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Maya del Mar's August 2006 Daily Success Guide
by Maya del Mar

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Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC. UT, or Universal Time, is the time given in ephemerii, and it corresponds to Greenwich Mean Time, the time used at the Greenwich Observatory in London, England.

I use Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight time in Daykeeper, which corresponds to the time used in the eastern quarter of the United States. To get UT, add five hours to EST, and add four hours to EDT.

TUESDAY AUGUST 1. Moon is in dynamic, profound Scorpio. We may be probing into mysteries, asking lots of questions, but we prefer not to divulge things about ourselves. This is a power sign, and it's time to use our power in a creative, healing fashion. Scorpio is a water sign. It ties in with the other water signs now, and tears of compassion can flow freely.


WEDNESDAY AUGUST 2. First Quarter Moon at 10 Scorpio occurs at 4:46 a.m. EDT. This moon highlights the fixed sign T-cross dynamics. Moon conjoins Jupiter to expand Scorpio power, which is often used in finances. It squares Chiron in Aquarius, healing old wounds, especially in regard to autonomy, and it squares Sun, who conjoins Saturn. Sun and Saturn together in Leo refer to structuring the central self, our personal command centers. Squares are always stimulating, but things can be somewhat off kilter and thus require effort to harmonize. For instance, you may be expecting a financial windfall to take care of an obligation, and that windfall doesn't happen. You do some creative scrambling to hold things together, and your central creative self is strengthened. Or you may be moving or changing jobs. This is a new creative effort which requires restructuring your framework of daily life.

Another example is the position of the Palestinians with the Hezbollah insurrection. On the one hand, they are inspired with hope because somebody is standing up to Israel with some success. On the other hand, they are very afraid of Israeli repercussions (which are happening to them).

This is the first turning point of the Leo Moon cycle, and with fixed signs there can show crises as we make breakthroughs. With this Leo cycle we are working towards living from our hearts, from our authentic selves. Leo Sun signs have center stage now, as do Leo-type people—those who have “royal” positions.

Scorpio says it's essential to make some life changes, even though it may be difficult.

This is a super-active day, with room for harmony as well as challenge, opportunity, and growth.


We are beginning a week of major changes in the world and in our lives. Jupiter and Saturn are the two big planets which are associated with the practical workings of the world such as government and economics. They are also associated with our individual place in the world, our societal niche. Saturn contracts, Jupiter expands. They have been more or less squaring (challenging) one another all of 2006.

Sun lights up and vitalizes, and during this week Sun highlights this square. Plan to challenge yourself, for you can work hard at something important to you, and you can make a breakthrough. Today, Sun exactly squares Jupiter. On August 7, Sun exactly conjoins Saturn.

And we are just beginning the powerfully creative Sun cycle of the year, which shines light on our current efforts and conflicts.

With Jupiter we have faith; with Saturn we have doubt. Saturn kicks in all our fears. We'll feel both this week. A careful evaluation of reality can help to handle excesses on both sides. Don't let either imagination or negative thinking overtake you.

Scorpio and Leo together can get carried away with command (Leo) power (Scorpio). Scorpio can also insist on control, regardless of consequences.

The New Moon in Scorpio which began this Scorpio Moon family occurred on November 1, 2005. Scorpio is about power, and we are neophytes in learning to use it wisely and for the good of others as well as of ourselves.

On that November 1 New Moon, there were power plays with long-term consequences.


For example, Bush nominated Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. We have already seen him in action as the swing vote against U.S. workers, a war which Bush has been fighting.

Israel stepped up military actions in both Gaza and the West Bank. Israelis have totally destroyed the infrastructure in Gaza (population 1.4 million), including the water supply. Lebanon is next.

The Washington Post published a report detailing dozens of secret U.S. torture prisons scattered around the world, opening a dialog. (As a result of the criticism, Bush has said he's closing Guantanamo, but an eyewitness report says that the U.S. is opening a new “Guantanamo” in Afghanistan.)

There was much more, and none of it was pretty.


It's now time for us to focus on our backbone—Saturn in Leo—and stand up for the integrity of ourselves and our country. This can be a way of expressing the First Quarter movement through obstacles. Two possible breakthroughs can be breaking through social conditioning and breaking through fear.

The Mexican chart has a Scorpio Moon, and the Mexican people are a current example of standing up for integrity, as they insist on getting an accurate vote count.

Mexico (which does have Mars in Leo) also shows us an example of the third leg of the T-cross—Aquarius, which we will experience full blast at Full Moon in a week. Aquarius encourages group work. Lopez Obrador, leader of the protest, has his Moon in Aquarius.

The Sabian Symbol for 10 Scorpio is

“A FELLOWSHIP SUPPER REUNITES OLD COMRADES. The overtones of human relationships based on a community of work or experience. The social feeling of communion, plus all that it engenders, arises after the act performed together. Activity is at the root of consciousness. Activity in common generates social consciousness and patterns which get set in the form of institutions. A group personality emerges which displays characteristic features and gives birth to collective emotions and values. COMRADESHIP.”


It's interesting that Moon now conjoins, and Sun now squares, Jupiter. Jupiter is also about the attraction to fraternal bonds, as in, for example, sports teams, the military, professional groups, governing groups and religions. Jupiterian people and groups receive much impetus now.

These Quarter Moon fixed sign degrees are loaded with galactic contacts. They include two black holes, which can turn reality upside-down, three pulsars, which promote media-related information, and two masers, whose energy is volatile and erratic, and evokes controversy.

At this moment, the galaxy has much to tell us.

This day is long and full. We can initiate significant moves in our lives. Tonight the focus is on nurturing the free spirit. Spirited discussions can attract us.

THURSDAY AUGUST 3. Moon is VOC in Scorpio for the entire day. Absorb yesterday's great energy, and plan your next move. Remember that we are now vitalizing and integrating Jupiter and Saturn, which relate to our changing social roles.

FRIDAY AUGUST 4. Moon is in energetic Sagittarius today, and makes stimulating aspects. This is a day to move, travel, communicate, do errands which can tie up loose ends, and pursue cleaning up the remains from July's retrograde Mercury period.

SATURDAY AUGUST 5. We need to explore today, to probe the deeper reaches of consciousness, and the far-out regions of space. Imagination soars. Moon's last aspect is a conjunction with powerful Pluto at 3:22 p.m. EST, and then it goes VOC for the rest of the day. Ride the wings of adventure for the remainder of the day. Let your thoughts move to the true meaning of security. Realize that violence begets insecurity. Vesta has just moved into Virgo, and she can help with a down-to-earth analysis of security. Moon moves out-of-bounds today, and is outside the ecliptic for the next three days. Both weather-earth and people disturbances can happen more easily.

SUNDAY AUGUST 6. It's down to practical business for the next two days, with Moon in Capricorn. Connecting with family is important now. Morning can be leisurely, but by afternoon, we're ready for action. The action can continue until late tonight.

MONDAY AUGUST 7. Moon remains in Capricorn, a sign which tends to be focused on utility. Saturn is Capricorn's planet, and it conjoins Sun in the early morning to begin a new annual cycle. What is the utility of Leo Sun? It simply provides the energy for all of life on earth, including each of our individual lives. With Saturn, we want structure and we want boundaries. We want a backbone, and we want definition. With Saturn in Leo, we define ourselves. Who are we? Where is our backbone—that which enables us to stand up straight and declare ourselves?

Today work hard, and work from your heart. Also, remember your inner strength and vitality, and stand straight.

TUESDAY AUGUST 8. Moon is in friendly Aquarius, and we enjoy group discussions. This is a great day for brainstorming with others. Aquarius is one of the fixed signs which is emphasized this year, and with Moon there, we are sensitive to the Aquarian need for independence and autonomy, as well as group power in accomplishing goals. This need will be expressed and emphasized during the next two days, which include tomorrow's early morning Full Moon.

We also have the tools to manifest our struggles for independence, for Mars connects with Jupiter to bring militancy to the fore. We can fight for our rights.



Full Moon at 17 Aquarius occurs at 6:54 a.m. EDT. The Aquarius full moon is a party moon. This year the party will be serious, and all about the fixed grand cross issues of 2006.

This Full Moon is especially important because it not only highlights the Grand Square of 2006, but it also continues the huge changes set in motion with the Great Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999. Fixed signs refer to power, and we see power centers changing—and also resisting change.

For starters, today the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Leo opposes Moon in Aquarius. Saturn is serious. Saturn is concerned with responsibility, governance, and accountability. It applies both to inner rulership and to outer rulership.

Aquarius wants freedom and independence, and is willing to fight for it. Here Moon conjoins Neptune and Ceres in Aquarius, who are about nurturing ideals.

We combine here freedom and responsibility, as well as individual purpose and group action. This Full Moon is a dress rehearsal for the planetary aspect of the month, Saturn opposing Neptune, which will occur on August 31 (view chart). That opposition will thrust us full force into the new autumn eclipse season.

This conflict-dialog is not all of the story. The Aquarius and the Leo energy both square Jupiter in Scorpio, which broadens and intensifies events. Jupiter's optimism lends recklessness to our behavior, in defiance of cautious Saturn. First we go, then we stop. First we push, then we pull. There can be mixed messages galore.

Jupiter in Scorpio is asking us to find our own beliefs about critical events and conflicts, even though we are tempted to take the word of an “authority.”

This Full Moon chart set for Washington, which also sets the tone for the nation, has the fourth fixed sign, Taurus, in a powerful spot. Taurus is the sign on the midheaven, where it speaks to goals, and EXACTLY squares both Sun and Moon. Exact aspects mean certain and obvious manifestation, so we will clearly see both Leo and Aquarius as they show in the destiny of the nation.

The Leo part, representing rulers and command, is in the 12th house, where things are hidden and many secrets reside. However, this dynamic square to the midheaven means that the public gets a look into this secret place, often called “the closet.”

Taurus is an earth sign. Its archetype is The Gardener. One scenario which fits this fixed sign cross is that of the ruling class, Leo, in the U.S. trying to hide, cover up, and deny global warming for the last 30 years, and its reality, Taurus, finally having to come to wide public consciousness.

Jupiter in Scorpio is a great investigator. It gets to the bottom of things. The Aquarius planets express both idealism, and looking to the future in an imaginative, inventive way.

The fixed signs are on the move. Great forces are set in motion now. On November 8-9, Mercury will transit over the Sun at the exact degree of the nadir in this chart. Look for strong action then which relates to today's events. This is three months from today.

Also in November, we have another phase of another of today's dynamic aspects. This is Venus and Mercury conjunct in Cancer, on the U.S. Mercury and opposing the U.S. Pluto This is a 1-year Mercury return for the U.S., setting the mental pattern for the nation for the next year. Well, in November the Venus-Mercury conjunction repeats again, now in Scorpio. With Venus, U.S. power will surely be valued by the U.S. people. How will it be used?

In many ways, this is a very dynamic chart, and this time is a milestone marker in human events.

The New Moon in Aquarius at which the seeds were planted for this Full Moon occurred on February 8, 2005, the beginning of the Year of the Rooster. My special event was my beautiful Icelandic friend, Gudrun Bergmann, gracing my life with a visit. Also, all my clients around that time were born overseas. (For astrologers: this Moon conjoined my Sun in the seventh, which is desposited by Uranus in the ninth.)

For the U.S., there was the spurning of talks with North Korea and with Iran. Violence increased greatly in Iraq. There was much official anti-immigrant movement. Scientists said that the government altered or deleted information re global warming and its current consequences in their reports to the public. There was much action re gay marriage, and the Senate voted to restrict class action suits.

This all sounds like independence for the U.S. government, but not for others.

The Sabian Symbol for 17 Aquarius is

“A WATCHDOG STANDS GUARD, PROTECTING HIS MASTER AND HIS POSSESSIONS. The development of the capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard one's individual rights under complex social pressures.

Under present-day social conditions, the individual person needs protection against the ever-growing encroachments of society upon his theoretically recognized right to lead a private life free from public interference. At a deeper occult level of interpretation, it also reveals the need to protect oneself against “astral” intrusion and perhaps “black magic.” The more creative the person, the greater is his/her NEED FOR PROTECTION.”

THURSDAY AUGUST 10. Moon travels in gentle Pisces for the next two days. We are sensitive and impressionable, and our imagination is fueled. It's a great day to connect with nature, art, music, or spiritually-oriented activities. All video work is favored. It's time to go with the flow. And the flow may be extensive, for Moon at perigee exerts maximum influence. We'll feel good today, but there are no aspects until tonight, so the day might feel a bit vague. With Pisces, feelings are important. Tonight can be exciting, and we may be active until late. With Pisces, we're also very receptive to subtle forces, such as the above-mentioned astral forces. Do protect yourself.


FRIDAY AUGUST 11. Around midnight, Sun makes its exact opposition with Neptune. Sun is now filled with Saturnian energy, and this is another prelude to the Saturn-Neptune opposition. Thank goddess that Sun does have this Saturnian influence, for only Saturn can harness Neptune, and give it form.

At the same time, Sun vitalizes visionary Neptune. Moon now in Pisces encourages the release and dispersion of Neptune's subtle vibrations. Neptune's influence is thus very strong. Sun and Saturn joined speak to our central ego selves, our consciousness of who we are. Enveloped in Neptune's clouds of vagueness, that can all be either dissipated or elevated. We can find ourselves buoyed with hope, or disillusioned and betrayed—or both.

This can be a confusing and surprising day. Make a special effort to look at your situations realistically.

Neptune universalizes. The conjunction of which this opposition is a climax occurred on February 6, 2006. At that time the WTO (the highest law in the world) declared that there was no justification for restricting GMO foods, and that countries could not ban them.

Bush sought global nuclear partnerships to export nuclear wastes to developing countries.

Ben Bernanke was sworn in as Federal Reserve Chairman.

Bush submitted his budget to Congress. It had cuts in health, education, and everything else which could be helpful to the people and to the planet—along with big increases in “defense” spending.

The U.S. was ratcheting up tensions with Iran.

Mercury has just entered Leo to make thinking more self-centered and bold. All of this energy is apt to increase fire danger enormously. Leo, remember, is a fire sign—and a very strong sign.

Tonight can be strange and prophetic.

SATURDAY AUGUST 12. Moon is in fiery Aries today, and we are on the move. Communication is strong, and we have much to communicate. We may feel overwhelmed by fire, or by heat, for Aries is another fire sign, and Venus moves into fire-sign Leo to join the crowd. Six of the ten major planets are now in fire signs.

Yesterday we saw Sun illuminating Neptune. Today we see Sun opposing Neptune's current partner, Ceres. Ceres is about the whole food-labor chain, from planting to putting food on the table. She is now conversing with hot Sun and with universalizing Neptune. This conversation relates to global warming, and to the hot political climate, as well as to other heating issues.

SUNDAY AUGUST 13. Moon continues traveling in action-oriented Aries, and goes VOC at 8:14 p.m. EDT. In the meantime, it's racing around, making harmonious aspects with all the fire planets.

To add to the action, Mars opposes Uranus today. Mars is a fire planet, and combined with unpredictable Uranus, it often signals accidents. Try to muster some caution in the midst of all this galloping energy.

MONDAY AUGUST 14. Ah, Moon moves into earthy Taurus. Earth puts out fire, and perhaps we can calm down the excitement. This is a good productive Moon with which to start a new work week. Tonight we might want to enjoy a special dinner. Ceres appreciates Taurus.


TUESDAY AUGUST 15. Last Quarter Moon at 24 Taurus occurs at 9:51 p.m. This is a very active and productive day. Still featured are Sun, Saturn, Neptune, and Ceres. Moon now adds her voice of the people. This is a long-term situation, and it began on March 14, with the Solar Eclipse in Pisces, which brought out droves of immigrants demonstrating for their right to be treated with dignity and fairness. Immigrants literally do the whole chain of Ceres work, from planting and harvesting food, to cooking and serving it. Ceres then had just begun her journey in Aquarius, and was conjoining Wounded Healer Chiron.

Pluto is part of this situation, and that means power, crisis, and transformation.

In the meantime, Chiron opposes Mercury, perception and communication, which refers to heightened perception and to communication. Healing is in the air.

Now, at Last Quarter Moon, we are finishing up this Leo lunar cycle. It is time to let go of excess baggage. What have we learned? In Leo, excess baggage generally has to do with ego.

This Taurus family moon cycle began with the New Moon in Taurus on May 18, 2004.
At that time Israel began a new killing cycle in Palestine, but in a few days Egypt brokered a peace agreement between Sharon and Arafat. (Hamas now wants to tallk with Israel. Olmert and Bush say “no.”) In Iraq 40 people, mostly women and children at a wedding, were killed by U.S. military.

Frankly, it's hard to fathom why people, governments, and nations expect that repression and oppression will end resistance, when it always creates more resistance.

The Sabian Symbol for 24 Taurus is my answer:

”AN INDIAN WARRIOR RIDING FIERCELY, HUMAN SCALPS HANGING FROM HIS BELT. The aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operation. This symbol seems to imply that violence and aggressiveness are basic components of human nature at the level of the emotions and of a deep-seated identification with a particular culture which insists on regarding men of other cultures as potential enemies. What is being confirmed here is the value of a group of men's differences from other groups. At the emotional level man apparently still has to believe in VIOLENCE FOR SURVIVAL.”

After the Quarter aspect, Moon is Void of Course for the rest of the evening. Relax and enjoy yourself.

WEDNESDAY AUGUST 16. Moon enters Gemini, the sign of relating, at 10:07 a.m. EDT. We are really attracted to communicating with people, whether it be by internet, telephone, personal communicating, or writing. Processing information is important, especially important information. We may also want to make purchases of something to beautify our lives. Energy is harmonious, and things move smoothly. The lively Gemini energy is especially high as evening comes on. We may be up late.

THURSDAY AUGUST 17. Moon continues in stimulating Gemini, with a plethora of “get it done now” aspects all day. Evening mellows out, and we may want to relax, perhaps with music and friends.

FRIDAY AUGUST 18. Very early morning is intense, but it calms down after Moon goes VOC at 8:30 a.m. EDT. Moon remains VOC for the rest of the day, until it enters introverted Cancer at 5:03 p.m. EDT. This is a great day for thinking about philosophical issues, and about the future. What are our ideals? What are our personal responsibilities? Early morning brings us the same Pluto-ruled grand square which was part of the March 14 Solar Eclipse, and at the same time, Ceres conjoins Neptune. The immigration issue appears to be front and center.

SATURDAY AUGUST 19. Moon is in watery Cancer, and emotions rule. They are really not controllable today. Nor is water. At the same time, Ceres has her exact conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius. Let us remember that Ceres runs out-of-bounds from mid July to mid November, an extraordinarily long time. This means that our Earth Mother energy is not in sync with custom, or standard behavior. Watch the natural forces now.

Ceres and Neptune combine to show a need for us all to share earth's abundance. They are both retrograde, so we are talking about reviewing old situations. Saturn in opposition shows that authority may block this need. A simple example is a parent telling a child not to give away their food. A more complex example is the U.S. stone-walling and blocking the recent Doha trade round, which was about farm commodities. Every country put something on the table, said one participant, except one. Another example is a section of the U.S. elite's fight against immigrant rights. (Rather than share the goodies of our system, we want to assure cheap and exploitable labor.)

Moon now conjoins the U.S. Sun in Cancer, and the ensuing grand water trine with Uranus and Jupiter should make things flow swimmingly for the U.S. and for all Cancer energy.

Today, if we gather our emotions together, we can repair an old nurturing situation, especially in the family. (And indeed, we are all family.)

Compassion is our biggest gift—now, and perhaps always.

SUNDAY AUGUST 20. Moon is VOC in Cancer for the entire day, and we would just like to be alone, or with family, and let things flow. However, obligations are on our minds, for tonight Mercury conjoins Saturn to make life seem very serious. Actually, Saturn does have a good sense of humor, so look for a comedy show—or create your own. With the Leo stellium, we are still in our show-time phase.

We start a new one-year Saturn-Mercury cycle, which means our perceptions about our responsibilities have a new start. The sign is Leo, where we are developing our command centers, and our heart expression. The most influential planet is Mama Ceres, which shows that the situations of the last few days show us the themes of our thinking and of our communication for the next year. This is where our responsibilities lie.

MONDAY AUGUST 21. This whole year is about process, and although each day is individual, it is more importantly part of the flow of a larger process. The process is that of defining who we are, establishing a social niche, perhaps a new one, which suits us, and generally empowering ourselves to take charge of our lives. We deal with the fixed signs, often in conflict with one another. The fixed signs are about power, and thus major power centers are on the move.

A particular focus of the process during these last few days is rebirthing our perceptions, getting a new start in putting together heart and head—Mercury in Leo.

Mercury is joining Saturn to add authority and structure, and opposing Neptune and Ceres in Aquarius to open up that perception to new needs, new ideas, and to the universe.

Today Mercury opposes Neptune-Ceres. As always with Neptune, there can be some confusion and disorientation, along with visionary ideals.

Oppositions are culminations. At the Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius on February 1-2 which planted the seeds for this period, the U.S. and Venezuela expelled one another's diplomats. That conjunction was at the same degree as the Ceres-Neptune conjunction holds now. Mars in Virgo is now at this same degree, and the military could be involved—as well as working people.

This could be a healing time, for earlier in the day, Moon opposes Healer Chiron. The focus is the conflict between Leo, the ruler, and Aquarius, the democrat. Together they speak to each of us as an empowered individual, and at the same time each of us as a member of humanity at large.

Let today's ideas percolate a bit, before making decisions.

TUESDAY AUGUST 22. Moon continues in vibrant Leo, and ticks off the rest of the fixed sign planets. That means that much action is part of this day, and that our current changes proceed apace.

However, we are at the very end of the Leo lunar cycle, and it is time to evaluate, prioritize, and let go. It is time to empty ourselves for tomorrow's New Moon. The best way to use these aspects is not action, unless it's release action, but rather, in visualization of a different future, one where our personal empowerment (Leo) can be used for the good of the group (Aquarius).

Tomorrow's New Moon in Virgo will open the door to the development of health, skills, and satisfying service.

We do have Venus in Leo squaring Jupiter in Scorpio today. The timing here, at the end of a moon cycle, is a challenge, for something must give, and we will not want to let go. However, circumstances will force us to do so, and it will be to our ultimate benefit.

Moon conjoins Mercury tonight, and communication will be important. We might have a celebration in honor of bright, fun Leo, as we say good-bye to the King, and make a very big shift into the Virgo energy field early tomorrow. Let's see what the Harvest Goddess does with the complex of Saturn-Neptune-Ceres with which we've been working.


WEDNESDAY AUGUST 23. Moon is VOC in Leo until 2:08 p.m. EDT, when it enters Virgo. Leo is essentially a playful sign. Have fun this morning. Do something which gives you pleasure. Soon we'll be in the Virgo energy field, where life is a self-improvement project.

New Moon at 1 Virgo occurs at 3:10 p.m. EDT. This is the first of two new moons in Virgo, which draws the Virgo energy way out into Libra, and even Scorpio, time. The second Virgo new moon is on September 22, and it is a Solar Eclipse at 30 Virgo. My experience with 2 new moons in one sign is that we are given a second chance to handle the affairs of that sign. Quite often we seem to learn from the first try, and handle the second cycle more satisfactorily. This would especially be apt to be the case with Virgo, who is always trying to do better. And this opportunity might be even stronger when that second chance is a solar eclipse, which is a catalyst for change.

In short, consider this first month-long Virgo cycle a learning and experimental period. That won't be hard for Virgo, who likes to learn anyway.

Virgo time is perfection time. It's time to solve a variety of problems, to learn new skills, to find right work, and to focus on our physical health. Virgo is a social sign. Virgo energy usually likes to be around others, and it likes to be of service to others.


A bevy of asteroid goddesses is appropriate for Virgo, the Harvest Goddess. In general, this means that daily life, bread and butter, issues are highlighted. It also means that women are especially important. The continuing conflict around reproductive rights may intensify, particularly with the close involvement of Juno.

Foremost now among the asteroids is Pallas Athena. Right now Pallas is in a planet's strongest position. She is stationary direct, about to turn direct tomorrow. She turns at 1 Capricorn, in exact trine to Moon, and thus works entirely harmoniously with Moon. Pallas is very much at home in Capricorn, a management sign, and connects well with Virgo, the sign of analysis.

Pallas is the Strategist. She was the Goddess of Wisdom, and the wise ruler of Athens. She taught the people the many skills of making a system work, and she also advised the military in their battles. She rules things relating to defense, such as the immune system.

Capricorn is ambitious and goal-oriented. Pallas in Capricorn is the efficiency expert. Added to Virgo's desire to work to improve things gives a very competent combination. In addition, Virgo is more comfortable with a boss, and Pallas is a natural boss. This team can make tangible accomplishments.

Two other asteroids travel in Virgo, conjunct Sun and Moon—Juno and Vesta. Juno was Jupiter's much abused wife. She deals with relationships, and in Virgo she seeks perfection in her relationships. Vesta shows where we can focus and commit ourselves. She guards the home and hearth, and defense is also in her purview.

Virgo is a sign of the common people, and this combination can stand up for the needs of common people. Virgo is also a sign of the military, and this combination could do a great job of organizing the military—or, in fact, any type of organization. Our ability to focus is excellent.

Mars is also in Virgo, adding energy to our Virgoan pursuits, and enhancing the military option.

The chart set for Washington DC is identical to the U.S. wheel, giving these Moon dynamics extra influence on the nation. Sun and Moon and all the rest of the Virgo energy is in the ninth house of foreign nations. This gives a likelihood of using the military option overseas. As does potent Pluto in the first house, indicating the application of much power.

The Leo-Aquarius planets are in the second and eighth houses of money and resources. There they are preparing for the Saturn-Neptune opposition to occur at the end of the month. This is a major aspect, which is, in fact, now strongly operating

The chart ruler, Jupiter, is in Scorpio in the eleventh house of Congress and corporations (same house in astrology—duh) Greed, it appears, is having a field day. Expectations are over-inflated now, especially in regard to future outcomes.

Remember Leo's need: to let integrity rule. It is time to use restraint (Virgo), to rein in desire, and to be an honest and benevolent ruler, particularly of ourselves.

Location-wise, we see a continuing process through the next two months, just as we have a continuing Virgo moon cycle through two months. The same locations are highlighted by the new and full moons during this time, an unusual situation. They include central U.S., Mexico, Europe, western Africa, and India.

The one planet focused on Israel is Jupiter, now traveling in Scorpio, and about to transit Israel's South Node, sometimes called the point of self-undoing.

The Sabian Symbol for 1 Virgo is

“IN A PORTRAIT, THE SIGNIFICANT FEATURES OF A MAN'S HEAD ARE ARTISTICALLY EMPHASIZED. The capacity to picture to oneself clearly the salient features and the overall meaning of any life situation. Virgo is the symbol of harvesting, but it is also the Path of discipleship, and of all strongly determined processes of training or retraining. Flooded with and having enjoyed and released energy, the personalized consciousness now has to learn the lesson of significant form. It must see life situations as wholes of experience, and to discover their meaning by distinguishing their most characteristic features. The keyword is DISCRIMINATION. Implied is both analysis and intuition.”

It is to this end that Virgo is such an exquisitely sensitive sign.


THURSDAY AUGUST 24. The energy does not stop bouncing this month. We still have with us spirited Leo, and we are entering a very strong Virgo time. Virgo-Pisces is the axis of eclipses for 2005-2007, and Leo-Aquarius, our other strong axis now, is the polarity of eclipses for 2008-2009. All of these eclipses create sensitive points, which are active before as well as during and after the eclipses. Many planets now are transiting those points, thus providing threads which are part of the coming eclipse tapestries.

Moon in Virgo today conjoins Vesta. Security remains as a mental focus, and we are ready to work for it. Do we need to train ourselves in a new skill? Do we need to grow our own food? Do we need to fix some leaks in the house? Do we need to work on improving a relationship? Suddenly we are conscious of much that we could do to enhance our personal security.

With Uranus trining Jupiter, we can be inventive about our projects. Juno tells us that partners are important, but also that we need to guard against a victim trip entering the relationship. Be meticulous about fairness and equality for all.

The big news today is Pallas Athena turning direct. Pallas is a principle of assertive intelligence. She uses her intelligence and her acute perception of patterns to create systems that work for a human purpose. In war, she defends. She also defends the body against invasion.

Pallas entered Capricorn in early February, and since then she has been allied with Capricornian institutions, such as government. She has gone all the way back to 1 Capricorn, and now will begin to re-traverse Capricorn again. One degree of all four cardinal signs is very significant. They are the season's starters, and thus open us to a surge of power as each season changes. Let us see how Pallas is re-arranging the pieces during this time of Virgo, who wants things right.

Bush's Pallas, his one body in a universal sign, is in early Capricorn. This is where he feels “Commander-in-Chief.” Pallas Athena will reach that spot for the third time in September-October, setting up his four-year Pallas return. This is close to the final Jupiter-Saturn square in October. Pay attention to the “Commander-in-Chief”.

Moon today contacts the outer planets, and there is much creativity and ingenuity in the airwaves. Combined with Virgo willingness to work and a new moon, this is an unstoppable combination. Add “General” Pallas, and we have green lights to proceed in whatever action is on our minds.


Our goals will relate to Ceres. Just after Pallas turns direct, Ceres has a direct opposition to Saturn, the authority. Ceres in conjunction with Neptune can be idealistic about nurturing people. Saturn in Leo is giving her a focus on her work, perhaps by opposing it.

The Ceres focus occurs at 9:52 p.m. EDT. This is a very potent moment, with the fixed grand cross manifested in the world. Bush's and the U.S. Suns are on the nadir. They vitalize the base of actions. The same degree as that of Bush's Aries midheaven (the public) is rising, creating a grand fire trine with powerful Pluto and Mercury, communication. Firepower is in this trine. Midheaven is where we interface with the world.

The Sabian Symbol for 1 Capricorn is

“AN INDIAN CHIEF CLAIMS POWER FROM THE ASSEMBLED TRIBE. The power and responsibility implied in any claim for leadership. It refers to the capacity latent in every individual to claim and assume AUTHORITY in a vital group situation.”

FRIDAY AUGUST 25. All of the planetary connections to each other, to current events, and to the future are incredibly numerous and complicated during these times. Everything ties into everything else.

Moon is still moving through problem-solving Virgo, a major sign of the times. Moon occults Mars this morning, giving a new impetus to the direction of our energy,

Here is an example of the mood of Virgo moon. It's the Virgo moon of the month before. I arise early, 4:30 a.m., as Moon enters Virgo. I put on a pot of tea, and am ready to go to work, but the first thing I do is to make lists of all the urgent things I have to do. In a couple of hours, Moon will occult Mars. Late yesterday I got my hair cut, extra short.

Virgo time is usually excellent work time. But now, in August, the situation is more intense and more complicated, just as are most of these days in August.

We are getting a preview of coming attractions, in this case the Mars-Pluto square, which is exact next Tuesday, August 29. Today Moon will pass over Moon's South Node, and will square Pluto, around midday. Pluto always means change, and in this case a change in routines (Virgo) is likely as we look at the bigger picture (North Node-Pisces).

Pluto situations often involve plumbing problems, which is a good metaphor for Pluto.

Moon and Mars have just merged, so Moon has extra assertive energy. In general, Moon represents the people and Virgo is a sign of the people. Some aggressive action may come from people today, which comes to a head next Tuesday.

Virgo asks us to be attentive.

At 3:00 p.m. EDT Moon goes VOC. The rest of the day is fine for routine tasks and activities.

SATURDAY AUGUST 26. Moon is in Libra all weekend. It's always a special treat when we get Libra Moon on weekends. This is usually a pleasant time, and a period when we really enjoy relaxing with people. All of the arts also appeal. In other words, Libra encourages the kinds of things we like to do when we have leisure time.

However, today we take our leisure seriously. Early today, Venus in Leo begins her transit of the Saturn-Neptune-Ceres complex discussed earlier. Very early this morning she opposes Ceres in Aquarius. This could represent love of humanity vs. love for self.


The day is dominated by Venus conjoining Saturn in Leo this evening. We can enjoy Saturnian things—line, structure, perfection, one special vs. many. Our affections and pleasures can be defined, and given boundaries. Thus tangible things appeal to us—home, house, property, earth, money. Saturn in Leo wants only the best. We hold fears with Saturn, and loving Venus can make us more trusting, and less fearful of life.

This can be a very pleasant, but subdued, day.

The many conjunctions and oppositions this month indicate beginnings or midpoints of cycles, usually more or less annual cycles. Our activities then are always especially important—as seed sowers or as turning points. Today is one of those days. We set the Venus-Saturn connection for the next 14 months.

Even though Saturn travels through Leo for 22 months, this is our only Venus-Saturn conjunction, and we have a special opportunity now to appreciate Saturn's structuring of our creative centers, and to delineate the core of our personalities. Notice what REALLY gives you pleasure.

SUNDAY AUGUST 27. Moon continues in Libra, with many aspects. Aspects always mean action. The aspects are all a follow-up of yesterday's Venus energy, and include Ceres, Neptune, Saturn, and Venus. This is a very artistic combination, and a day with the arts would be pleasing.

Mercury enters Virgo this afternoon to heighten our already-high sense of discrimination. Our need for communicating also increases, and we have our Libra partners with whom to share.

This morning Venus makes her opposition with Neptune. Love is very idealistic. We also especially appreciate music, flowers, and romance. All in all, a day in nature with someone special would fit these special energies.

MONDAY AUGUST 28. Moon goes VOC in Libra at 4:01 a.m., and remains there until it enters Scorpio at 3:56 p.m. This is not a very productive Monday. But this little respite is very welcome in the midst of the stellar excitement.

Once Moon enters Scorpio, it makes tracks. In the course of the next two days, Moon stimulates every other planet and asteroid. Scorpio Moon is profound and intense; it is not just a pinprick. It's not going to miss a thing, so fasten your seatbelts.

This Moon journey starts off with a deepening of consciousness. Tonight Moon connects with Mercury in Virgo. This is a great combination for turning the rocks over and discovering what is hidden under them. It's information central tonight.

And we move right into early morning aspects. We could be up late, perhaps doing research.



Or we could be up late getting ready for a big drama during the next week, leading up to a combination of Labor Day, Pluto turning direct, and a Full Moon Eclipse.

The curtain rises at 5:12 a.m. today, with Jupiter trine Uranus. Jupiter is the King, with a grand sense of entitlement. Uranus acts outside standard realms, and is therefore unpredictable. With Uranus there is a great need for freedom. Israel in particular tends to react to Jupiter transits, perhaps because its own Jupiter is at the Galactic Center (which is also a black hole).

Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces make a grand water trine with the Suns of the U.S. and of Bush. Both trines and water flow, without stopping. There is no stopping the U.S. Administration now, or probably anyone else whose birthday is around July 5. There is a feeling of having a right to do what they want to do.

Moon is intimately involved in this process, as she trines Uranus and conjoins Jupiter within the hour. Moon is emotions, and Scorpio moon gives intense, determined, and often compulsive emotions. Scorpio is fearless. Scorpio is a power sign, and the energy is here is to make a big power move.

At this time, Saturn and Venus in Leo are rising in Washington, DC. Thus they have dominion over this chart. Saturn's realism could block Jupiter's inflated expectations.

For the last few days, Mars has been squaring its natal position in the U.S. chart, and conjoining U.S. natal Neptune. This is the configuration which embroils us, over and over, with armed ventures abroad. Mars, of course, stimulates.

Mars is moving into a very dynamic zone—now. This evening it squares Pluto and at the same time opposes the Lunar Eclipse point of last March 14, which brought immigrants, workers, and minorities out in big numbers. Also on that Eclipse, Ehud Olmert's Kadima Party won in Israeli elections. And tomorrow Mars conjoins the Moon's South Node, which is a point of release.

Mars squares Pluto about once a year, but very very rarely is it conjoining Moon's Nodes at the same time. Nodes are destiny points. In addition, South Node is now at the location of the March 14 Lunar Eclipse, a potent spot.

Mars is now at 25 Virgo, and Pluto at 25 Sagittarius. At their conjunction, in January 2005, the dominant subject was the unexpected speed of global warming, and U.S. recalcitrance in regard to remedial action. There were peace moves around the world, except in the U.S. protectorates of Iraq and Haiti, where violence was on the increase. Condoleezza rice was sworn in as Secretary of State.

Pluto has been in Sagittarius since late 1995, turning religion and politics upside down, demonstrating “plumbing” problems, as mentioned above. It enters Capricorn in 2008, which promises to be a stormy time. Notice that the eclipses stimulated this month occur in 2006, 2007, and 2008, probably denoting changes which open the door to the revolutionary times which will follow.

It looks like the near future gets set in motion this month. Pay attention, as you make your moves towards a better world—within and without yourself.

The chart set for the exact Mars-Pluto square in Washington, DC is very significant.

Pluto, ruthless power, is overhead in Washington, DC. Uranus, willfulness and unpredictability, gives the signature note, as it rises. The Ascendant, in fact, sits right between Neptune, already risen, and Uranus, about to rise. These two far-out planets together encourage a wild and fanciful imagination.

Uranus, of course, trines the also-ruthless and very subjective Moon-Jupiter duo, sitting in the 8th house ready to kill the old and rebirth the new. Uranus also opposes the Sun-Mars midpoint in the 7th house, bringing their assertive vitality into the action.

In addition, Saturn now opposes Neptune, a once every 36-year event. This will be exact early Sunday morning, but we are now very much in its vibration.

These reverberations continue, and it is not apt to be a peaceful night.


Moon continues in high-powered Scorpio, with challenging squares to Leo planets all morning. Friction is the keyword. This afternoon, energy smoothes out and we might be able to resolve some differences. At 4:41 p.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC for the remainder of the night. Go to bed early, and take this chance for a good sleep. The action picks up again early tomorrow morning.



In fact, the action begins quite early, with Vesta opposing Uranus at 2:52 a.m. EDT. This aspect has been occurring over the last few days, and now it is exact. Vesta is in Virgo, and here she relates to security and protection for working people, service people, the armed forces, or just the common people. The Uranus opposition shows disruption. Examples could be strikes, layoffs, war disruptions, military personnel suddenly being asked to extend their tours, new weapons for the military—or just weapons destroying people and their homes.

This opposition occurs across the third and ninth houses, the houses of travel. It looks as if people are on the move, perhaps displaced persons, or perhaps the military. Travel in general may be difficult.

Sun sits right between Mercury and Juno. It appears that there are victims.

Moon enters Sagittarius, the Gambler's sign, just after this opposition. Action moves from being intense to being wild and reckless.

At 6:56 a.m., we finally have our long-awaited Saturn-Neptune opposition (view chart). An aspect between two such slow planets has a major influence for some weeks, months, and years before the exact aspect, so we have been moving gradually into it. Saturn is authority and Neptune is dissolution, so events where authority is being undermined highlight this aspect. And it is, in fact, being undermined all over the world.

The Saturn-Neptune conjunction which began this cycle occurred from March to November of 1989. That was the year that Europe won its freedom from Communist rule. The falling of the Berlin Wall was the climax. South Africa began its final push for equality, as de Klerk was elected President. Armed conflict in Beirut gutted the city, quite reminiscent of today. We had the Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska, from which Alaska's ecology, sea and shore, is still suffering.

In an opposition with Saturn, Neptune usually works by draining, sabotaging, or undermining some structure or institution on which people have depended. Saturn in Leo is the authority of command, of the ruler. Neptune in Aquarius speaks to the people wanting their dignity and freedom.

The immigrant movement, worker movements, the push for greater democracy and equality in Latin America, Mexicans insisting on a fair election—or at least trying to get a fair count. All of these trends are part of this opposition.

And perhaps most tangibly and poignantly, we have the occupations in the Middle East by Israel and by the U.S. They will not stand, for Neptune in the long run is far more powerful than Saturn. Its goal is to universalize, to bring us all together, in contrast to Saturn, who builds walls. And resistance to these occupations is bringing people together.

The opposition in the U.S. centers on GW Bush. At the time of this opposition, Juno and Vesta are rising in Washington, with Bush's Mars and progressed Sun right between them, on the Ascendant. This shows a powerful projection of GW. Vesta is EXACTLY at the degree of the March 7, 2007 Lunar Eclipse, sharing in its activation. Juno is almost exactly square the U.S. Uranus, which tends to act in warlike manner.

Vesta relates to focus and security. Juno in a mundane chart indicates victims. Both of these concepts are part of Bush's aura and are now focused on violence.

The Vesta-Uranus opposition is featured now, across the horizon of the chart set for Washington. Pluto is in the 4th house, telling us that power is at the root of the action. Mars conjoins the South Node in the 1st house, showing the importance of assertive action reaching through the halls of destiny.

The 12th house, the house of hidden things, is the full house now. But planets reach out of that closet to impact the world.

The positions of the two opposite fixed stars, Aldebaran, the red eye of the bull, and Antares, the red star of Scorpio, are prominent in this chart, and in a number of charts of this period. They both have a very strong Martian nature, as their color would indicate.

The god of war is very much a part of this opposition, and of this time.

This whole Saturn-Neptune cycle has been a struggle for freedom, and now, at the opposition, we have a turning point. The struggle will probably continue for the remainder of the cycle, although it will be winding down towards the end. The new cycle begins in 2026, in the first degree of Aries, the most potent degree of the zodiac. Everything begins at that first degree.

I myself had a huge rebirth in 1989, when this current cycle began. How about you, readers? This time is a culmination of what began then for all of us.


Did you think this was enough for one day? Not so. Yet to come, in another 12 hours, is First Quarter Moon at 9 Sagittarius. First quarter is when we break through social barriers to manifest our new moon project. With Virgo Moon that project has to do with perfecting. The Sag phase spreads it out into the world, disseminates it. There is often a crisis in action at first quarter.

Whatever that crisis is, it will be initiated in Washington, and the world will see it. Moon sits exactly overhead in Washington, and it is at the same longitude as Antares, one of the Royal fixed stars, who supports a warlike, belligerent, nature which arouses enemies.

The nadir, at the bottom of the chart, is at the degree of that other warlike fixed star, Aldebaran, as well as of the U.S. Uranus, which also tends to be expressed in a pugnacious fashion. This is the foundation.

Now we have a full 7th house. This is where we meet partners, and the public as well. It is relationship time. Other aspects which we have been discussing this month are still in orb, so we have a packed house for this Quarter Moon. Crisis in action, indeed.

The New Moon which began this 9 Sagittarius moon family occurred on December 1, 2005. The big talk around the world was climate change. People demonstrated in 32 cities around the world to draw attention to the issue. The U.S., on the other hand, was notable for using the devastating white phosphorus bombs, which caramelize people, in Iraq. And it also became known for “extraordinary rendition,” i.e. shipping detainees off to prisons around the world to be tortured.

The Sabian Symbol for 9 Sagittarius is very interesting in the light of all of this apparently warlike energy:

“A MOTHER LEADS HER SMALL CHILD STEP BY STEP UP A STEEP STAIRWAY. The need in any society to assist the less evolved in their management of the problems which society requires its members to solve. What is implied here is SOCIAL CONCERN for the less socially evolved of society's members.”

Yes, the rest of the world is concerned for us, and our unevolved focus on violence.

But we can't rest yet. Just after midnight comes the Sun-Mercury conjunction, which will be discussed in the September issue of Daykeeper. As usual with the heavens… be continued….

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