter Moon is when we begin to divest ourselves of excess baggage. The timing is good, for with the burgeoning fire energy, we cannot afford to be laden down. It’s time to be free, and able to move quickly with moving events. Besides, the more lightly we can tread on the environment, the better off we can all be.

The context is the wider world, for six of the 10 major planets, two of the four asteroids, and Chiron are all in universal signs. It is only Sun and Mars in personal signs. However, they are the most fiery of the planets.

Our challenge, then, is to match what we personally want to do with the larger social needs. This, of course, has always been the case. But now it is more intense, both in terms of personal desires and in terms of a pervasive wider and needier society. Venus now in Aquarius, conjoining Neptune, does help us tune into and appreciate that larger social context, the community.

Moon continues in ambitious Capricorn. Capricorn has a talent for making ideas real, useful, and profitable. These qualities are a boon to Aries, who is full of ideas. We work hard and happily today, and accomplish much. Accomplishment is important to Capricorn. Moon enters a long VOC period at 6:30 p.m. EST. Relax on your laurels tonight.

FRIDAY MARCH 24. It’s Friday and Moon is VOC this morning. We’re not as effective as we were yesterday. Moon, still in Capricorn, is not attracted to “just flowing with it.” But try it this morning. Moon enters Aquarius at 2:21 p.m. EST. Here it aspects Sun and Saturn, who want to get on with it. So after our short pit stop, we are back on track. Now our social connections, those which help us pursue our aims, become important.

SATURDAY MARCH 25. Goody! Mercury turns direct this morning, at 8:24 a.m. EST. This is another step in moving ahead. The activities, contracts, agreements, etc. which we have kept on hold now have a green light. Mercury turned retrograde under a strong water influence, which aided its reflective process. Now it turns direct under a strong fire influence, which will support the new actions which will emerge.

Moon in friendly Aquarius will keep us busy for the day. This is a special weekend, one which can be loving, inspiring, and motivating. It would be good to have some special plans—events, seminars, gatherings—where we can consolidate and strengthen the humanitarian energy now pouring in on us.

Also today, Moon occults Ceres, thus highlighting its energy. This is like an eclipse, so let us pay attention to Ceres energy. Ceres is the Great Mother. She nurtures by providing harvest or, when her child is taken, she takes away food and allows the earth to be barren. In Aquarius, Ceres nurtures independence, inventiveness, and education. This occultation is visible in the eastern part of the western hemisphere, and in Europe.

We are alert far into the night, and sleep may be difficult.

SUNDAY MARCH 26. Big visions continue to beckon us, and we do want to share our excitement with others. Moon goes VOC at 10:18 a.m. EST, and enters Pisces at 3:33 p.m. However, similar visionary energy and sharing needs extend throughout the day. This has been an extraordinarily creative weekend. It’s good preparation for the upcoming Solar Eclipse on Wednesday. Eclipses do eclipse some condition, and we we’ve had a special opportunity this weekend to evaluate what should go and what should stay.

MONDAY MARCH 27. Loving and visionary energy continues. This is a super day to envision the kind of world in which you want to live. There are times when visualization is particularly effective, and this is one of those times. Make some quiet time for contemplation and appreciation.

TUESDAY MARCH 28. We had an energetic night and early morning. If we are not able to release appropriately, and that includes self-righteous stances, we may have encountered some conflict. At 10:20 a.m. EST Moon goes VOC, and at 3:31 p.m. it enters Aries. Again, those VOC hours are excellent meditation times. Since yesterday we had some new input from Pluto, King of transformation. This is special, because Pluto right now is in a very powerful stationary position in the heavens, ready to turn retrograde tomorrow with the Eclipse. What do we ponder in regard to power? Our power? State power? How are power sources related? Tonight we are apt to be in a serious mood. Remember that our bodies and psyches are extra vulnerable at this dark-of-the-moon time. This vulnerability is amplified by the high voltage energy of the Eclipse and of the stationary Pluto. Nurture yourself.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 29. Eclipse New Moon at 9 Aries occurs at 5:15 a.m. EST. This is a Total Solar Eclipse, a fairly long one, with totality lasting over four minutes. It begins on the coast of Brazil, travels across the Atlantic, and into Africa around Nigeria, where there is a combination of oil and locals rebelling against the exploitation of people and of nature which is accompanying its extraction. The Eclipse path then goes up through Africa, across Turkey and Georgia (also trouble spots), and on into northern Russia.

This is the last of a series of Aries eclipses which began in April of 2004. Aries is associated with independence; how many people have been downsized, lost their healthcare, or lost their pensions? During this same time period, many new creative endeavors have blossomed. Aries is also the sign of soldiers and of the military. (Colin Powell has Sun in Aries.) At that first Aries Eclipse, Bush announced he would “unleash the military,” and then proceeded to bomb and invade mosques in Iraq. Brave of him.

Eclipse action may happen at the eclipse, but it’s more likely to occur before or after. The month which covers two weeks before, and two weeks after the eclipse is the most active period. However, things catalyzed by eclipses can happen at varying time periods both before and after. I have cataloged events up to many years before and after even a weak eclipse. After all, that intense catalytic path plowed by the eclipse does not go away. Eclipses, particularly solar eclipses, mark degrees and locations.

Moon and Sun are close to the North Node of the Moon. This means that this time has an influence on world destiny—in an Arian way. It marks a time of great crisis, decision, and opportunity.

Sun and Moon make an exact sextile to Chiron. Chiron has been connected to nuclear and to space development. Aquarius, where it is now, is a technological sign. This indicates to me that the U.S., being what it is, will soon unleash a new nuclear weapon. The U.S has developed a “mini-nuke” (with 3x the power of the Hiroshima bomb) which they have down-classified to “conventional” weapon, so that they are “allowed” to use it freely. Like the bunker-buster, it explodes underground, where it is very damaging but not conspicuous. Will earth rebel at this terrible attack? Not to speak of people. And what people?

But, again, with this eclipse, people are newly empowered to take the plunge and begin new creative initiatives. The spark of the human spirit cannot be extinguished. And from this springs the drive for freedom. Aries is also about freedom, and about taking the ball and running with it.

Today is also the U.S. Mars Return, when Mars comes back to its birth location at 22 Gemini. Mars has much to do with Aries, and it is quite possible that this eclipse marks the beginning of the end for the U.S. militaristic state. It truly has reached a dead end. Perhaps the U.S. progressed Mars turning retrograde this coming summer marks its slow decline.

But it won’t quit without a fight. In Washington DC, a powerful stationary Pluto sits right overhead, directing the show. It comes from Galactic Center—its first station at that point—and opposes the U.S. Mars. Pluto is quite disposed to kill and destroy for its purposes.

This all sounds quite negative. In terms of the people who are currently running the Earth Show, it is. That group is, in fact, running itself, and the rest of us, and earth, into the ground.

However, all around us new little sprouts of a better world are peeping through. You, me, everyone I know personally is on this wavelength. I believe this last Aries eclipse marks the last hurrah of the old destructive order, and the seed-planting of a new world. Aries, after all, is planting time.

The Sabian Symbol for 9 Aries is

“A CRYSTAL GAZER. The development of an inner realization of organic wholeness. The crystal sphere symbolizes wholeness. Within the sphere images take form. These images may reveal future events, but more significantly they picture “the situation as a whole”—the situation which the clairvoyant is meant to interpret. CONCENTRATED ATTENTION.”

THURSDAY MARCH 30. Again, we have many aspects this last night which might have promoted wakefulness. Also, the intense bombardment of vibrations now can keep us awake and alert. Autonomy is a guiding need now, as we tune into power in a new way. Moon goes VOC at 10:41 a.m. EST, and we have much of the day to absorb the new intensity. At 4:01 p.m. Moon enters Taurus, and our energy is noticeable slowed down. Perhaps for the first time in a week, we can relax.

FRIDAY MARCH 31. With Moon traveling through earthy Taurus, we are sensible. We can start to think about how to grow our new seeds. This is a super good day for constructive, even brilliant, thinking, and perhaps communication as well. Our minds are clear, and we know that we are on a new road. It’s also a great day to get our finances together—and to do our income tax return.

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