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Maya del Mar's February 2005 Daily Success Guide
by Maya del Mar

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Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC. UT, or Universal Time, is the time given in ephemerii, and it corresponds to Greenwich Mean Time, the time used at the Greenwich Observatory in London, England.

I use Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight time in Daykeeper, which corresponds to the time used in the eastern quarter of the United States. To get UT, add five hours to EST, and add four hours to EDT.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 1. A cardinal cross today sets the tone for the first week in February. This means initiative, action, motion, some of it at cross-purposes. Focus is your key here, so that you don’t find yourself fighting yourself. Clarify your intentions and priorities. This is a good day to go deeply within, and do just that, for Moon is in intense Scorpio, who encourages introspection.

A major influence of the entire month, which also dominates today, is Saturn, essentially in the position of directing February’s show. Saturn is retrograde in Cancer, still focused on reviewing and correcting security and all structural problems. Rebuilding after the tsunami, and the home repair and remodeling I see in my neighborhood are examples. Not to mention Bush’s idea of "security," which is at odds with much of the world and the nation as well.

Saturn here certainly represents the Social Security takeover, which Bush is relentlessly pushing. Saturn’s position on charts through the spring is either square or opposite most of the other planets, indicating much opposition and challenge in regard to Saturn’s current work. This certainly includes Iraq.

Jupiter stations to turn retrograde tonight. Jupiter represents growth, expansion, teaching and learning, and people with social stature. It is our beliefs that determine how we move into life, and Jupiter is about faith and belief. Retrograde means that our focus shifts from mindlessly expanding outwards into society, to looking at our inner motivations and asking if a particular action really expresses our beliefs. Does this behavior show where I’m really coming from? Am I being authentic?

Jupiter is traveling in Libra, so relationships are the major arena of Jupiter’s work now. Libra requests that relationships be fair and balanced. We will work on that for the next four months. And we will work on this balance in the context of the larger society, and of larger social issues, for Aquarius is involved in Jupiter’s process now.

The asteroids, who deal with daily life, are major players this month. Pallas Athena starts off the parade this morning, as she turns retrograde at 13 Libra exactly trine Sun at 13 Aquarius. Pallas in Libra is excellent at mediation, and at balancing polarities. Aquarius Sun gives her a wide social scope for using these skills. She picks up this energy today, but it looks like she is backing off in applying it just now. She will return to this position in early August, and her harmonizing ability can shine then. In the meantime she will be experiencing the big challenger, Vesta in Aries, from whom she can learn much.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 2. Moon continues in secretive Scorpio, who likes to keep its work undercover. Venus moves into Aquarius this morning, and the inner search for our true ideals is strong. This can be at odds with Scorpio’s deviousness. "Shall we tell or not?" may be a conflict within us.

This afternoon, a strong Saturn encourages us to work.

Moon is at last Quarter at 14 Scorpio at 2:27 a.m. EST. Sun conjoins Neptune to enhance vision and imagination. Moon conjoins Ceres to add an emotional need for nurturing. For Scorpio, nurturing often means control and manipulation. E.g., the USSR Sun in Scorpio was conjunct Ceres. This Ceres Scorpio was one of the dominant energies of the Inauguration, and today we can see it displayed.

Ceres traveling through Scorpio can focus on such things as oil, all energy resources, pollution, poisoning of the food chain and of the land, death and grief, cloning, DNA, torture as part of "security," and labor.

Ceres entered Scorpio last December, when new torture documents were revealed which showed Bush himself authorizing torture (and the FBI refusing to carry it out). Ceres will be traveling through Scorpio until almost the end of September 2005. It is the major relationship energy in the Inauguration chart, and we will be seeing a good deal more of the operation of Ceres in Scorpio.

Scorpio and Aquarius have a basic conflict between control and freedom. That conflict, illustrated now, will run all through the four years of the Bush Administration. They are both political signs, so we will see this conflict reflected in the political scene.

There is now a "Finger of God" formation, which tends to indicate a sudden, fated turn of events. Pluto, Saturn, and Juno are involved, and this is a volatile combination, one which can be associated with big weather and earth changes.

This moon family began with the New Moon in Scorpio on November 4, 2002 when, as I noted at the time, "evidence shows that new voting machines rigged votes throughout the nation."

At the First Quarter, the California Governor recall began to move, with Gov. Gray Davis filing suit against it, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cruz Bustamente filing as candidates. There is now talk of voting machine problems at that election.

The Full Moon on May 4, 2004 was a Lunar Eclipse. This brought in the news photos of torture at Abu Ghraib. Also a second coup attempt against Hugo Chavez of Venezuela failed. (Those coup attempts were abetted by the U.S., who does not want to see a populist government.)

The Scorpio need for power and control is prominently displayed at each of these moon phases.

One thing that Ceres in Scorpio, important for the next four years, represents is Condoleezza Rice, She was born with Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio, along with Pallas Athena and Ceres herself. Moon now is exactly conjoined her Saturn, and she will be very emotional about her position and her responsibilities (as we already noticed at the hearings).

The Sabian Symbol for 14 Scorpio is

"TELEPHONE LINEMEN AT WORK INSTALLING NEW CONNECTIONS. The need to establish new channels of communication. The growth of community feeling among separated human beings requires the development of constantly more complex means of interchanging feelings and ideas. Such channels are essential for any interpersonal relationship. They are not only to be built, but used wisely. THE WILL TO ASSOCIATION."

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 3. Moon is in freewheeling Sagittarius, and we catch life on the fly. In Sagittarius we like to roam—with our minds if nothing else. And we like to understand life, and to spread to the world our take on wisdom. Today and tomorrow the planets will help us to teach our truth, and to learn as well. These opportunities to talk and share will be particularly welcome now, for with Jupiter just turning retrograde, we are rethinking many big issues of life. Right now disagreeing with others can be as helpful as agreeing, for whenever we say "no," we have affirmed our own stance.

Sun has its annual conjunction with Neptune today. What dreams will Neptune bring us now? Last year at this conjunction, Bush submitted his unimaginably huge budget, on borrowed money (from other nations), and with huge deficits and debt. The request for the military last year was $2.3 trillion. What will it be this year? The U.S. is way beyond bankrupt, and the only source of money left for Bush and his corporate cronies is Social Security. Think about that.

(And remember that Bush ran every company which he had into the ground. His partners all lost money, but Bush did just fine. This will surely happen to the U.S., but let’s hang onto our excellent Social Security program through the travails which are predicted to come. Social Security is not in crisis; it is the Bush government which is in crisis.)

(I’m doing my Sag preaching right now, in tune with the day!)

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 4. Moon continues in Sagittarius, with good aspects. In Sag we tend to feel enthusiastic and optimistic, and we will enjoy an adventurous day. Tonight will be intense. There are cautions for today: watch for over-impulsiveness and over-optimism. This means to really notice your actions, and to make an effort to be realistic about expectations. Tonight is a great music night. Energy will be high.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 5. Moon is VOC from 8:08 a.m. EST until 9:32 a.m. It then enters Capricorn, where it encourages us to have purpose and the resolve to go for it. Capricorn especially favors parents, business, and professionalism.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 6. Moon continues in Capricorn, which is also a family sign. Mars enters Capricorn to enhance its strong goal-orientation. Mars will travel in Capricorn for the next six weeks, and we can work very effectively during that period, at whatever we choose as goals. The asteroids all step up to the front of the stage now, and concerns about daily life as it is really lived will be prominent. We begin now an active cardinal grand cross in the sky, which will last through most of March.

A cardinal cross represents pressure to act, but no action is really satisfactory. We must do something, but what? There is a lot of frustration, and often moving into blind alleys, associated with a grand cross.

We do have a cardinal cross now, in fact, as I write. There is much of this feeling in the ethers. It can be nerve-wracking. Working towards a positive goal can be helpful. So can simple mindfulness, just going about our activities and being present, noticing what we do. (This sounds simple, but most of us do not have this habit. Our minds are usually in some other place or time.)

We may participate in an unusual social event today.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 7. This is a really great day. Moon in Aquarius brings stimulating discussion, good fellowship, and innovation into our lives. Sun trines Jupiter to help us feel exuberant and enthusiastic, and Moon conjoins Venus to spread loving feelings amongst us. In addition to all this, it is dark-of-the-moon time, just before the New Moon, and it is time to let everything go, and just do what feels good. We empty ourselves to make room for the new seeds which will be planted tomorrow. Enjoy!

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 8. Moon continues traveling in Aquarius, today with mystical and visionary aspects. This is prime time for peering into the future. Whatever your activities, take time out alone to meditate and contemplate, and let the future flow into your consciousness.

New Moon at 21 Aquarius occurs at 5:28 p.m. EST. This is the New Moon which starts us on our path towards freedom. In Capricorn we built something, but now we’re ready to shake off our shackles of ownership and position. We want to express our true natures. Mercury, Venus, Juno, and Neptune now in Aquarius can help us to do just that. Aquarius is a sign of independence.

But Neptune conjunct this New Moon is a wild card. Yes, Neptune can help us to tune into spirit, the source of all, especially if all of our channels are pure, but Neptune also fools and deceives us. With Neptune, we have to learn to see behind veils of illusion—and then more veils of illusion. Very often, we are deceived by how we perceive Neptune, and now Neptune is less than a degree from Mercury, the energy of perception. No matter how we cut it, our perception will not be clear now. Ideals, fanaticism, and pure fantasy can take us over.

Again, just pursuing daily activities with awareness can be helpful. It is our connection with reality which keeps us from going off the deep edge with Neptune. GW Bush has probably never experienced that.

But what seeds do we plant? Extremely idealistic goals can come to us now, and this is the character of our new seeds. An equalitarian society with peace and justice is what many of us aim for—strong Aquarius and Libra.

At the same time we have a heavy note of tension. Ceres in Scorpio exactly squares this Moon. This is a head-on challenge, lasting all of the time for the next week, and providing an undercurrent for the next three years. See the February 2 entry for more on Ceres in Scorpio, who will be with us for a long time.

New Moon in Aquarius begins a cycle of freedom and independence. Ceres squaring it reminds us to look at the dark side, at the grief and suffering and death which is part of life. And Aquarius reminds Ceres to share with the larger community.

The possibility with this configuration is to set in motion a major program of energy sustainability. Much would have to change in our lifestyles, but Aquarius is the time to plant the seeds of reform. If we want the earth to survive, it is necessary.

Many of the planets now are connected with fixed stars which have a Martian character. We can use that extra energy to jumpstart relevant education, and support of the science and technology which is, in fact, ready with life support solutions.

What will it take to change from a guns-and-weapons death-dealing society to a society which nurtures the growth of life and love? Changes can happen very rapidly. We can visualize this one.

The Sabian Symbol for 21 Aquarius is

"A DISAPPOINTED AND DISILLUSIONED WOMAN COURAGEOUSLY FACES A SEEMINGLY EMPTY LIFE. The capacity to meet emotionally upsetting experiences in human relationships with strength of character and personal integrity. We all have within ourselves the power to learn through emotional crises. But like any other faculty it needs development. RESILIENCE under adversity."

I think this symbol hits home for many of us. Now is the time, in Aquarius, when we can know that "a better world is possible," and begin to work towards it.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 9 and THURSDAY FEBRUARY 10. Moon in meditative Pisces helps us to continue with our visions of a better world. We can enhance and refine those visions, and on Thursday we can figure out some practical steps to take for manifestation.

Wednesday is Chinese New Year, which starts with the first New Moon in Aquarius. This year is the Year of the Cock. This is a year of resilience. Our ability to bounce back from setbacks is increased. This corresponds with the New Moon Sabian Symbol. And the timing couldn’t be better.

Thursday begins the Islamic New Year. Such a collection of new beginnings we have now!

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 11. And now come two bright and energetic days to give those beginnings a fine start. Moon is in Aries, and the whole world is fresh and new. Today, in addition, spirited Mars dominates the scene. Go, girl, go!

The asteroids are showing their stuff during both of these days. Today, Messenger Mercury in Aquarius challenges our above-discussed Ceres in secretive Scorpio. Juno enters Pisces, where she will deeply empathize with the downtrodden, disenfranchised, and victimized. We may see another chapter in the torture story.

Vesta in Aries and Pallas Athena in Libra have been leading up to an opposition this month, and today it is exact. A very important polarity between these two goddesses is that Pallas, by both nature and sign, prefers co-operative partnership and peace, and Vesta, in Aries, carries a chip on her shoulder. She is prepared to challenge anyone who intrudes on her territory. Pallas will stand up for herself and her people if pushed. This looks like a battling opposition. Bush was born with Vesta in Aries, and his lone warrior stance is an example of that energy.

The importance of the asteroids this month may indicate an emphasis on women.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 12. Moon continues in Aries with optimistic and powerful aspects. We can continue charging into our new territory, whatever that may be. Pallas and Vesta are very stimulated today—by Moon and Venus. This could be a big woman’s, or people’s, initiative or demonstration. What would Abraham Lincoln, liberator of the slaves, say? This would be a good way to celebrate his birthday.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 13. In the early morning we could awaken and do some heavy thinking. At 5:53 a.m. EST, Moon goes VOC. Go back to bed and get a good sleep. Let the day take its spontaneous course until 3:18 p.m., when Moon enters Taurus. Taurus is a sensual sign. Enjoy nature, food, your love.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 14. Valentine’s Day, and the vibes are really very loving and romantic. Take advantage of the timing. It’s interesting that on this day of love, Mercury has its 90-day conjunction with Sun. Ego and intellect combine now. Some things that might be on our minds are: suffering, wherever it exists, power and how it’s used, and ideal dreams or visions—or deception. We are quite attached to our ideas today.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 15. Moon continues in productive Taurus, with good building aspects. Resources might be a big issue today, particularly financial resources.

First Quarter Moon at 28 Taurus occurs at 7:16 p.m. EST. At First Quarter, we push through a challenge and begin to make our mark on the world. Healing, new awareness, and rebuilding are now in Taurus’ sights. This would be an excellent day to take some positive actions towards increasing energy sustainability.

The Sabian Symbol for 28 Taurus is

"A WOMAN, PAST HER 'CHANGE OF LIFE,' EXPERIENCES A NEW LOVE. Humans’ capacity to rise in consciousness and feelings above biological limitations. The indication is that he or she should freely open his or her mind to the possibility of always new REBEGINNINGS. Ideally, the new beginning should imply a more mature response to the new possibility of experience."

Mercury has a busy night, and our minds may be filled with thoughts, and with dreams.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 16. Moon travels in sprightly Gemini, and we are busy today and tomorrow with much communication. Phone calls and e-mails proliferate. New ideas especially grab us today. We begin now to set the stage for a surprising shift at Full Moon in a week.

HURSDAY FEBRUARY 17. Yesterday’s liveliness continues, with a special focus on projects which are dear to our hearts, and people whom we love. Don’t hesitate—make those connections today. They will work well, and may change your life.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 18. The deluge is coming, as we move into a watery planetary field. Sun enters Pisces today, just behind Mercury, and Moon is moving through Cancer. These are both water signs. Together with Ceres in Scorpio, they create a wide and wet grand trine in water. It looks like we will have a wet month in many places. Corollaries are that emotions will flow, and logical organization may be handicapped.

As planets move through Pisces, they will be having brief conferences with Uranus, hanging out in Pisces for seven years. Uranus will impart new ideas, and strengthen ideals, in all of the personal planets during the next month. Uranus is helping open our channels to spirit, and this next month is prime time for enhancing our spiritual connections.

Water flows, and this day flows very nicely.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 19. Do something that is low-key and close to your heart today. This afternoon, energy picks up, and by evening we are ready for a fun night out.

Moon is VOC in Cancer for the entire day. Just go with the flow, and maybe enjoy a day at home. This three-day weekend can give us that special leisure.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 21. Moon is in fun-loving Leo, and this is a good day to enjoy ourselves with people who are special in our lives. Creativity flowers now. Relationship conflicts are possible. Mediation and/or forgiveness can resolve them.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 22. Moon continues in expressive Leo, with active aspects. We feel the approach of the Full Moon, and this is an exciting day. What personal story do you bring to this time? What would you like to be illuminated by the full light of the moon?

Moon is VOC in Leo this morning. Despite our enthusiasm, things may not go as expected. At 12:54 p.m. EST, Moon enters Virgo, and we count down to Full Moon tonight.

Full Moon at 6 Virgo occurs at 11:54 p.m. EST. The Pisces-Virgo polarity is about purification, health, service, and essentially, the connection of mind-spirit with body. Sensitivity and intuition are at high levels now.

Change, perhaps sudden, is featured now. For one thing, disruptive Uranus is prominent. For another thing, Chiron has just entered the independent sign of Aquarius, and this is the first full moon where it can show off its new clothes.

The two major influences are Juno and Uranus, at 6 and 7 Pisces, crowded right next to Sun, and opposed by Moon. There are strong messages here about relationships. One is that committed relationships are essential to wholeness. Another is that essential to relationships is maintaining our integrity and individuality. Without that we become victims.

Another message is that, for the security of relationships, we allow ourselves to be brainwashed by others. A corollary message is that such an idea of security is an illusion, unless we’re a little kid. Our real security lies in maintaining a strong bond with the spirit within us.

This Full Moon supports exactly that—a committed partnership with our higher self.

In the meantime, Ceres in Scorpio continues to be featured. She is at odds with Moon and Venus, the two planets which denote women. Moon in Virgo is also prominent. We have here two energies, Ceres and Moon, both connected with work and service. Ceres in Scorpio can be very hard core about it, and strikes and protests amongst the labor and armed forces are possible.

The Sabian Symbol for 6 Pisces is

"A PARADE OF ARMY OFFICERS IN FULL DRESS. The dedication of human beings to the service of their community, and the assurance that it will be emotionally sustained by the people at large. Here we see at work the emotion-arousing appeal of social activities which demand the surrendering by the individual of his personal way of life, his comforts, and his opinions. The social process is pictured in all its intensity, but what is implied even more is the support that the socialized person can expect from the collectivity if he is ready to act and to sacrifice himself for the nation or the group. GROUP-RESPONSIBILITY."

The Pisces-Virgo polarity can elicit a great deal of personal dedication and sacrifice. This Sabian Symbol describes the energy of this Full Moon very well.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 24. Moon continues in busy Virgo, and our nervous systems are racing. Focus on a project to siphon off some of that nervous energy. Relationship commitment may demand our attention. To what person or cause are you willing to dedicate yourself? What are you willing to sacrifice for this commitment? What satisfaction do you expect in return?

The Full Moon process continues. Very early this morning, Sun conjoins Uranus to begin a new annual cycle of innovation. This is the first of five such cycles in Pisces, and it will be interesting to see what this cosmic cycle brings. Our eyes will be opened to a new facet of the universe, and it will have to do with relationships, and with abuse and victimization through relationships. Suffering and sacrifice can be part of the picture now. So can new weapons or technology, with Chiron in Aquarius.

Mars opposes the U.S. Sun now, and will square the U.S. Saturn tomorrow. This stimulates the ego-expression of the U.S. Administration.

Moon goes VOC with a burst of power at 12:00 p.m. EST. However, the process set in motion by this Full Moon continues.

Moon enters Libra at 10:59 p.m., and the Aries-Libra polarity of self and other, challenge and cooperation, war and peace, comes into play.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 26. With moon traveling through Libra, we want to socialize. We also want to share discussing the action of the times, and perhaps find security in human connection. Venus enters Pisces to add to our great gathering in Pisces, and to support the Uranian-Piscean action occurring during these days. Energy is high tonight, and we might plan for something active. With Venus in Pisces, music and video related activities are especially attractive.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 27. This is another socially significant day. This morning Moon occults Jupiter for the third time this year. This eclipse is visible in Australia and Antarctica. Jupiter is such a huge planet, and with its own great amount of internal energy, that it exerts a major influence in the solar system, even on the Sun. In some contexts it is considered like a small Sun. The many occultations of Jupiter this year represent the eclipsing of something big. Possibilities are the eclipsing of our climatological pattern, and the end of U.S. dominance.

Active change occurs now. This occultation, at 18 Libra, is at the midpoint of a Mars-Saturn opposition. Mars and Saturn together can be harsh, certainly relentless. Vesta in Aries, across from Jupiter, gives a very martial vibe to this eclipse.

Much energy is now being discharged.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 28. Moon in Scorpio starts this day off with a literal bang, by squaring Chiron in Aquarius. The day settles down, however, to promote dynamic inner creativity. Find an outlet to express your deepest feelings now.

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